Thursday, December 29, 2005

For our International Readers...Thanks for Joining and Reading

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In English
Please post pictures to stay in our group. Be sure to put a picture in your main profile, too. We will be deleting people with no pictures, single males, picture collectors, child porn and bestiality. We are swingers, very real and not interested in fakes. Hope you understand. Thanks.

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Bitte Postenbilder, in unserer Gruppe zu bleiben. Um unbedingt ein Bild in Ihr Hauptprofil, auch zu stellen. Wir werden Leute mit keinen Bildern löschen, heben Männer heraus, stellen Sammler, Kindporno und Grausamkeit dar. Wir sind swingers, sehr wirklich und nicht interessiert in Fälschungen. Ich werde hoffen, dass Sie verstehen. Dank.

по-русски (in Russian)
Пожалуйста объявите(отправьте по почте) картины, чтобы остаться в нашей группе. Убедитесь, что поместили картину в ваш главный профиль, также. Мы будем удалять людей без картин, единственных(отдельных) мужчин, картинных сборщиков, детского порно и скотства. Мы - громадины, очень реальные и не заинтересованные фальшивками. Надежда Вы понимает. Благодарность.

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Por favor retratos de poste para permanecer en nuestro grupo. Esté seguro poner un retrato en su perfil principal, también. Estaremos borrando a personas con ningunos retratos, solos males, se imaginan los recaudadores, pornografía de niño y bestialidad. Somos columpiadores, muy verdadero y no interesados en falsificaciones. Espere que usted entienda. Gracias.

在中国人中 (in Chinese)
请张贴画在我们的团体中阻止。别忘记也把一张画放在你的主要的简介中。我们将在删除有没有画,单身男子,画收藏家,孩子色情和 bestiality 的人。我们是摇摆者,很真和不对假货有兴趣。霍普你懂得。感谢。

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Verstuur alstublieft afbeeldingen om in onze groep te blijven. Vergeet niet om een afbeelding in uw hoofdprofiel, ook te zetten. Wij zullen mensen met geen afbeelden schrappen, kiezen mannen, afbeelding verzamelaar, kinderporno en beestachtigheid uit. Wij zijn swingers, heel echt en interesseerden ons in vervalsingen niet. Inclusief ga hopen dat u begrijpt. Bedankt.

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S'il vous plaît les images de poste pour rester dans notre groupe. Etre sûr de mettre une image dans votre profil principal, aussi. Nous effacerons des gens avec aucunes images, aucuns mâles seuls, imaginent des collecteurs, le porno et la bestialité enfantes. Nous sommes des branchés, très vrais et pas intéressés dans les faux. Espérer que vous comprenez. Merci.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Photo Sharing on the Web

Click here for our RINGO photo albums.

Just found a great place to share photos, especially since doesn't seem to like our XXX-rated pics.

Hope you'll join us and share. We've shown you ours, now you show us


Friday, December 23, 2005

Looking for some HOTTT Sexxx Party Music...

Thanks guys for all the recommendations! We've gotten some great suggestions from our "groupies" all over the world! We're putting together one fucking awesome pussy-pleasing, cock-teasing play list...and will share the list here when it's complete.

If you ever want to hear it with us (background music, obviously, for the REAL party LOL), just give us a shout-out. We will "debut" the MIXXX at NYE. Altho B and I tested it last night, all I can say is WOW! There's just something about having great music to fuck to; you can get such a rhythm going...I know that you know what I to groove to, to sweat to...ahhhhh!

If you have recommendations of your own, let us know! xoxo, Danni

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ringin' in the New Year with an Orgy

We're having an orgy...

When: Friday and Saturday nights December 30th and 31st
Where: VA Friends On-Premise Hotel Takeover, Richmond VA
What: Orgy in our room(s) at the After Party
How: If you have to ask, you probably won't cum! lol
Why: Why not?

Drop us an email at or catch us on YahooIM as danni654also. We know some hot couples that already will be there. And, we'll hand out additional "invites" at the Party.

Be sure to get yours...and we do mean GET yours! Happy Holidays...

You have to cum to our Orgy to find out what's behind the star, the holly and the bow!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nipple Jewelry?

Remember the post about Slick and her nipple jewelry? well, we found a great website to purchase these and many more HOTTT items. You have to check it out at . They even have a blog . We're trying to hook Slick up with them...sales will sky-rocket when people see her nips with (or without LOL) jewelry. We're so impressed, we've added them to our blog...see the right-hand links!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

We now Qualify as "Twisted"

Subject: [] Blog submission status
Date: 12 Dec 2005 00:06:05 +0100

I've just taken a look at the blog you've submitted:

And I must say I'm happy with your submission. I've added your blog to the Twisted Blogs list.


Note from Danni: Funny thing, though...our stories are real versus most of the "sex" blogs we find...they're lead-ons to pay sites or they're fictional or "fantasy" stories. We're VERY real, so if you're interested...give us a shout-out! xoxo

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Thanks to all our readers

We just recently got our 20,000th hit to our blog and we're just thrilled about it.

We want to thank all of our loyal readers, and especially to those of you that have contacted us and told us how much you've enjoyed the blog.

And a REALLY special thanks to all those special people that became a part of our entries.

So to everyone, have a great holiday season. We're sure to have more great "encouters" to blog about soon.

Danni and me.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Slick Sliding Away with SlickSkinGirl and Lucky Bastard

First off, we met up with Slick and her hubby, Lucky Bastard, last night. They are FANTASTIC!!! Not only are they fantastic in bed, but a great couple to hang with outside of bed. The first pics are teaser pics..."bait", if you will!

Slick is so HOTTT that she has her own MILF/Hot Wife website. Check it out at (has since been removed).

OK, let me back up. Danni (the female half of this couple, and we're trying to get away from simple initials) and I got a message from Slick and Lucky Bastard about getting together. We had met at Virginia Friends a few different times, but had never hooked up. So we were pleasantly surprised when we heard from them. They live about 2 hours from us and fortunately thought we were worth the trip.

They got here around 9pm and we hung out and caught up for a while. We compared notes from our experiences at Virginia Friends, both the good and not so good. We all agreed though that we all love VAF, and the people there are great. Boy, you'd think we'd get a commission with how much we rave about the place. LOL

NOTE from Danni: How great would it be to get a Christmas gift like this under your tree? Slick is on my wish list!

Well, after chit chatting for a while, Slick showed off her nipple jewelry. That, of course, led to Danni getting up close and personal with Slick. Danni took off Slick's top (well, we kinda all helped with that) and Danni's robe slipped off as well, her only piece of clothing. The girls began passionately kissing, rubbing and sucking each other. Danni sucked, blew and fingered Slick with delight!

I suggested that Slick would look great in our swing. So upstairs we went. We hooked Slick into the swing and rose her up into the air. Danni got in between Slick's legs and began exploring her wonderfully wet cunt some more. She licked her, fingered her, blew into her pussy, all the time sweet moans were coming from Slick. While Danni put on her strap on, I took my turn to have a taste. Damn Slick tasted good! I explored her very wet pussy with my tongue and fingers while Lucky Bastard was sucking on her tits.

Danni was now ready to fuck Slick with her hard cock attached. This was going to be a first for Slick. Danni took her cock in her hand, lubed it up with Slick's juices and slapped Slick's pussy and clit over and over, and then slowly entered her. Slick said she was glad to finally be able to say..."FUCK ME BITCH"!!! They both grabbed onto the swing and the fucking began. At the same time Slick began sucking my cock and stroking Lucky Bastard. Slick kept switching between Lucky Bastard and me, sucking and stroking each of us while Danni fucked her hard and long. When Danni's cock -her legs, really- started wearing out (lol), she bent down to eat Slick while Slick was sucking me. Lucky Bastard, the smart guy he is, saw Danni's ass up in the air and got behind her and rammed his big cock deep into her cunt. Danni was clearly happy and moaned into Slick's cunt. At some point, Danni was basically standing on her head while Lucky Bastard fucked her doggy.

After a while, we moved to the bed. Slick and I 69'd for a while, while Danni and Lucky Bastard went right to the fucking. Soon I flipped Slick over, and in almost no time (literally, unfortunately) she had me coming uncontrollably. Danni squirted all over Lucky Bastard while he fucked her and we soon were all laying on the bed, relaxed and having some more great conversation.

NOTE from Danni: we almost forgot about the double-headed that Slick and I used. I had a decision to make: use the 12" or 18"? So...I pulled out my 18" long/5" around double-headed dildo to use with Slick. These pics from Lucky Bastard brought back the memories! Ahhh! And after cleaning up, I noticed that Slick and I almost broke "him" in half. My poor 18"-er is now almost ready to be two 9"-ers. LOL "He" just couldn't take the pounding we gave him!

While talking, Slick started stroking Lucky Bastard. Kind of a casual, "not thinking much about it", kind of thing, though it was very hot. Soon, Danni was stroking me as well, and suddenly the girls were back to sucking our cocks.

Lucky Bastard and I both rose to the occasion, and the girls soon hopped on our cocks. We have a half canopy over the bed, which is ideal for the girls to hang onto while squatting up and down on our cocks. Watching these two gorgeous women fucking us was very hot. Slick then came over and began licking Danni's ass and my balls. I told Danni to turn about and reverse cowgirl me so we'd both be more accessible for Slick's mouth. Omigod!

We've included pictures from Lucky Bastard who does Exotic/Erotic Photography. Here is his email address if anyone would like to get some pics of their own: (I know Danni wants to get some..."let's get it on"!)

Regular readers of our blog know that having a woman going down on me at the same time another woman is fucking me is one of my absolute favorite things, and something that is pretty much a guarantee to make me blow my load. Well, needless to say, after some hot fucking, and feeling Slick's mouth stroking my cock and balls, I could feel the pressure of the cum aching to explode. At that point of no return, my cock slipped out of Danni, and I shot my load all over Slick's face. While I couldn't see it, Danni later talked to me that when she looked down at Slick, she saw her lick some of the come from her face, and then take her finger and slide some more of her facial into her mouth. OMG!! Where was the video camera when we needed it? This was better than the best pornos...Jenna Jameson has nothing on Slick!

NOTE from Danni: this is me (long, curly dark hair) on top of Slick via 69, eating her out. Damn, I need a cold shower!

We had brought some Qdoba food in case Slick and Lucky Bastard were able to show up for dinner, so we had a nice little midnight snack waiting for us. Now, none of us are the type of couple that eats much before sex (we don't know how so many VAF couples can pig out in the afterparty hall right before the orgy). But the Mexican food was just right for all...for intermission.

Danni went to the bathroom and the three of us had some very interesting conversations. After Danni was gone for quite a while, I went to check on her and she was in bed, all curled up in the fetal position with a terrible stomach ache. Thinking she was cuming down with flu or ate something bad, she asked me to apologize, but that she just had to stay in bed. So off I went to be the good host!

I went back down to continue our truly fascinating conversation and around 2am we decided that we needed some pics of Slick by the jacuzzi. If they turn out ok, maybe we'll have the honor of having those pics on their site. I held the remote flash as Lucky Bastard took all sorts of pictures of Slick, in various states of undress, at first out of the jacuzzi, and then in the jacuzzi.

Slick looked so hot, that soon, both Lucky Bastard and I joined her nakedness. We sat together in the jacuzzi, watching the DVD porn on each side of her. Slick began stroking both of our cocks and we both laid back, enjoying the feel of her hands. On the screen, we saw a girl being fucked from behind while sucking a guy, and Slick announced "I've got to go the bathroom, and afterwards I want to do THAT". Now that's the way to be an Alpha female!!

So, off to the downstairs bedroom I went. Slick finished in the bathroom, and while Lucky Bastard was in the bathroom, we hopped on the bed. Slick flipped around, and I shoved my hard cock deep into that tight pussy. I grabbed on that sweet ass and starting thrusting my cock in and out of her. Lucky Bastard came in the room and shoved his cock into her mouth. Et voila, the porn had been recreated!! We began getting rough with Slick, as she likes it, Lucky Bastard shoving his cock deep into Slick's mouth and rocking her body back and forth on my cock.

We then flipped Slick around, and I laid down. She began fucking my cock with that wonderful mouth, while Lucky Bastard starting ramming her cunt and forcing her head up and down my cock. Slick was in heaven, and so were the guys.

Slick then started riding me cowgirl while Lucky Bastard was fingering her ass. He looked at me and asked if I had any lube. Well, I knew where his mind was going, and quickly hopped up to bring back the bottle. Slick got back on my cock, and Lucky Bastard lubed up his huge cock and slowly shoved it in her ass. Ouch.

We DP'ed (double penetration) her for a while, my cock in her cunt and Lucky Bastard in her ass. Slick's face showed how much she was loving it, and at one point, Lucky Bastard asked if he should stop, and she cried out "don't stop, keep fucking my ass". More Alpha! Gotta love it! After a while being in this "tight" situation, I had to blow my load deep into her cunt. Lucky Bastard kept fucking her ass for a while as I held onto her. Slick begged Lucky Bastard to come in her ass, and like the fuck stud that he is, he blew his load into what had to be her stomach cavity, lol. As it turned out, this was their first DP (and only my second).

By this point, it was past 4am, and time for all of us to crash. I went up to Danni, only to find her still awake and still not feeling well. I updated her on the activities, and she loved hearing about the DP. The first time I had DP was when Danni started feeling sick at a VAF party, and wanted to just take pictures, so the three of us left had a DP. So we've now figured that if I want to do a DP, I just need to get Danni sick, lol.

We groggily woke up around 9:30, and we updated Danni on the activities she missed out on, and agreed that we all had a great time...and needed to replay sometime soon. They told us that we were now in their "top 5", and they've definitely made our "top 5 list" as well.

We agreed that we'd see each other at the New Year's VAF party, and that we'd try to organize a nice big orgy. Slick and Lucky Bastard haven't had more than 6 yet, so the big orgy thing is high on their "to do" list. Lucky Bastard is also still seeking that elusive single female, so ladies, it's time to step up and take care of the man!!!

Overall, the night was fantastic and we're sure that we've made some great new friends. We can't wait to see both of them again, and New Year's can't come soon enough.

Another Holiday Greeting - The SnowDog

Click HERE for another great greeting !

Feel free to send to your loved ones. It is vanilla as well. And, yes, B is working on our post about Friday night's Sex Palace Party. Phew! I'm still recuperating. Not sure if we were teachers or students this time...stay tuned. Oh, and here's a "teaser" pic of the beautiful pussy and ass we enjoyed last night. Purrrrfection...

Parental Advisory: Explicit Content

Check out Flickr for more pics and options to get your own online Photo Album! Danni654 Flickr Photo Album

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Happy Holidays!

Click HERE for a Holiday Greeting !

ok, ok...I know this is rather vanilla, but I had to share it! Baudy, freaky activity resumes tomorrow at our house....stay tuned for details from the Sex Palace. xoxo, Danni

Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Friend's First Orgy

(Photo by B.) From left to right, the PLAYERS are D, my lovely and tanned Danni, J on his back, B(f), and L(f) eating B(f)'s from behind.

Even though we just missed one VAF party (Halloween) while we were in Vegas, it seemed like ages since we were at Virginia Friends. We had a work event on Saturday, but figured we would check out Friday night and hope for the best.

We got to the bar around 9:30. It was perhaps the quietest night we've ever seen there. We attribute that to the fact that it was the party between Halloween and New Year's, so it wasn't really unexpected. We were told that only 24 couples showed. Fortunately, they were all great couples.

We spent the time in the bar and on the dance floor catching up with sexy old friends and meeting some new ones. In no time, it was midnight and time for the REAL party to begin upstairs in the private, secured hallway.

Most of us got changed into more "accessible" clothing (mmm Ms. Santa) and most of the party seemed to be in the dance, aka "grind", suite. A stripper pole had been set up and the girls were putting on very hot shows for everyone. Special thanks to T (of T&T, former playmates) for letting her pants be removed and letting herself be orally serviced by the other ladies on stage. As I told T later, it's just not a VAF party until T's pants are off.

For a good part of the evening, we'd been catching up with L(f)&D (see our previous post) and B(f)&J (see our previous post). We knew that L(f) had really wanted to try her first orgy (defined here as more than 4 some). So, Danni made the arrangements and the 6 of us headed down to our room, and the clothes began to fly.

From the picture above, you can see all the players (except me, boo hoo). From left to right we've got D, who has been dating L(f) for a while now. Of course by now you know my sexy Danni (whose looking nice and tanned in the picture). J is married to B(f), and B(f) is the sexy redhead (for that night at least, lol) who just got a new tattoo. And L(f) is the sexy mother who does a hot Ms. Santa (it was fun getting you out of mommy mode, lol).

This is where I invite all the players to add their 2 cents (or even better,their 2 orgasms) to this post. As I've mentioned before, it's pretty hard to be in an orgy and know exactly what's happening to everyone all of the time. I'll give the play by play from my point of view, but I'm sure I'll miss lots of stuff.

Clothes were flying off fast, and J make the quick move to lay on his back on the bed and let women service him. I was impressed with King J's move, and I'll have to add that to my list of moves. Danni and L(f) quickly moved to him and suddenly a three-way was happening. At the same time, B(f) and I began hotly kissing and grabbing at each other's clothes.

D was sitting at the edge of the bed so I turned B(f) around and had her begin sucking him. She was nicely bent over, so I started working her pussy with my fingers. Soon after, she just looked too good, and I just had to shove my cock deep into her. I would occasionally take B's head and guide her as she sucked D's hard cock. D sat back in ecstasy as his cock was expertly worked.

While Danni and L(f) were working on J, Danni mentioned that she had brought her strap-ons. L(f) immediately popped up and asked for them to be brought out...PLEASE. Danni offered a choice between her standard strap-on with a realistic looking cock, and her "special" strap-on that includes both a pussy plug and a butt plug for the girl wearing the strap-on.

L(f) thought she'd start out slow and put on the standard toy. Danni hopped on the bed and L(f) went to work, fucking her using the never used before "guy muscles". Apparently she was doing a good job, because it didn't take long for Danni to squirt all over L(f) and J. Ok, so now her half of the bed was soaked.

After about 15 minutes of B(f) fucking me and sucking D, D and I agreed to switch positions. We told B(f) not to move, and D began fucking B(f) from behind while she starting sucking up and down my hard cock. She's such a talented woman.

All of a sudden, I look over to the other side of the bed, and my Danni is now wearing the strap-on, and working L(f). Now Danni is a strap-on pro, and it's no surprise when I was told that L(f) was squirting all over the place.

Soon after, D joined my Danni and J, while L(f) came over and joined me and B(f). Like most guys, I love the idea of two women, and the three of us kissed and rubbed our naked bodies all over each other. I soon laid down and L(f), still wearing her thigh high boots, straddled me on her feet and lowered her dripping cunt onto my rock hard cock. I held her hands for balance and she rode my cock like a piston, milking my cock with that tight, and very wet pussy.

While L(f) was fucking me, B(f) and licking my balls and enjoying the fuck action in front of her face. It didn't take long before the fucking and licking forced me to blow my huge load deep into her cunt. I immediately felt a ton of fluid pouring out of L(f)'s cunt. At first I thought it was my cum load pouring back out, and then I realized that L(f) was squirting all over us. B(f) certainly got a great view of the action that she helped make happen.

I needed to few minutes for recovery, so it seemed like a good time to become the photographer. We'd hate to go all night without recording any of the activity ;)

You can see what took place as I took pictures. D started fucking Danni from behind, who was kissing J, as he was being blown by B(f), who was being eaten by L(f). After many orgasms, most of us were pretty spent. Most of us, except our Ms. Santa L(f), that is. She began sucking J's cock while the rest of us lay on the bed. J rose to the attention, and suddenly L(f) was straddling J, riding his cock, boots still on. While fucking, J told L(f) not to hold back and L(f) said she was used to having to be quiet "cause she's a mother". We all understood that comment all too well.

Watching L(f) fuck J was pretty hot, and the scene got me wanting to fuck so more. Of course, with my Danni right there, I spread her legs and started fucking her, gently at this point since her cunt was pretty sore by being worked by two guys and and a strap-on. Danni's just got such a talented, and tight cunt that it didn't take me long to plow my second load deep into her.

At the same time, while L(f) was riding J, B(f) came over and took a piece of ice and placed it on J's balls. As J said, that created some immediate "shrinkage", and everyone was finally spent for the evening.

Afterward L(f) came out of the bathroom so excited. I figured that she was going to comment about her first orgy. But nope, instead she told D that she just HAD to get the toiletry bags that we had in the bathroom. We all chuckled at that. Well L(f), here's the link if you're interested in getting one.

We soon said goodnight to all. Fortunately, Danni had brought 2 large beach towels to cover what was now a very soaked bed.

You always know that it's been a great orgy when the entire bed is soaked from head to foot.

Lowdown on Sex

We have so much to blog about re: a Friend's First Orgy at VA Friends this past Friday night. B's responsible for writing that one and the play-by-play (or should I say blow-by-blow LOL) is taking longer than he expected. All I can do is leave you a pic as a tempting treat. More to cum! P.S. I'm the tanned girl on the left getting fucked from behind in the pic.

So while you wait, visit this great new site we found for the lowdown on sex techniques: is an online sex manual.

Check out the G-spot massage technique. Its really simple to learn and is great for female orgasm, multiple orgasms and female ejaculation.

Clit sex tells you all about the clit, where it is, what it is, and how to use it to give women pleasure and orgasm. You'll learn about the labia, why the clit is an integral part of oral sex, what clittage is, and get to know the different parts of the clit. You'll also learn about female orgasm.

Male Orgasm Control gives you sex for as long as you want. It solves premature ejaculation using simple techniques. First you'll learn about orgasm and pregasm - the feeling you get just before orgasm - and how and why to stop when you get it. You'll learn to breathe slowly and to use Tantric Sex to last longer during sex. Position, confidence and relaxation are then discussed in sex tips.

They even allow you to ask Sex Questions. Plus many resources for more Sex Information!