Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Virginia Beach - The Series Part 3

The third part in a series about our trip to Virginia Beach with our sexy little friend.

The three of us woke up Saturday morning to a cold, rainy, miserable kind of day. No one was on the beach.

We grabbed a cab and had lunch (yes, it was THAT late!). Doris and Danni were teasing our young waiter unmercifully; he just didn't know what to make of these hotties. The girls seemed to have worked themselves up during lunch, and while taking the taxi back to the hotel, explained to the cabbie how the three of us were playing all weekend. Doris teased the cabbie and his dispatcher about the fun happening at the hotel. According to our cabbie, his dispatcher has never listened so closely to any message coming from his cab.

We got back to the room and agreed it was time to create that way overdue porn. Danni has a nice little camera that fits in a pocket, but also takes pretty good video. We decided to open up the bed in the couch, since it overlooked the ocean and had much better lighting than the bedroom. The video from Thursday night was just too dark, though still hot.

But this time, we had nice outdoor lighting.

We were pretty quick to get naked (no, we didn't create a porn with any sort of story, lol). We each spent plenty of time eating and sucking each other. Both girls tasted great as their wet cunts dripped with desire. Danni hopped on me reverse cowgirl as Doris licked us both.

I grabbed the camera and the girls grabbed their toys. Doris put Danni's strap-on on and was sure to pick out the one with a pussy-plug, so she could enjoy it, too. While Doris fucked Danni, I attempted to squeeze in and do a little DP. But Doris was more intent than ever to get Danni squirting on video again.

Doris loves to make Danni squirt and knew that working her with the double headed (along with some wonderful anal stimulation) would do the trick. So, I became the cameraman and encouraged Doris to "fuck-her, fuck-her good". I even took a great video of the girls rubbing pussies together.

Danni laid back, tits heaving and eyes rolling back as she squirted a huge load all over Doris. And yes, I got it all on camera. Now, if we can figure out where to host the video, maybe we can show this wonderful video to you, our loyal readers. If you want to see it, be sure to leave a comment. Maybe our friends, John and Allie of Swingercast, would be interested?

We were also able to watch Doris squirt as well. And I had the pleaure of having her wonderful fluid pour straight into my mouth. Finally, both women worked me, fucked me, sucked me and finally licked and stroked my cock until I came, the money shot captured by Doris on camera. It wasn't a massive load like in some porn, but hey, I'd been "milked" a lot already this weekend, lol.

We loaded the video onto the laptop and enjoyed watching it over and over again.

Time flies when you're having a threeway, and much to my amazement, it was already 9pm at night. We cleaned up and decided to go to the local comedy club.

We drank for a while, then headed to the show. Our table was next to the stage, and the girls were very noticeable, since their tits were almost completely out of their tops. Of course, each comic took their turn commenting about all the cleavage at the table. And any time a comic mentioned orgies, or lesbians, or anything sexual, Doris and Danni hooted and hollared.

After the show, we ended up hanging with the comics for a good portion of the night. Each one asked me separately what our "situation" was. I explained that they were both my girlfriends. One told me that "Elvis was my king, but now you are". LOL One of the comedians even took a 3-way, exposed breast picture of us with his phone....wonder where that will turn up?

After many drinks and shots, we headed to the dance floor for some three-way dancing. Danni and I tend to forget that every bar isn't like our swinger parties. The three of us groped each other and we three-way kissed often. We garnered all sorts of stares. I got "thumbs-up" from a lot of the guys in the bar.

We finally closed the place and took a little walk down the street. A few college aged girls were getting pictures taken from their boyfriends when Doris and Danni joined them. Danni suggested that they all flash their tits. Everyone said OK, but only Doris and Danni exposed themselves. And when Danni grabbed one of the college girls tits, she almost had a heart attack.

We finally got back to the hotel and considered the jacuzzi again (see the post about night 2) but there was security posted outside the pool this time.

Up in the room the girls were flashing the passersby and were getting all sorts of cheers. Doris could feel how hard I was, so she pulled my pants down, sat me on the couch and sat on my cock and pounded away.

She was "demanding" that I cum, but I knew that my "recovery" ability was going to be limited with so much previous action, so I held back. Danni then grabbed me and sat me in a chair on the deck so everyone could see, and sat on my "Doris-drenched" cock, naked and facing the beach walkers. I was pretty much blocked from sight, but Danni was fully exposed as she rode me up and down. And, while we were fucking, Doris was shouting out to people to have them watch us. We apparently had quite a large audience. All I saw was Danni's back and ass as she jack-hammered my cock.

Around 4am, we all decided to crash. Sleeping in bed with two woman can be great, and Doris is a great snuggler. But this time, she was so spent and ended up mummified in the sheets that I eventually slept on the couch. So Danni and Doris snuggled instead without me.

We woke just in time to be able to check out. The drive was too long, especially since we knew this wonderful weekend was coming to an end. We all kissed goodbye, knowing that our July trip to Las Vegas was going to be even wilder.

If that's possible.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for about 3 months now and my wife and I love it! The stories are great and the advice great as well. We would love to see that video of Danni squirting! Keep up the great posts and thank you.

Wino & Wife said...

You have to post the video. E-mail me ( and I can give you some details on the different free options.


Anonymous said...

Love to hear about y'all. It is always a great read. By all means, post the video!