Saturday, April 29, 2006

Vegas LIfestyles Convention Invite on MySpace

Email us for an official invite!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Important - Our Yahoo Account has been Hacked >UPDATE<

If you get a message from us via our Yahoo account with nothing in the message but a link to an "album" account on , DO NOT OPEN IT.

We (me, B) foolishly clicked on it when we got it, and our account has been taken over. We've confirmed at least one "friend" in our yahoo messenger account that has gotten this link passed on from the newly highjacked account. Sorry for any problems this causes you.

We can still receive email to just fine (just can't send right now)! All danni654 email has always forwarded to my regular hotmail account. So, no worries; we can still get your messages! We are having trouble, though, just getting in touch with a real person at Yahoo to get some help. Anyway, I found this great site and want to pass it along. If you ever need to get in touch with a real human from just about any company imaginable, check out:
xoxo, Danni

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Going down for the Count

Oh baby, this was a Virginia Friends weekend, and we had planned on going for both nights for some wild sex at the Leather & Lace Party.

Unfortunately, Danni twisted her back earlier in the week and hadn't been feeling very well, so we punted on Friday, hoping she would feel better for Saturday night.

Well, Saturday came, and Danni's back seemed much better, so off we went to Virginia Friends for Saturday night's Leather and Lace party.

We had dinner with Jade/Dom and OuiOui/Barney, old friends who we've written about numerous times. After great food, company and conversation, we headed to the party.

VAF had over 100 couples at the party, so it was a nice size crowd, and we saw many of our regular friends. We chatted with a few couples that will also be going to the Las Vegas Lifestyle Convention in July (see the side bar for more information) and made plans to keep in touch as we make our plans.

I ran up to the room for a few minutes, and when I got back, I found Danni being held up by one of our friends. She had a very glassy look in her eyes. I realized that she had taken some muscle relaxers for her back at the same time that she had a couple of drinks. Well, there's a reason why they say to not drink when taking the medication. We even missed the upstairs Dungeon!

I took Danni by the hand and I led her towards the door. As we were exiting, we saw OuiOui and Barney, and mentioned that we were heading back to the room. We invited them to join us which, happily, they did.

We all quickly got naked and OuiOui and Danni put on a nice show for the guys on the bed. Someone mentioned something about a double-headed dildo, so I pulled it out of Danni's "magic bag", and the girls quickly became better "connected". Both Barney and I took turns giving them a hand making the double headed become very "active", and the girls were clearly enjoying themselves.

At one point, both girls were on their backs with the dildo swallowed up between them and OuiOui grabbed my cock and started expertly sucking me. Danni quickly grabbed Barney's cock and was sucking him too.

After the girls demonstrated their orals talents, things quickly turned to the fucking. Danni hopped on Barney and OuiOui laid back for me. We heard splashing from Danni, so I guess that Barney was "the Man".

I think Danni's squirting (3 times I'm told) changed her chemical balance a bit, and all of a sudden she was feeling terrible and headed to the bathroom. After a while, OuiOui and Barney decided that they'd go back to the party and let me care for Danni.

We want to apologize to all of our friends (old and "new") that we planned on meeting up with at the party, but we'll be back in May, and we'll be keeping the meds and alcohol very separate.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tag, you're it....get to know Danni

I borrowed this "quiz" from . Although, they'er no longer blogging...awww. Here are my answers (Danni's)...feel free to copy and paste and add your own answers.

Dream a Little Dream of Me:

three physical things you like about yourself:
1. hair
2. eyes
3. T and A

three physical things you don’t
1. arms
2. thighs
3. bad eyesight (the coyote ugly kind LOL)

three things that scare you:
1. roller coasters
2. heights
3. getting old (well, really losing the ability to attract hottt chicks!)

three of your everyday essentials:
1. sex with B
2. my laptop
3. my treo 650 (mobile pda/phone/email)

three things you are wearing now:
1. nothin'
2. a scruchie (to keep the hair outta my face)
3. a smile or is that a smirk

three of your favorite bands or musical artists:
1. Aerosmith
2. Aerosmith
3. Steven Tyler (ok, I know he IS Aerosmith)

three things you love in a relationship:
1. amazing sex
2. honesty
3. being treated like a queen and told that I'm beautiful no matter what I really look like

two truths and a lie (which is a lie? keep reading to find out):
1. I'm bisexual
2. My guilty pleasure is DP by 2 sexxxy girls with strap-ons
3. I pledged a sorority when I went to college in Virginia

three physical things that turn you on:
1. sexy attitude -- trumps physical beauty every time
2. awesome personality
3. I used to say blondes and big boobs but after meeting my newest favorite single g/f, I have to say brunettes and really great, natural breasts!

three of your favourite hobbies:
1. attending swing clubs and sex parties
2. does sex count? (ok, I do that at #1)
3. blogging

three things you want to do really badly right now:
1. get a shower
2. decide what to wear for tonight's Sex Party
3. get to Vegas ASAP

three careers you would consider:
1. stripper (20 years ago)
2. escort (again, 20 years ago)
3. boss of anything (that's the Dom/Alpha in me)

three places you want to go on vacation:
1. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas
2. Hawaii
3. Australia

three things you want to do before you die:
1. see a volcano
2. learn to pole dance
3. do Vegas with my honey(M) and a hottt g/f (oh, I'm gonna do that soon!)

That's all folks. If you want to copy this to your blog or website with your own answers, knock yourself out.

Oh, and my lie? I would NEVER pledge a sorority (just never been a follower) unless they were all bisexual!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Danni makes the Nipple Charms blog

Just click on the picture above for the post!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How Bisexual are You?

Danni (F) is 95% Bisexual ! Yeah!!!

I am very bisexual.
The choice between guys and girls is often agonizing for me because I really don’t have a preference.
But I always double up my chances every night for getting laid.

xoxo, Danni

Take this quiz at

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Yahoo Group for Authors and Fans of Adult (aka XXX) Sex Blogs

Just look for this "subscribe" box in the right-hand template and enter your email address!

Hi! Please consider joining our new Yahoo Group for XXX Blog Authors and Fans. We hope to develop an online message board via this Group, so we like-minded smut mongers can all stay in touch and, hopefully, reach out and touch each other in many more ways!

We look forward to hearing from you...and are always open to suggestions to improve our Blog or the Yahoo Group...among other things that we're "open" to! LOL

Enjoy and hope to lick 'ya soon!

xoxo, Danni and her sidekick, B

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Kinkyness Test---Danni's results!

Pretty kinky!
I'm 75% kinky!

Your "kink" score is pretty high. Most likely you're up for trying anything at least once, which shows open-mindedness. You're probably a great lay, so just keep doing that thing you do!

How I compared to other people my age and gender:
free online datingI scored higher than 63% on kinkpoints

Link: The Kinkyness Test written by nilnisicruce
on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Signs of a sex addiction

Ok, now that we have your attention, check out the cool link below from

Signs of a sex addiction
from Erika

1. Fantasy sex: neglecting commitments because of fantasy life, masturbation

2. Seductive role sex: extramarital affairs (heterosexual or homosexual),
flirting and seductive behavior

3. Anonymous sex: engaging in sex with anonymous partners, having one night stands

4. Paying for sex: paying prostitutes for sex, paying for sexually explicit
phone calls

5. Trading sex: receiving money or drugs for sex

6. Voyeuristic sex: patronizing adult bookstores and strip shows, looking
through windows of houses, having a collection of pornography at home or at work

7. Exhibitionist sex: exposing oneself in public places or from the home or
car, wearing clothes designed to expose

8. Intrusive sex: touching others without permission, using position of
power (eg, professional, religious) to sexually exploit another person,

9. Pain exchange: causing or receiving pain to enhance sexual pleasure

10. Object sex: masturbating with objects, cross-dressing to add to sexual
pleasure, using fetishes as part of sexual rituals, having sex with animals

So ummm do 3 out of 10 make me a sex addict? Ok maybe 4 out of 10, Erika

So, I guess 9 out of 10 makes ME a Sex Addict, huh? xoxo, Danni

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Our New Banner and Part One of Our Interview on Swingercast

Check it Out!

Episode 7 Squirting Incident and Interview with Danni & B

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Lover Style Profile Test...B's results!

The Romantic Lover
72% partner focus, 76% aggressiveness, 40% adventurousness

Based on the results of this test, it is highly likely that:

You prefer your romance and love to be traditional rather than daring or out-of-the-ordinary, you would rather pursue than be pursued and, when it comes to physical love, your satisfaction comes more from providing a wonderful time to your partner than simply seeking your own.

This places you in the Lover Style of: The Romantic Lover.

The Romantic Lover is a wonderful Lover Style, and is the hallmark of young love--the Romantic Lover often loves the idea of being in love, and being a wonderful lover, and so they try to bring their prospective partners every bit of joy or happiness that they can. They are the serenaders, and the ones to rent carriages in the park or take a gondola ride down a canal. The Romantic Lover is a treasure to find, though they sometimes are prone to being hurt if their advances are ignored or harshly rebuffed.

In terms of physical love, the Romantic Lover can seem shy, but usually it is simply a by-product of wanting to be perfect for their lover, and often needs some extra encouragement and re-assurance to truly feel at ease. Given a special, intimate evening, and the right lover, the Romantic Lover can be a delight in bed.

Best Compatibility can probably be found with: The Classic Lover (most of all) or the Suave Lover, or the Exotic Lover. Guess which one Danni is!!!

Take the test yourself! --

How B compared to other people his age and gender:
Scored higher than 78% on partner focus
free online datingfree online dating
Scored higher than 92% on aggressivenessfree online datingfree online dating
Scored higher than 18% on adventurousness (Danni questions this one! LOL)

The Lover Style Profile Test written by donathos
on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Monday, April 10, 2006

Social Skills at Sex Parties....yep!

by Danni (the bi-fem 1/2 of this couple) during a kids weekend

How should you act at a Sex Party? And, it doesn't matter whether you're a swinger, into BDSM, another fetish, gay, lesbian, etc. Social skills are social skills!

Use the same social skills taught to you by your mother (or grandmother). You may ask, what could your mother (or grandmother) possibly have taught you about Sex Parties??? Well, like I skills are social doesn't matter where you are!

1) Don't touch unless you have permission.

2) Whatever you borrow, return it in as good as or better condition.

3) Wash your hands before eating.

4) Cleanliness is next to godliness.

5) Wash your face and hands after you eat.

6) Clean up your play space.

'nuf said? Have fun!!!!!

xoxo, Danni

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kama Sutra revisited....

This is one of my favorite positions for maximum Big "O" and squirting pleasure!

Here are some links to the best in Kama Sutra positions, if you're "in" to that sort of thing...LOL!
Best Animated Graphics!

This is B's favorite position...girl on top....gee, I squirt in this position, too!

Kama Sutra Positions - The mill vanes
(Gina G and B did this at Mardi we know what that position is called!)

Mouth arrives, the woman tends with the opened legs to receive its companion who, in this position, front penetrates it to the legs of her. The difference of sensations is remarkable in this type of penetration: clitoris and the vaginal lips are in the heat of contact with pelvis and the environs of the penis of the companion and the most accessible penetration are through circular movements. The fact of not being able to see itself expensive face gives a special enchantment him to the position. The newness of the caresses surprises pleasingly: the woman can caress the rumps of her companion, to smoothly nail her nails in the later part to the knees, to grasp the testicles of her companion. The man; to absorb the feet of her, to bite its fingers, to approach its hand the genitals of which they are being fused and to take its penis to penetrate it better.

(sorry, english translation leaves a little to be desired, but you get the gist!)

xoxo, Danni

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Leather and Lace

Yeah, that's our girl Slick in her finest L&L attire!

We'll be at the April 21-22 VA Friends Leather & Lace Party in Richmond VA. Will you?

Hitchhiker's Guide to the G-Spot

I had to share this and make my additions. Amazing what you can find on the web:

Hitchhiker's Guide to the G-Spot

If you diligently followed the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Clit, hopefully you’ve successfully located the elusive clitoris and are using this discovery to your advantage. (Duh!) While conquering the clitoris a major accomplishment for any man, the clit is only the tip of the iceberg (pun intended) when it comes to exploring the female genitalia. Now we’ll take you on a journey into her inner passages, as we go in search of the mysterious and legendary G-spot.

G Is for “God, That Feels Good”
Before we start our journey further into the depths of the female pleasure palace, let us give you a little background on the G-spot and why it is considered a prime destination. Discovery of the G-spot is attributed to sex researcher Dr. Ernest Grafenberg (G-spot is short for Grafenberg spot). Of course, women have always had G-spots, but until Grafenberg’s studies of female orgasm in the 1950s, apparently no one was paying attention or realized there was a certain place in the vagina that when stimulated, made women come, and come hard.

The G-spot is sort of the female equivalent of the prostate gland in males. In women, this structure is called the urethral sponge, and like the prostate, it surrounds a portion of the urethra before it exits the body. In men, the prostate is stimulated by pressing on the anterior (front) wall of the rectum. In women, it can be reached from within the vagina. And just as stimulating the prostate can enhance orgasm and ejaculation for men, stimulating the G-spot can greatly boost orgasm for the woman, creating a more intense climax, and in some cases, female ejaculation.

Get the Feel for It
Part of the reason the G-spot is so hard to find is that you can’t see it. You have to feel it, and even then, you have to seek it out under the right conditions. It’s located about two inches inside the vaginal canal, on the upper (front) surface of the vaginal wall. The G-spot gets engorged and enlarged when a woman is sexually excited, so it is easiest to find it once your woman is already turned on. It’s also not really sensitive to stimulation until a woman is already aroused, so there’s no point in poking at it until you get her primed a bit first. (Amen!) Here’s where your expert knowledge of the clitoris, gained from your previous reading, will come in handy. Work her clit, and get her wet and ready before you go diving in for the G.

To locate the G-spot, turn your palm upward to face the ceiling and insert two fingers into her vagina. Feel the upper surface of the vaginal wall for a rough-feeling bump about the size of a half a walnut. The surface here may feel kind of ridged, like the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth. If you insert your fingers all the way into her vagina, then bend them slightly like you’re beckoning someone towards you and start to pull them out, your fingertips should bump right into and come to rest on the G-spot. It should feel firm, but a little squishy.

Put the Pressure On
The G-spot responds to firm pressure, not light petting. Once you find it, you have to dig in and really rub on it. Slow, deep, steady strokes are best. Before you put any heavy pressure on the G-spot, spread your fingers apart slightly. Imagine a clock face around the vagina, with the clit at high noon. Position your fingers so they correspond to 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock. The urethra is directly in line with the 12 o’clock position, so you don’t want to put hard pressure on that, because it can cause irritation and discomfort. Stimulating the G-spot will often initially produce a feeling of needing to urinate. This is normal, and you’ll know you’re pressing on the right area when she tells you she feels like she has to pee. In fact, it’s a good idea to have her empty her bladder before you begin, so she can relax and this won’t be a concern.

Note: see Seymour Butts for...

To stroke the G-spot, hook the fingers upward and pull towards you. This should move the G-spot into contact with the pubic bone. The G-spot will then be compressed between the pubic bone and your fingers. Slide your fingers out part way, keeping firm pressure against the spot. As you slide your fingers back in, nudge against the G-spot with the flat part of your fingers.

Don’t poke at it with your fingertips. Repeat the “come here” motion with your fingers as you stroke in and out. Another way to stimulate the G-spot is to do a gentle squeeze-and-release massage. Locate the G-spot and compress it against the inside of the pubic bone as described above. Then use your fingers to press and release the spot rhythmically, “milking” it. You can also keep steady pressure on the spot and slowly rock your fingers back and forth, pulling them toward you slightly, then moving them away from you. Try a few different strokes and see what elicits the best response.

Bringing It All Together
Although massaging the G-spot can greatly intensify a woman’s orgasm, G-spot stimulation alone is usually not enough to make her come. For this reason, it’s important to maintain some kind of clitoral stimulation while you’re working on her G. You can do this with your thumb, with your other hand, with your mouth, or you can have her touch her own clit while you focus on exploring her inner passage. Having her touch herself may be the best option when you’re starting out, since it takes a bit of skill and concentration to coordinate stroking her G-spot and petting her clit at once.

As you’re pressing on her G-spot and her arousal builds, it should feel slightly different to her than clitoral stimulation alone. The feelings may seem deeper and more intense. The feeling of having to pee should go away, and be replaced by a pleasurable warmth and an urgency to climax. When she comes, the orgasm may be much stronger than what she usually experiences. Don’t be surprised if her whole body writhes and contracts with sweet convulsions of ecstasy.

Making Her Squirt
Also, don’t be surprised if you find a big damp spot on the sheets. It doesn’t mean she wet the bed (although she probably did complain of feeling like she had to pee).

Stimulating a woman’s G-spot can lead to female ejaculation, a gush of fluid produced by the glands around the G-spot area that you’ve been pressing on. Stroking the G-spot gets these glands engorged and primed, and the longer you stroke, the juicier they get. When she comes, the contractions can force those fluids out. Because the liquid comes out of the urethra, there has been some controversy over whether female ejaculation is a real phenomenon, or if it’s just urine that’s getting expelled during orgasm. However, researchers who have analyzed female ejaculatory fluid say it’s different than urine, although it may include a small amount of urine if there is a residual amount in the urethra at the time of ejaculation.

When you first begin to explore the G-spot, you don’t have to make female ejaculation a goal. It’s not likely to happen the first time, but as you become more familiar with the G-spot and how to stimulate it, you can work up to trying for an ejaculation. The trick is to prolong the stimulation as long as possible before she climaxes, to really get the juices primed. If the glands are really swollen, she may feel like she is going to pee as she climaxes. Tell her to just let it go and bear down and push out with her pelvic muscles. This will help release and expel the built up fluids. It’s a good idea to put a towel under her beforehand to soak up the wetness, and it will make her less worried about having an accident.

Hitting the Spot
Once you’ve located the G-spot manually and have an idea of where it is inside her, you can experiment with stimulating it in other ways, like with dildos and vibrators, or with your penis during intercourse. Probably the best sex position for hitting the G-spot her on top riding you, which lets her control the angle of penetration for maximum contact with the G. Another good position is doggy style. When you’re penetrating her from behind, remember to angle down slightly, toward her front, to press against the G-spot.

Including the G-spot in sex takes a little extra effort and concentration, so you probably won’t want to seek out her special zone for every session. ("Show & Tell" is fun at parties, though!) But when you do, brace yourself for bed-shaking, teeth-rattling, digging-her-fingernails-into-your-back climaxes. You’ll both be rewarded by the work that goes into finding her G-spot and waking it up…although the neighbors may not appreciate it when her orgasmic screaming wakes them up.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Can You Help a Girl Out?

We get asked by so many people from all over the world about so many things re: the Lifestyle. So... I'm looking for a few good links to add to our blog template to help out!

Sex toys, other blogs, podcasts, resorts, clubs, fetish info, online groups, etc.
Add a comment here or email me directly at .
Just so you know; we'll be VERY selective as we have only added links here for groups and clubs we personally know.

xoxo, Danni