Sunday, April 23, 2006

Going down for the Count

Oh baby, this was a Virginia Friends weekend, and we had planned on going for both nights for some wild sex at the Leather & Lace Party.

Unfortunately, Danni twisted her back earlier in the week and hadn't been feeling very well, so we punted on Friday, hoping she would feel better for Saturday night.

Well, Saturday came, and Danni's back seemed much better, so off we went to Virginia Friends for Saturday night's Leather and Lace party.

We had dinner with Jade/Dom and OuiOui/Barney, old friends who we've written about numerous times. After great food, company and conversation, we headed to the party.

VAF had over 100 couples at the party, so it was a nice size crowd, and we saw many of our regular friends. We chatted with a few couples that will also be going to the Las Vegas Lifestyle Convention in July (see the side bar for more information) and made plans to keep in touch as we make our plans.

I ran up to the room for a few minutes, and when I got back, I found Danni being held up by one of our friends. She had a very glassy look in her eyes. I realized that she had taken some muscle relaxers for her back at the same time that she had a couple of drinks. Well, there's a reason why they say to not drink when taking the medication. We even missed the upstairs Dungeon!

I took Danni by the hand and I led her towards the door. As we were exiting, we saw OuiOui and Barney, and mentioned that we were heading back to the room. We invited them to join us which, happily, they did.

We all quickly got naked and OuiOui and Danni put on a nice show for the guys on the bed. Someone mentioned something about a double-headed dildo, so I pulled it out of Danni's "magic bag", and the girls quickly became better "connected". Both Barney and I took turns giving them a hand making the double headed become very "active", and the girls were clearly enjoying themselves.

At one point, both girls were on their backs with the dildo swallowed up between them and OuiOui grabbed my cock and started expertly sucking me. Danni quickly grabbed Barney's cock and was sucking him too.

After the girls demonstrated their orals talents, things quickly turned to the fucking. Danni hopped on Barney and OuiOui laid back for me. We heard splashing from Danni, so I guess that Barney was "the Man".

I think Danni's squirting (3 times I'm told) changed her chemical balance a bit, and all of a sudden she was feeling terrible and headed to the bathroom. After a while, OuiOui and Barney decided that they'd go back to the party and let me care for Danni.

We want to apologize to all of our friends (old and "new") that we planned on meeting up with at the party, but we'll be back in May, and we'll be keeping the meds and alcohol very separate.



Hip Swingster said...

Wow. Sounds like a great party. I wish Richmond wasn't so far from us.

Lucky Guy said...

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