Sunday, March 12, 2006

Progressive Marathon House Party....damn!

NOTE: We'll post more pics of the party as soon as our official photographer sends them to us!

Wow...where to begin? Our friends Slick and Lucky Bastard (LB), Jade and Dom (Adventuresome4u), single g/f Gina G and J&N (whom we hadn't seen since the Vixens orgy) helped make our House Party a marathon, going full steam from Friday evening until Sunday morning.

To change things up a bit for this House Party, we decided to add a mattress to the living room complete with black satin sheet as an extension of the leather play pit sofa. After an a-rousing game of Strip Poker, the early "losers" (now naked, of course) hit the hot tub. The "winner" Gina G, Danni and LB (the dealer) ended up christening the living room mattress.

While 6 of us were enjoying naked jacuzzi, we started hearing Danni moaning and then splashing. Yep, Miss squirter was at it again. At the end of the night, I polled the players, and we figure that Danni squirted 11 or 12 times during the party. WET WET WET!!!!! I walked back to the living room, to see Gina shoving 3 of her fingers up Danni's ass as she had her favorite toy in her tight pussy. Gina has become an expert at getting Danni to squirt. At one point, Gina was laying nice and naked on the mattress, and I noticed her belly button filled with Danni's juice. I mentioned it, and Danni sucked it up and then sprayed it all over Gina again.

Of course, there was lots of fucking and sucking. It was so hot watching the girls getting friendly on the mattress.

I tried to encourage the party to move upstairs and was able to get Jade back into the swing (yes, our current record holder from a past party). Jade has a wonderful body, perfect tits and I was able to really spend time admiring her pretty (and tasty) pussy. N and LB both came up to the swing for a bit, but I guess the mattress was too fun to get the rest of the girls to leave it.

Back downstairs, I grabbed J and laid her on the mattress and put on a show for everyone. While I was deep into my thrusting action of her tight pussy, LB came over and fed her his cock. She was taking both like a pro. Eventually, she flipped LB over and rode his hard cock until she milked every drop of cum from his balls.

The Slickster then sat on my hard cock reverse cowgirl for all to see and rode me like the wild thang she is. I just held on for dear life. Guys, if you are ever blessed to have a chance to be with Slick, be sure you've taken your vitamins. Whew!!! She made me blow a deep load into that bucking bronco cunt.

At some point in the wee hours of Saturday night/Sunday morning, J&N made the trek home, opting out of staying for the slumber party. They were the smart ones! Danni and I will be recupertating all week, I'm afraid!

Again, we tried to encourage some bedroom action. LB, Slick and I headed upstairs. Rather than join us, Gina, Jade, Danni, and Dom hopped into the jacuzzi. Lucky guy that he is, Dom had the pleasure of these three incredibly hot women.

I laid on the bed and Slick began sucking me. God can she take a cock. LB came out of the bathroom, and started working Slick from behind. When I saw him grab the lube, I knew where the party was going. LB greased up his massive cock and, while Slick was now riding me, he spread her ass wide and filled that tight little ass. Now we were both double penetrating her, and Slick seemed to be right where she wanted to be. LB and I both came in Slick at about the same time, filling her pussy and ass with thick loads of our cum. As we seperated, I noticed a large amount of "spooge" on my thigh. We agreed to agree that it was just a combination of Slick and me, and NO ONE ELSE. lol

I do need to give a special thanks to Gina for being my therapist during the party. I've had this terrible image of a certain "blonde" in our swing from our last party (ahem, LB), and she replaced that disturbing image with that of a smokin' hot blonde with a killer bod. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Early in the morning I had a dream where this hot chick was moaning and moaning. Then I realized that I was awake, and the moaning hadn't stopped. I knew that I needed to get up, even though I probably could have used many more hours of sleep. I walked downstairs and saw Gina and Dom laying naked on the matress. I asked if I was interrupting anything and Gina mentioned that she had just used some of her favorite toys for a big O. Boy, was I sorry to miss that!

After some great breakfast thanks to the efforts of LB and Jade, someone got the idea to get Jade naked and propped into a chair. Oh, I think it was Jade's idea! After Slick did her Buttery Nipple Shot Glass fucking of Jade's pussy with her mouth, Gina got between Jade's knees and began working her pussy expertly for at least a half hour. We all enjoyed watching the action. Dom eventually took Jade onto the mattress and finished her up.

We eventually all went out to lunch and did some fun shopping (that's normally an oxymoron in my book) for next week's Mardi Gras party. I think I owe Gina at least 4 strings of beads for her little acts of indiscretion while at the store, lol.

The party moved to Jade and Dom's home on Saturday evening. Having a swinger party in Lynchburg, the bastion of the bible belt and home of Jerry Falwell, held such sweet meaning! After another game, concocted by the guys favor, of course...everyone ended up naked and in a human pile of jenga proportions with me standing on the top holding onto the ceiling while getting blown.

Jade shared her favorite toy with the girls, the Hitachi wand. Danni was worked nine ways to Sunday with the thing. When LB turned it on high, she screamed that her pussy was so hot, she surely smelled smoke. Danni says she'll have to work up to high speed. However, she liked it so much that she ordered one online as soon as we got home, along with the g-spot attachment. LOL

Since Danni and I didn't get to have much interaction Friday night, she was quick to grab me. She laid me down, and started her power squats on my cock. She was riding so hard and getting interested spectators using the magic wand on both of us, that I began to cum and, in turn, Danni squirted all over me and herself and then back all over me. Simlutaneous squirting orgasms are a good thing!

I figured that with all of the action in the past 24 hours, I wouldn't recover very effectively. But with these 4 hotties all around me, some of them licking up the "results", they were able to keep me hard, so no recovery was necessary. Slick hopped up on my cock and LB got behind her again to replay our DP from last night, this time with an audience.

After some fucking, Slick slipped off and began sucking my cock while LB again moved behind her and continued to fuck that tight back door. She worked and worked my cock while Danni and Gina were commented how red my balls were getting. She continued working my cock and started deep throating me. Did I say she can take a cock?

Since I was the last hard cock in the room...and actually outlasted Slick's pounding squat thrusts and hoover-ific, deep-throat blow job, I was dubbed the Fuck-King and Slick was named the winning jockey!

Danni and I got up early to head home...and hopefully grab a little quiet time before hitting work on Monday. We slipped out before Slick and LB were out of bed, but we shared squeezes and kisses with everyone else and thanked Jade and Dom for their hospitality. On their way home, Slick and LB gave us a call to give us the news...this was a day to be remembered! We never thought we'd hear these words from the insatiable Slick, but we understand from LB that on Sunday morning she finally threw in the towel and said "I give". I'm shocked!

We figured we'd veg out the rest of the day, but while we were changing and naked, I began to rub my hands all over Danni's body, just the way she likes it. We couldn't resist, grabbed each other again and had one more round of hard fucking, only alone this time. And as much as we LOVE our orgies, sex between just the two of us is simply a wonderful end to a wonderful weekend.


dirty girl said...

what a party to miss :-(

dg xx

Danni and B said...

Thanks to Lola and Dragon Lover for their wonderful comments via email about the Marathon Party post...B was awarded high praise for his horny-inducing descriptive of the events...Lola so needs to be DP'ed!!!!
xoxo, Danni

P.S. kisses to my DirtyGirl in the UK...have you made those plane reservations yet?????