Wednesday, June 28, 2006

9 ways to Sunday, 6-way today

After Danni heard all about the activities she missed last night (see previous post), you just know that she would be just raring to go tonight. We had lunch at Famous Dave's and went to the movies and saw Click as a way to relax for the evening.

We talked to LB and Slick and agreed that we, along with Jersey Couple would do dinner at BW3. This would give Danni a chance to meet Jersey Couple for the first time and for me to actually say more than hello and be naked with them. I was napping back at the hotel when Danni decided to head to Slick/LB's room. Of course, she didn't head right back. I eventually headed down to find everyone drinking, and the girls being very flirty, with the occasional tit or pussy being exposed.

We eventually made it to BW3 where we got to know Jersey Couple much better. Slick and LB had met them a few weeks ago at a big event, and they drove to VAF from Jersey especially to meet them. Turns out that they all had great taste. Jersey Couple is a wonderfully in-love couple that are fun to be around and have the same desires and priorities as we do.

Back to the hotel, everyone changed for the VAF party. The theme tonight was White and Tight (Danni did both ;-) ). We met for a couple of drinks upstairs and eventually headed down to the party around 10pm.

This night, there were about 70 couples, less than many months, but many more than Friday and not a bad crowd for June, which is always slower with schools getting out, vacations, etc. We chatted with lots of sexy people and hoped we could coordinate them all back for a big orgy. A number of couples we talked to seemed OK and ready for some four-way action, but once it was clear that there were at least six people that would being joining them, it seemed just a little too advanced (or just to claustrophobic?) for a few of them.

The six of us (Jersey Couple and Slick/LB and us) headed upstairs around 11:30. The girls changed into their "upstair" attire, which basically means they get pretty much naked for the hallway.

We headed into the dance room, and the girls began getting very friendly with each other. Slick did a HOTTT table-dance while Danni humped, pumped and licked her! At some point, Danni was on her back next to the stripper pole, and Jersey girl was going down on her. Danni was really getting into it, and I had to warn her not to squirt while on that floor while Jersey Girl was working her cunt. Later she asked why, and I told her that one, people who've never seen a girl squirt might think she was peeing on the floor, and two, it should be saved for the group scene.

As much as we tried to get certain couples to join us, it just didn't coordinate very well. The problem lies in that unless you simply want anyone and everyone to join your room and you can publically announce your orgy, you need to selectively work the couples. They need to be willing, and ready to go when the group is. Some couples have pre-made plans. Some are just learning the scene. Some are "friends-first". Some only want 4-ways, and others have straight (or bi-passive) girls. So, while you might think that a huge orgy would be a simple thing to coordinate, pre-planning usually helps tremendously. We really want to play with some of the couples we met, so we'll definitely do some chatting online and pre-plan for the next party (see calendar in RH sidebar).

Eventually, the 6 of us made it to our room. Danni always brings the black satin sheets which makes it feel much less like a hotel bed. Slick and Jersey Couple left the room for a minute. But Danni, LB and me were ready to go. I told Danni to start sucking LB's cock while I began fucking her doggie style. Hey, LB presented me with a wonderful invitation last night, so it was the least that I could do, lol.

When the three returned, they saw that the action was already starting, so their clothes quickly dropped to the floor. Hopefully, others will add their comments because, as usually, I can only report on what I did or saw, and when a girl is sitting on your face, you really can't see the whole party, lol.

The guys were all laying down, and each girl grabbed a cock and began sucking it Eventually, everyone was fucking and moaning. Danni hopped off me at one point, and Slick saw that my cock was just staring around looking for some action. So the wonderful woman that she is, she came over to me and began sucking my cock. Boy, I remember this mouth. After a while, she hopped on my cock and began milking me. I could feel myself ready to cum and thought I might be able to just cum and keep going. Slick felt me blow my load deep into her and enjoyed tickling my overly sensitive cock, again.

We pulled out Danni's favorite toy, her Hitachi wand, and she used it on her wet cunt. Eventually Danni squirted a long stream. Jersey Guy had a good angle on the view and commented on how far off the bed she shot. They claimed she even "made a basket" by hitting the trash can on the other side of the room.

Jersey Girl thought that the wand looked fun, so Danni turned the tables and began working her, then let her work herself for maximum pleasure. Everyone paused to watch and touch Jersey Girl as she moaned and arched her back. After a while, she went into wild convulsions. Mmmm, a wonderfully overt orgasm.

There was a lot of other action, sucking, fucking three-way, and four-way action. Hopefully our playmates can fill in the blanks in the comments section (hint hint).

While most of us were done and just laying on each other naked and spent, we watched as Jersey Girl was gently and expertly sucking Jersey Guys still hard cock. It was very erotic watching them as she took her time, sucking it deeply and giving it deep long strokes. She then hopped on it reverse cowboy style and pumped up and down on him. She was fucking him porn star style, her tight hot body arching, her nipples rock hard. Jersey Guy then laid her on her back and began giving it to her hard.

Her moans kept climbing to higher and higher octaves. That must be the norm, as Jersey Guy kept yelling "higher octave". It was very hot and he eventually had them both coming. We applauded this wonderful show. We tried to get it on video, but the lights were not up enough for our camera. Sorry.

We eventually kissed everyone goodnight and, this time, both Danni and I passed out together. It was a great night spent with some old friends and some new friends. We can't wait to see everyone again as soon as possible.

Monday, June 26, 2006

A single guy near "Jersey"

It seemed like ages since we'd been to Virginia Friends (VAF), but it had really only been two months, missing just the May party. After dealing with some serious rain, Danni and I went to Hooters. It's become one of our regular pre-party stops, though it was a rare time that we went alone. In fact, we had no definitive plans with anyone this weekend.

Back at the hotel, we got down to the party around 9:30. It was rude t-shirt night and there were lots of funny shirts. It gave everyone a great excuse to stare at tits all night, not that you really need an excuse at VAF. It was a very quiet night, by VAF standards, maybe 30 couples. We chatted and flirted with lots of couples. For the first time, we had a couple ask if we were "Danni and B" and the ones interviewed recently on Swingercast. Apparently John and Allie have a nationwide fan base! (Turns out we're going to meet Swingercast's John and Allie in a few weeks, but we'll save that for another post.)

Danni was getting a bit horny, so we thought we might head back to our room alone for a little "first shift" action. We quickly got naked, and I got between Danni's legs and started working on her tasty pussy. I spread her legs wide and licked her clit, lips and g-spot (yep, g-spot). You can always tell when Danni needs a cock ('cause she's screams out, GIVE ME THAT COCK, lol). So I did.

Now remember, this was just supposed to be some first shift action, meaning that we had every intention of heading out to the party in the hallway after midnight. So we didn't want to get "too" crazy.

Oops. Well, I ended up making Danni squirt about 6 times, mostly from just fucking her, but I did end up using some of her favorite toys on her as well. She ended up with her infamous screaming "guy orgasm", and we died on the bed together.

I went to the bathroom, and when I came back out, Danni was completely passed out. No nudging was going to wake her. I laid next to her for a while, but didn't fall asleep, so I figured that I'd take a quick trip down the hall and see what was going on.

It seemed as though everyone from the bar was in the hall, so it was a pretty decent crowd. I went into the dance room and saw a sexy blonde dancing on the stripper pole. As I approached, I could see that it was the one and only Slick. LB was standing next to the pole admiring his lovely wife. I leaned against the wall and admired her as she started giving LB a lap dance. She was bent over, her tanned ass exposed, so I just had to go over and give it a squeeze. She turned around, realized who it was and gave me a big hug. LB and Slick introduced me to a girl in a sexy little bikini. It was so loud that no one could hear each other, so we agreed to head out to the hallway.

Well, we got to the hallway where I was able to actually meet Jersey Girl and Jersey Guy. I explained that Danni had had her guy orgasm, had rolled over and fallen asleep, done for the night. It was still loud, so they suggested we go into Jersey couple's room. Now, I'm not typically one to play as a "single guy", especially since we have no interest in them. So I figured that we were just going to have some drinks, and I'd get to meet this couple that Slick and LB had previously told us about.

Well, Slick and Jersey Girl quickly got naked and Jersey Girl started eating Slick, her high heeled feet straight up in the air with her hot blue panties bridging between her feet.

Jersey Guy started sucking on Slicks nipple and LB said to me "if you have anything left, go for it". I love that kind of invitation!

I hopped on the bed and began licking Slicks other nipple. So now, Slick has two guys on her tits and a girl between her legs. I think she was enjoying the attention, lol.

Slick and I began kissing, and I suddenly realized that I did have "something left". Both Jersey Guy and I took off our pants, got on our knees and Slick began taking turns sucking each of our cocks. As I later found out, this was only her second time blowing two guys at once. I'm proud to be that short list (among some of her other lists and firsts, lol).

While we were being sucked and Slick was being eaten by Jersey Girl, LB got behind Jersey Girl and starting fucking her. Boy, was Danni going to be bummed about missing this.

After a while, LB flipped Jersey girl over onto her back and began fucking her. Jersey Guy then moved down and began fucking Slick while I started fucking her mouth. And as I've mentioned before, Slick has a great mouth.

After some muffled moans from Slick, she was flipped over and Jersey Guy was fucking her from behind, and I laid back and had the Slickster fucking my cock with her expert mouth. Jersey Girl was laying right next to me getting fucked, but I figured that since I couldn't offer up Danni that night, it might not be proper etiquette to enjoy some of Jersey Girl. Ok, call me an idiot. But, a gentleman too. Ok, maybe just an idiot, lol.

Well, Slick knows me well enough and could tell that I was about to cum, so she took my entire cock and held her head all the way down it as I blew my load into her throat. Mmmm.

Slick enjoys the reaction she gets playing with a just-cummed(?) penis. Well I don't know about you, but my cock gets damn sensitive after cumming, and she thinks it's funny to continue to stroke and lick your cock and watch you as you squirm and squeal like a little girl.

I finally had to get up just to protect myself. Jersey Guy was still fucking Slick from behind when Jersey Girl slid under Slick into a 69 position, while at the same time tea-bagging Jersey Guy (that's licking his balls while he's fucking).

In spite of the hot scene, it was time for this single guy to let the couples play, so I announced my departure. I gave Slick's tits a nice little squeeze goodbye, shook Jersey Guys hand and kissed Jersey Girls hand (it was the only thing accessible, and I wasn't going near her face at the moment, lol). Talking to LB, we agreed we'd catch up on Saturday and that we'd be sure to introduce Danni to the Jersey couple.

Waking up in the morning, I mentioned to Danni how she passed out so quick last night. She said, "so, did you become a single guy"? Well, as a matter of fact.........

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sex on the Beach

We were back in Virginia Beach for work-related reasons, but we had Saturday night free. So Danni put out the call for playmates on this very blog and our numerous favorite swinger sites (see sidebar!). We had all sorts of people show interest and make dates, but something came up at the last minute in one way, shape or form by everyone but one couple. We lucked out with Gray and Red as the sexy couple that we actually met up with.

After meeting at Abbey Road, we all agreed that the bar at the hotel was a much better venue to get to know everyone better. Those cabana beds certainly looked inviting, especially overlooking the VA Beach skyline, but alas we were in "vanilla" public after all. We had a few drinks and told some stories. Soon it was pretty clear that we all were ready to play, so off we went to our room.

Danni showed off her video talents by sharing our latest squirting video. Yes, we're taking action to get the video hosted and hope to be able to share it with our loyal readers in the next week or so. Be patient with us!

Red is a sexy little redhead (hence the name, aren't I clever) with a smoking hot and very tight body and did I mention perfect tits? Gray is a classy, put together guy with a head matching his name.

As soon as we pulled Danni away from the video, the girls fell onto the bed and began kissing and grabbing each other. Danni's skirt rode up to her waist revealing her pantiless pussy. Soon Red was removing her clothes, and both girls began exploring each other. Danni was eating Red's pussy as Gray and I watched with ever-growing erections. I offered them the double-headed dildo, and their pussies quickly ate it up as they began grinding their pussies together, fucking that double-headed, and each other, with furious passion.

Soon, the men were invited to the bed, and we took no time in fulfilling the request.

While Red was being eaten by Danni, I offered my cock to her. Red expertly began sucking and licking my cock. She's got a great mouth.

As reader's know by now, Danni can be a pussy hog, and again didn't give up Red until I almost begged for it. Danni gratiously made room, and I got my first taste of this wonderful pussy. She tasted great, and I was in heaven as I spread her legs, licked her clit and fucked her pussy with my tongue. I so enjoyed watching and feeling her arch in delight and listening to her wonderful moans. As Danni made room for me, she stroked Gray's fully erect cock and proceeded to sit on Red's face. Danni's rocking motion against Red's tongue was mind-blowing to watch.

Next to us, Danni finally laid back and Gray began licking her pussy and then fucking her. She was moaning something fierce. Gray certainly knew what Danni liked as Red and I suddenly heard some splashing. Yep, Danni had squirted Gray right out of her pussy, splashing him and almost having him fall off of the bed.

At the same time, I had began fucking Red's tight little pussy. With those perfect tits staring at me and that tight wet pussy grabbing onto my cock, she expertly milked my cock dry in no time.

Red mentioned that she really couldn't see Danni squirt, which I took as my cue. By this time Danni had exclaimed that she wasn't done and had started working her Hitachi wand hard on her clit. I grabbed the double-headed dildo and started working my magic on her cunt. Quickly Danni squirted again, this time in full view for Gray and Red to get a full appreciation of the action. It was priceless to watch Red look to Gray, her eyes saying "Holy Shit, did you see that!". LOL

We were all spent (for the time being) and chatted for a bit before Gray and Red decided that they had to hit the road. There's just something about sex on the beach!

We tried to convince Red and Gray to meet us next weekend at Virginia Friends. They haven't been in many years, so we're hoping they'll give it another shot. They might just get lucky. ;-)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Here's a little something for you while waiting for B's post on our most recent VA Beach weekend swinging. (Sorry, he's been busy but he promises to write about it!)

Also, we've sent our fun videos from our 3-way weekend to John and Allie of Swingercast. As soon as they post them, we'llprovide a link for all to see. I love youtube, but they don't like the kind of videos WE make, so we're glad that John and Allie offered and came through for us. We'll keep you posted! xoxo, Danni

"I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
Watch you smile while you are sleeping
While you're far away dreaming
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever
Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure

Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I'd miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing
Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream will never do
I'd still miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing

Lying close to you feeling your heart beating
And I'm wondering what you're dreaming
Wondering if it's me you're seeing
Then I kiss your eyes
And thank God we're together
I just want to stay with you in this moment forever
Forever and ever

Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I'd miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing
Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream will never do
I'd still miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing

I don't want to miss one smile
I don't want to miss one kiss
I just want to be with you
Right here with you, just like this
I just want to hold you close
Feel your heart so close to mine
And just stay here in this moment
For all the rest of time

Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I'd miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing
Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream will never do
I'd still miss you baby
And I don't want to miss a thing

Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
I don't want to miss a thing

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Virginia Beach - The Series Part 3

The third part in a series about our trip to Virginia Beach with our sexy little friend.

The three of us woke up Saturday morning to a cold, rainy, miserable kind of day. No one was on the beach.

We grabbed a cab and had lunch (yes, it was THAT late!). Doris and Danni were teasing our young waiter unmercifully; he just didn't know what to make of these hotties. The girls seemed to have worked themselves up during lunch, and while taking the taxi back to the hotel, explained to the cabbie how the three of us were playing all weekend. Doris teased the cabbie and his dispatcher about the fun happening at the hotel. According to our cabbie, his dispatcher has never listened so closely to any message coming from his cab.

We got back to the room and agreed it was time to create that way overdue porn. Danni has a nice little camera that fits in a pocket, but also takes pretty good video. We decided to open up the bed in the couch, since it overlooked the ocean and had much better lighting than the bedroom. The video from Thursday night was just too dark, though still hot.

But this time, we had nice outdoor lighting.

We were pretty quick to get naked (no, we didn't create a porn with any sort of story, lol). We each spent plenty of time eating and sucking each other. Both girls tasted great as their wet cunts dripped with desire. Danni hopped on me reverse cowgirl as Doris licked us both.

I grabbed the camera and the girls grabbed their toys. Doris put Danni's strap-on on and was sure to pick out the one with a pussy-plug, so she could enjoy it, too. While Doris fucked Danni, I attempted to squeeze in and do a little DP. But Doris was more intent than ever to get Danni squirting on video again.

Doris loves to make Danni squirt and knew that working her with the double headed (along with some wonderful anal stimulation) would do the trick. So, I became the cameraman and encouraged Doris to "fuck-her, fuck-her good". I even took a great video of the girls rubbing pussies together.

Danni laid back, tits heaving and eyes rolling back as she squirted a huge load all over Doris. And yes, I got it all on camera. Now, if we can figure out where to host the video, maybe we can show this wonderful video to you, our loyal readers. If you want to see it, be sure to leave a comment. Maybe our friends, John and Allie of Swingercast, would be interested?

We were also able to watch Doris squirt as well. And I had the pleaure of having her wonderful fluid pour straight into my mouth. Finally, both women worked me, fucked me, sucked me and finally licked and stroked my cock until I came, the money shot captured by Doris on camera. It wasn't a massive load like in some porn, but hey, I'd been "milked" a lot already this weekend, lol.

We loaded the video onto the laptop and enjoyed watching it over and over again.

Time flies when you're having a threeway, and much to my amazement, it was already 9pm at night. We cleaned up and decided to go to the local comedy club.

We drank for a while, then headed to the show. Our table was next to the stage, and the girls were very noticeable, since their tits were almost completely out of their tops. Of course, each comic took their turn commenting about all the cleavage at the table. And any time a comic mentioned orgies, or lesbians, or anything sexual, Doris and Danni hooted and hollared.

After the show, we ended up hanging with the comics for a good portion of the night. Each one asked me separately what our "situation" was. I explained that they were both my girlfriends. One told me that "Elvis was my king, but now you are". LOL One of the comedians even took a 3-way, exposed breast picture of us with his phone....wonder where that will turn up?

After many drinks and shots, we headed to the dance floor for some three-way dancing. Danni and I tend to forget that every bar isn't like our swinger parties. The three of us groped each other and we three-way kissed often. We garnered all sorts of stares. I got "thumbs-up" from a lot of the guys in the bar.

We finally closed the place and took a little walk down the street. A few college aged girls were getting pictures taken from their boyfriends when Doris and Danni joined them. Danni suggested that they all flash their tits. Everyone said OK, but only Doris and Danni exposed themselves. And when Danni grabbed one of the college girls tits, she almost had a heart attack.

We finally got back to the hotel and considered the jacuzzi again (see the post about night 2) but there was security posted outside the pool this time.

Up in the room the girls were flashing the passersby and were getting all sorts of cheers. Doris could feel how hard I was, so she pulled my pants down, sat me on the couch and sat on my cock and pounded away.

She was "demanding" that I cum, but I knew that my "recovery" ability was going to be limited with so much previous action, so I held back. Danni then grabbed me and sat me in a chair on the deck so everyone could see, and sat on my "Doris-drenched" cock, naked and facing the beach walkers. I was pretty much blocked from sight, but Danni was fully exposed as she rode me up and down. And, while we were fucking, Doris was shouting out to people to have them watch us. We apparently had quite a large audience. All I saw was Danni's back and ass as she jack-hammered my cock.

Around 4am, we all decided to crash. Sleeping in bed with two woman can be great, and Doris is a great snuggler. But this time, she was so spent and ended up mummified in the sheets that I eventually slept on the couch. So Danni and Doris snuggled instead without me.

We woke just in time to be able to check out. The drive was too long, especially since we knew this wonderful weekend was coming to an end. We all kissed goodbye, knowing that our July trip to Las Vegas was going to be even wilder.

If that's possible.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Virginia Beach - The Series Part 2

The second part in a series about our trip to Virginia Beach with our sexy little friend.

We woke to Doris coming back from a run on the beach. Apparently it was really hot out as Doris's body was glistening with sweat. (Danni just luvs great sweat!) Shy girl that she is, she immediately took off her running outfit to expose her beautiful heaving tits and her tight little shaved pussy.

Her wet body just gave her a head start as we all got a taste of her saltiness. After we worked each other over a bit, we figured we had worked up enough of an appetite and decided we should get dressed.

We grabbed lunch and drinks at Ocean Eddie's (coldest beer at the beach!) and watched the activity on the beach. A very drunk man sitting next to us got an earful of various sexual experiences that we were talking about. He tried to interject into our conversation whenever he could; it was hilarious! We noticed people parasailing, and Doris and I agreed that was something we both had always wanted to do. Danni, on the other hand, had no interested in going up in the air. We would be lucky to get her on the boat.

Danni and Doris were the hit of the boat in their skimpy little suits, and I was the lucky guy enjoying them both, sometimes in the middle, sometimes on one side or the other. We had a number of looks from people trying to understand the relationship before them.

Doris and I got hooked in our parasailing harness, backwards no less. As we rose into the air, Doris was ready to jerk me off. I'm embarrassed to say that I was a bit distracted by the activity in the air and didn't have my wits about me to react or reciprocate.

We were dunked into the water a bunch of times, and our bodies laid over each other as the passengers enjoyed watching us being dipped into the ocean over and over again. Danni cheered us on! And the parasail even had a smiley face!

After we got back on land, we began the long walk back to the hotel. Doris was feeling horny and decided to walk on the boardwalk with one nipple exposed and see what reaction she would get. It's funny how many guys will walk by and pretend not to see it, but EVERY guy did. In fact, both Danni and Doris enjoyed flashing groups of guys as I walked with my hands around both of them.

We headed onto the beach and Danni laid down (still getting her land legs back) while Doris and I jumped into the ocean. After a while, we came back to a sleeping Danni, and dripped salt water on her to wake her up. None too pleased though, lol.

We walked back to the hotel and noticed that the pool and jacuzzi were relatively empty. Our naughty minds all went to the same place. We got into the jacuzzi, relaxing for a few minutes, but soon the girls lost their inhibitions (LMAO!) and enjoyed fingering each other. I sat back watching, and my cock got fully erect. An older couple in the pool next to us enjoyed peeking in on the action.

Doris, noticing how hard I was, pulling off my swim suit and told me to fuck her. She bent over the jacuzzi, spread herself, and I rammed my hard cock deep into that waiting pussy. Danni got behind me and helped me fuck Doris deep and hard. After fucking half the water out of the jacuzzi, we all agreed we needed to take the action upstairs.

The threeway action continued upstairs. The girls noted how the jacuzzi had taken away all of that wonderful pussy juice flavor, but it didn't take long for them both to be wet again and full of very tasty juices. The girls pulled out the double headed and each worked it on the other. Doris helped me fuck Danni and orgasms were happening all over the bed. It was as wet as the ocean.

Danni hopped into the shower, and Doris and I laid naked on the bed next to each other, her feet next to my head. My hand was absentmindedly rubbing her lower stomach and pussy. After a bit, Doris's hips began moving, and I could see she was was getting turned on. I began gently touching her clit and spreading her lips, feeling her wetness beginning to engulf her pussy.

I eventually had to taste that now wet pussy, and spread her legs and worked my tongue inside and out. While licking her clit, I fingered her g-spot, and Doris was arching her back in delight. I grabbed her "pocket rocket" clit massager and her little bullet vibe. The massager worked her clit as I filled her pussy with the vibrator and slowly pumped her with it. After only a few minutes, Doris arched back into a huge pulsating orgasm.

Doris says that she comes like a guy, and when she comes, she's done. (unlike Danni) So there laid Doris and I, both with recent "guy orgasms", as Danni came out of the shower. She saw two carcasses laying there and could tell immediately that she had missed something. But of course, she'd be sure to get hers later.....

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Virginia Beach - The Series (updated)

The first in a series about our trip to Virginia Beach with our sexy little girlfriend.

We picked up Dirty Doris (her new alias LOL) on Thursday afternoon and headed off to the beach. The girls hung out in the back seat while I was the cabbie. Talk of sex stories dominated the drive. We also let Doris listen to our recent interview on Swingercast. Doris thought that she might have to call into the podcast after our weekend and share some of her experiences with their listeners.

We got to the beach, checked into the hotel, and headed to our suite. Of course, the first thing Danni did was add our favorite satin sheets to the bed! The suite looked right out onto the beach. Danni and Doris were flashing people walking the beach. Doris and Danni put on a sexy beach wear fashion show for me. Fortunately, very few of the outfits were street legal. Yum!!!

The girls could see how hard they were getting me and that I was rubbing my cock all the while, so they eventually come over to me and both started sucking my cock. They wanted to put on a bit of a show, so I went out on our patio and sat down while Doris got on her knees and gave some fantastic head. Danni cheered us on and shocked walkers by pointing us out to them. After a while, we knew it was time to hit the bed.

Everyone was kissing and sucking and fingering and stroking each other. At one point, Danni reverse cowboyed me, and Doris got between our legs and sucked and licked on both of us. Danni then flipped over and began fucking me while Doris grabbed my balls and shaft and started fucking Danni with my package. At the same time, she took two of her fingers and started finger fucking Danni's ass. She said that she could feel my cock through Danni's pussy wall.

Both Danni and I took turns eating Doris's sweet tight pussy. We sucked on her tits and fingered her as she moaned her pleasure. Doris then laid Danni on her back and started really working on her pussy. I moved up and shoved my hard cock into Danni's moaning mouth. Doris pulled out the Hitachi wand, Danni's newest favorite toy, and started working Danni's pussy and ass.

She expertly sucked on Danni's clit, rubbed her tits onto Danni’s cunt and worked the wand until Danni exploded into a huge squirting orgasm. Doris didn't stop until Danni squirted a second time where Danni finally begged her to stop. We actually were able to take video of Danni's squirting, but the lighting was not the best. And, we're not quite sure what to do with it! LOL

Danni and Doris then took turns fucking and sucking me until they milked every ounce of cum from my balls. They both have perfect “cum-milking” pussies, lol.

It was time to crash, and we all snuggled together in our bed. We hadn’t made it to the beach yet, but we had seen some wonderful sites. Stay tuned...

B is so sweet to remember and share all of the sexxxy details. I just wanted to add a few things. The three of us did enjoy a wonderful dinner out along with lots of highly charged conversation, a late night walk on the beach with fun in the waves and a tour through an awesome haunted house (I was in the middle!). It was great fun to see the expressions on people's faces as they tried to determine what the relationship(s) was between the three of us. Since we were away from our homes and didn't know anyone, our actions were not stilted in public as normal. We were truly a triad versus a couple plus one! And the other wonderful thing about a 3-Way Weekend is that everyone, at some point, is in the Middle! LOL
xoxo, Danni

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What (or who?) we did on our summer vacation...

Stay tuned....B is working on his post about our recent weekend in VA Beach...girls, girls, girls. We're still "recuperating" from a wonderful time! We even took video of Danni squirting!!! In the meantime, enjoy a prelude...