Friday, June 09, 2006

Virginia Beach - The Series Part 2

The second part in a series about our trip to Virginia Beach with our sexy little friend.

We woke to Doris coming back from a run on the beach. Apparently it was really hot out as Doris's body was glistening with sweat. (Danni just luvs great sweat!) Shy girl that she is, she immediately took off her running outfit to expose her beautiful heaving tits and her tight little shaved pussy.

Her wet body just gave her a head start as we all got a taste of her saltiness. After we worked each other over a bit, we figured we had worked up enough of an appetite and decided we should get dressed.

We grabbed lunch and drinks at Ocean Eddie's (coldest beer at the beach!) and watched the activity on the beach. A very drunk man sitting next to us got an earful of various sexual experiences that we were talking about. He tried to interject into our conversation whenever he could; it was hilarious! We noticed people parasailing, and Doris and I agreed that was something we both had always wanted to do. Danni, on the other hand, had no interested in going up in the air. We would be lucky to get her on the boat.

Danni and Doris were the hit of the boat in their skimpy little suits, and I was the lucky guy enjoying them both, sometimes in the middle, sometimes on one side or the other. We had a number of looks from people trying to understand the relationship before them.

Doris and I got hooked in our parasailing harness, backwards no less. As we rose into the air, Doris was ready to jerk me off. I'm embarrassed to say that I was a bit distracted by the activity in the air and didn't have my wits about me to react or reciprocate.

We were dunked into the water a bunch of times, and our bodies laid over each other as the passengers enjoyed watching us being dipped into the ocean over and over again. Danni cheered us on! And the parasail even had a smiley face!

After we got back on land, we began the long walk back to the hotel. Doris was feeling horny and decided to walk on the boardwalk with one nipple exposed and see what reaction she would get. It's funny how many guys will walk by and pretend not to see it, but EVERY guy did. In fact, both Danni and Doris enjoyed flashing groups of guys as I walked with my hands around both of them.

We headed onto the beach and Danni laid down (still getting her land legs back) while Doris and I jumped into the ocean. After a while, we came back to a sleeping Danni, and dripped salt water on her to wake her up. None too pleased though, lol.

We walked back to the hotel and noticed that the pool and jacuzzi were relatively empty. Our naughty minds all went to the same place. We got into the jacuzzi, relaxing for a few minutes, but soon the girls lost their inhibitions (LMAO!) and enjoyed fingering each other. I sat back watching, and my cock got fully erect. An older couple in the pool next to us enjoyed peeking in on the action.

Doris, noticing how hard I was, pulling off my swim suit and told me to fuck her. She bent over the jacuzzi, spread herself, and I rammed my hard cock deep into that waiting pussy. Danni got behind me and helped me fuck Doris deep and hard. After fucking half the water out of the jacuzzi, we all agreed we needed to take the action upstairs.

The threeway action continued upstairs. The girls noted how the jacuzzi had taken away all of that wonderful pussy juice flavor, but it didn't take long for them both to be wet again and full of very tasty juices. The girls pulled out the double headed and each worked it on the other. Doris helped me fuck Danni and orgasms were happening all over the bed. It was as wet as the ocean.

Danni hopped into the shower, and Doris and I laid naked on the bed next to each other, her feet next to my head. My hand was absentmindedly rubbing her lower stomach and pussy. After a bit, Doris's hips began moving, and I could see she was was getting turned on. I began gently touching her clit and spreading her lips, feeling her wetness beginning to engulf her pussy.

I eventually had to taste that now wet pussy, and spread her legs and worked my tongue inside and out. While licking her clit, I fingered her g-spot, and Doris was arching her back in delight. I grabbed her "pocket rocket" clit massager and her little bullet vibe. The massager worked her clit as I filled her pussy with the vibrator and slowly pumped her with it. After only a few minutes, Doris arched back into a huge pulsating orgasm.

Doris says that she comes like a guy, and when she comes, she's done. (unlike Danni) So there laid Doris and I, both with recent "guy orgasms", as Danni came out of the shower. She saw two carcasses laying there and could tell immediately that she had missed something. But of course, she'd be sure to get hers later.....

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