Thursday, January 05, 2006

Oh K Three Way

We're often contacted by couples or single females who claim they are real and want to meet for some sexy fun. They exchange all sorts of emails with us, and occasionally chat with us on Yahoo. But more times than not, when we attempt to set up an actual time to meet in person, they come up with all sorts of excuses. We've learned through experience to be able to tell who the real players are, and who's all talk but no play.

Well, K is certainly real!!!

K is a single f (yes, one of those elusive single females!!). She's 29, divorced and very HOTTT. Danni and I agreed that she looks a lot like Gina Gershon, hence the pics since she's a bit camera shy.

We met for dinner at Outback, had a few drinks and appetizers, and just got to know each other. She's a professional from THE university and lives in a WAY too conservative town. Fortunately for all of us, she found some like-minded people, lol. Of course, the people at the neighboring booth enjoyed the xxx-rated conversation!

Dinner was wrapping up, and Danni asked K if she wanted to come over to our Sex Palace, and she immediately took us up on the offer.

We gave the nickle tour of the Palace and in no time, all three of us hopped into the jacuzzi. I was fortunate enough to get in the jacuzzi first, so I was able to get a great view of these two beauties as they entered the water. Damn, I'm a lucky guy.

After about 23 seconds of conversation, Danni and K began kissing and exploring each other's bodies. Danni placed K up on the side of the jacuzzi, and expertly worked her newly pierced pussy. Danni then took a turn making her pussy available, and K expertly worked her with her tongue and fingers. I laid back, letting the girls get comfortable with each other, but eventually moved in to get a closer view of the situation.

K took a bathroom break, so I got up on the jacuzzi's edge and Danni began sucking my cock. K came back and closely watched the show. She then started giving my balls a "hot water rub" while Danni kept sucking my cock. After a while, K took her turn sucking me. It was such a turn on watching Danni watch K as her mouth pumped up and down my cock.

We three-way kissed for a while (frankly, this is one of the hottest sexual acts there is, in my book) and then agreed that it was time for dry land.

So up to the bedroom we ran.

Now our regular readers might expect that we put K in the swing. Well, we didn't want to be too presumptuous about K coming over, and since we really never talked about her interest in the swing, we figured that we could save that for the next time she comes over.

Danni put on her favorite porn, Blondage, and we all hopped into bed. We laid K down and we went to work on her. I figured that it was my turn to taste K, so I spread her legs and explored her pussy with my tongue. As I mentioned, her pussy (hood) was recently pierced, so her clit was very sensitive, so I tried to keep my exploring to inside her. She was so tasty.

Danni sat on K's face, and was getting Danni very close to orgasm. I warned her about Danni's squirting talent. Of course, K was intrigued. Danni hopped on all fours, and K worked her pussy with her fingers. Within a few minutes, she had Danni squirting all over her hands and legs. K was able to taste the sweetness of her orgasm. She claimed to have never made a girl cum before. (Note from Danni: NO WAY THAT'S TRUE!!!!) I then laid Danni down and worked her cunt some more with my hand. I had her squirting 2 more times within a minute. K loved every minute of it.

Damn...K may even be hotter than Gina!

K hopped on my cock while Danni sat on my face. With these two hotties on me, it took almost no time for me to come. Now ladies, you gotta stop being so fucking hot, so I can last longer, lol.

Since my cock was on a bit of a break, I figured that I'd get out the double-headed for the ladies to enjoy. K grabbed it and spread Danni wide and began fucking her hard with it. K certainly knows how to use her tools. She had Danni squirting some more and by this time the bed was getting pretty soaked. She kept fucking her with the double-headed, and K and I enjoyed watching Danni squirm and scream with excitement.

This scene was so hot that I was quickly hard again. Danni was laid back spread eagle, the double-headed since retired. Her cunt looked so inviting that I just had to hop on her and start fucking. Danni had earlier told K of how easy it is to get me off by working my balls while I'm fucking someone. Guys, if you've been there, you know what I mean.

Anyway, while I'm fucking Danni, K reaches between my legs and begins rubbing my balls. She then holds onto my cock while I kept fucking Danni. Again, these two babes milked the remaining cum out of my balls quickly.

The three of us laid in bed talking and laughing for a while. We were surprised that it was already very early in the morning, since we had gotten back to our place around 9pm.

We kissed K goodnight, as she went to sleep in our guest room. Danni and I passed out in no time, with great big smiles on our faces.


Jay said...

your a lucky man

becomingme said...

so very, very hot!