Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy (Ending) New Year!

We awoke very late on Saturday morning from a long night of fun (see previous post) and groggily got ourselves up, grabbed Chinese for lunch and rested through a movie. Back at the hotel, we rested some more and later grabbed sandwiches (for some much-needed sustenance) before the big New Year’s Eve bash.

New Year’s tends to be a little more formal. I wore a suit and Danni in her long black formal gown with rhinestones at her lower back over her cute above-the-ass dimples. As we arrived at the party around 9-9:30, we found over 200 couples there! This may have been VAF’s largest party ever, certainly the largest we’ve attended.

We immediately found W& J to find out about their disappearance from last night since they missed the orgy. W told us that the tequila had gotten the better of her by 11:30 and we realized that her advice about taking her upstairs earlier in the evening should have been heeded. So, Danni told her that we were “fucking in shifts” tonight, and W was definitely on 1st shift.

Not long into the evening, I needed to shed my suit jacket and planned to take it to the room. Danni decided to walk with me, found W and beckoned her to join us. W joined us in our room and Danni called W’s hubby, J, on the phone as he was getting a drink in their room.

How would you respond to a phone call like this? “Hello….wanna get fucked?” J’s response? “Who is this????” “It’s Danni in Room 313 and I’ve got your wife tied down, spread-eagled on my bed, so you better hurry!” I, being the gentleman (or is that "fool"?) that I am, respectfully waited for J to arrive rather than just jumping in.

Danni and W had already undressed each other, and Danni had pressed her legs, opened her wide and was eating her out. W asked if I was only in to watching! Yeah, right! Luckily, J arrived at that moment! We all worked W for a bit as J and I finally got naked. Each girl sucked the other guy’s cock. As the action got more heated, 69’ing ensued. W and I took turns top and bottom, while Danni played bottom to J. Danni, being the good slut that she is, licked, sucked and gobbled both J’s cock and balls.

I asked W to sit on my face, and immediately she was up on me, and I fucked her pussy with my tongue. Good thing I can breathe through my ears, lol. Everyone eventually started some serious fucking. Danni, her usual quiet self , can wake the dead with her screams…lol.

After everyone was "done", we tried to get dressed back into our suits and dresses. I gave up on the tie, and W gave me her sexy top to wear as a trophy.

We rejoined the party in time to ring in the New Year. We lost count as to how many people we kissed, and how many women showed off their tits for the New Year, but it certainly is the way that everyone should start the year off.

It was time to head upstairs for the REAL party. We decided to stop off on our floor and get some drinks and let the girls get changed (well, get naked, but....). We stopped over at Lucky Bastard and Slick's room. They had professional lights set up for a wonderful sexy picture studio. Slick and Danni both posed for some incredibly erotic photos. They even took turns fucking each other with shot glasses filled with buttery nipples and then drinking them out of each other's pussies. The girls were so hot and horny that they never realized that about 10 other people had come into the room to watch the action.

After we adjusted our pants, it was time to head upstairs to the main party. We chatted with some couples, and Slick and Danni continued with some sexy fun. I actually started to not feel well. My elbow has been starting to ache more and more over the past few weeks. Danni says it's "fuck elbow". So I took a bit of a break and let Danni played single female for a while.

We eventually headed down to our room, and let shift number two be between just the two of us. Danni decided to take control of things and let me play "King", as she blind folded me, sucked my cock for a while, 69'd me, sat on my face and fucked the hell out of me. And the whole time, I was able to stay off of my elbow. Ah, what a woman!!! What a great beginning to what promises to be a wonderful New Year.

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