Sunday, January 22, 2006

Party 69 Style

After spending Friday and Saturday day in DC for work, we were more than ready to get to VA Friends 69.69 Party in Richmond. This party is a nice deal, ‘cuz you get 2 nights in the hotel and 2 nights of “party” for $69.69. It’s a great price and a great reason to cum to a party between New Year’s and Valentine’s, two of the most popular parties of the year.

With no theme, Danni wasn’t quite sure what she’d wear to the party….but ended up with a black leather skirt, crotch-less (easy access) fishnet pantyhose, black stack-heeled leather boots and a see-through black lace top. We got to the party around 9pm and found about 50 couples in the bar area. We immediately found some old friends and caught up over some drinks. W&J showed up a little while after we got there. I was able to bask in the glory of 3 perfect sets of tits, as the girls compared breasts...W, my Danni and M (who keeps disappearing on us…..where, oh where, does that girl get to?)

Readers of our blog may remember that W requires 1st shift honors as she tends to pass out early as the evening progresses. After a little more partying and chatting with old and new friends, and a standing lap dance by Danni on J’s hard cock, we whisked W&J quickly to our room and got naked before the door was even latched.

Danni pushed W onto her back and started licking away at her wet and ready cunt, while I shoved my hard cock into her mouth. Danni has a habit of hogging the pussy so I eventually told her she needed to move aside, so I could have a taste of that sweet nectar. Danni moved her way up to kiss W and fondle her beautiful breasts while J worked Danni’s pussy from behind.

At some point both Danni and W were sucking my cock in tandem. Damned if I know how we got into that position but no complaints from me! And, J was eating out Danni’s pussy with reckless abandon and from her writhing, bucking and screaming, he was obviously doing a good job.

Being that it was the 69.69 party, I soon flipped W on top of me to “assume the position”, honoring the party’s name. After tongue-fucking her wet cunt, sucking her pierced clit and fingering her, I flipped her onto all fours, spread her legs wide and fucked her from behind.

At the same time, Danni was on top of J, riding his hard cock, moaning and screaming while she pumped furiously with her cunt. She was clearly enjoying it as she squirted several times all over J. J didn’t seem to mind, though. Both J and I flipped the girls over on their backs and continued pounding away with our cocks. W soon had me cumming hard and deep inside her.

J was the man of the hour as he continued fucking Danni over and over. Danni loves getting fucked doggy-style and quickly wrangled herself on all fours, spread herself apart, grabbed J’s dick and forced him to fuck her from behind harder and harder. As she came again, squirting all over J and the rest of the bed, W and I sat back and enjoyed the show…on the only dry spot we could find on the bed.

Since J and I were spent, Danni decided to be the 3rd cock in the room. She asked me to pull out her “advanced” strap-on and shoved the “pussy plug” inside her as she strapped the black leather harness on. Danni positioned W back on all fours and lapped away at her pussy again before shoving her “cock” deep inside her. W, being a little tender after I had already fucked her, requested lube. Danni complied by dribbling the warm KY liquid lube down her ass and rubbed it into her pussy lips and onto her “cock”.

Danni exclaimed as she fucked W from behind that the “pussy plug” action may just make her squirt again. I helped Danni for a while by grabbing her ass and fucking W from behind with Danni’s “cock”. Danni’s “guy” leg muscles gave way and W helped out by climbing on top of Danni and riding her “cock” cowgirl-style.

Finally, everyone was exhausted. W&J dressed and went on to their room to freshen up before meeting us back upstairs on the Party Hall. We’re not sure what happened to them at that point, because we never saw them upstairs…did they pass out? Decide they’d had enough and go on to sleep? Or continue the evening by fucking each other? Maybe they’ll do us the honor of posting a comment and let our readers (and us) know what was up?

Danni and I put a few clothing items on and headed upstairs…after such good fucking, we just sat back and enjoyed watching the HOTTT naked girls taking their turns in 2’s and 3’s on the dance pole. Guys, this is the way a strip club should be…full nude, alcohol allowed, all the girls are truly bi- and at the end of the night you get to fuck ‘em!

Danni saw No-No (aka N of N&F) at the other end of the hospitality suite. She hopped up from her perch near the stripper pole and rushed over to molest No-No…shoving her against the wall, kissing and groping her. F eventually told me that watching our two girls got him immediately hard.

At that, we grabbed No-No and F to take them down to our room. As we left the hospitality suite, Danni and No-No took a slight detour to explore (i.e. suck, grope and nibble) some mammoth breasts situated atop a good-looking blonde. We finally tore the girls away from the blonde and steered them back to our room.

Due to circumstances beyond our control (LOL) from 1st shift fucking, No-No noticed how wet the bed was, and Danni had to get out the beach towels (which always travel with us now). No-No laid on her back and I fucked her mouth from above while Danni worked her pussy from below. F joined the mouth-fucking, so No-No took turns working both of our cocks with her mouth. Now let me tell you, No-No can suck a good cock...or is it suck a cock good?!?!

Danni used a shooter on No-No’s pussy, dribbling the alcohol onto her pretty pussy lips and licking the shooter and her juices at the same time, then fucking No-No’s pussy with the shooter glass in her mouth…a favorite of Danni’s girlfriends. Danni finally moved upwards to sit on No-No’s face and allow her to eat her out. No-No was doing wonderful work from the sounds Danni was making, but finally had to quit claiming claustrophobia…Danni does have a tendency to think everyone can breathe through their ears, like I can. And Danni does love muff and receiving!

I started eating No-No while Danni sucked hard on F’s cock. After eating that sweet pussy of No-No’s for a while, I grabbed Danni and lowered her tight cunt onto my cock. No-No mounted F, and Danni and No-No kissed while they both rode our cocks. Somehow, the double-headed mysteriously appeared on the bed. Danni grabbed it and shoved one end into No-No and swallowed the other end with her pussy. Danni and No-No grinded the double-headed between them for quite a while.

Then, No-No had had enough and Danni thought she was done, too….until I had her on all fours and was pile-driving her with the double-headed from that position. I told No-No to watch closely and worked Danni’s pussy until she squirted all over my chest. No-No’s jaw dropped about six inches…it was a classic expression! She later told me it looked as if a fountain had been turned on.

Danni reached down to rub her pussy and brought her hand up to my mouth so I could taste her sweet (and I do mean sweet!) cum. I ravenously licked her fingers. Danni licked her own fingers as well…a woman has got to love her own pussy! And as she dipped her fingers into her squirt cum-laden lips again, F enjoyed a taste of that nectar as well. Danni offered No-No a taste, but was told “No-No”.

At some point (again, we lose perspective now and then LOL), it was mentioned that Danni should use the strap-on on No-No. No-No threw her hands up in surrender and exclaimed…”No-No, I’m good! I'm good!” Hmm, we hear No a lot, hence her nickname!

Hopefully, W&J and N&F will make the next House Party on Friday March 10th (which will last until sometime on Saturday March 11th) along with our other “friends with benefits”.

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