Wednesday, June 28, 2006

9 ways to Sunday, 6-way today

After Danni heard all about the activities she missed last night (see previous post), you just know that she would be just raring to go tonight. We had lunch at Famous Dave's and went to the movies and saw Click as a way to relax for the evening.

We talked to LB and Slick and agreed that we, along with Jersey Couple would do dinner at BW3. This would give Danni a chance to meet Jersey Couple for the first time and for me to actually say more than hello and be naked with them. I was napping back at the hotel when Danni decided to head to Slick/LB's room. Of course, she didn't head right back. I eventually headed down to find everyone drinking, and the girls being very flirty, with the occasional tit or pussy being exposed.

We eventually made it to BW3 where we got to know Jersey Couple much better. Slick and LB had met them a few weeks ago at a big event, and they drove to VAF from Jersey especially to meet them. Turns out that they all had great taste. Jersey Couple is a wonderfully in-love couple that are fun to be around and have the same desires and priorities as we do.

Back to the hotel, everyone changed for the VAF party. The theme tonight was White and Tight (Danni did both ;-) ). We met for a couple of drinks upstairs and eventually headed down to the party around 10pm.

This night, there were about 70 couples, less than many months, but many more than Friday and not a bad crowd for June, which is always slower with schools getting out, vacations, etc. We chatted with lots of sexy people and hoped we could coordinate them all back for a big orgy. A number of couples we talked to seemed OK and ready for some four-way action, but once it was clear that there were at least six people that would being joining them, it seemed just a little too advanced (or just to claustrophobic?) for a few of them.

The six of us (Jersey Couple and Slick/LB and us) headed upstairs around 11:30. The girls changed into their "upstair" attire, which basically means they get pretty much naked for the hallway.

We headed into the dance room, and the girls began getting very friendly with each other. Slick did a HOTTT table-dance while Danni humped, pumped and licked her! At some point, Danni was on her back next to the stripper pole, and Jersey girl was going down on her. Danni was really getting into it, and I had to warn her not to squirt while on that floor while Jersey Girl was working her cunt. Later she asked why, and I told her that one, people who've never seen a girl squirt might think she was peeing on the floor, and two, it should be saved for the group scene.

As much as we tried to get certain couples to join us, it just didn't coordinate very well. The problem lies in that unless you simply want anyone and everyone to join your room and you can publically announce your orgy, you need to selectively work the couples. They need to be willing, and ready to go when the group is. Some couples have pre-made plans. Some are just learning the scene. Some are "friends-first". Some only want 4-ways, and others have straight (or bi-passive) girls. So, while you might think that a huge orgy would be a simple thing to coordinate, pre-planning usually helps tremendously. We really want to play with some of the couples we met, so we'll definitely do some chatting online and pre-plan for the next party (see calendar in RH sidebar).

Eventually, the 6 of us made it to our room. Danni always brings the black satin sheets which makes it feel much less like a hotel bed. Slick and Jersey Couple left the room for a minute. But Danni, LB and me were ready to go. I told Danni to start sucking LB's cock while I began fucking her doggie style. Hey, LB presented me with a wonderful invitation last night, so it was the least that I could do, lol.

When the three returned, they saw that the action was already starting, so their clothes quickly dropped to the floor. Hopefully, others will add their comments because, as usually, I can only report on what I did or saw, and when a girl is sitting on your face, you really can't see the whole party, lol.

The guys were all laying down, and each girl grabbed a cock and began sucking it Eventually, everyone was fucking and moaning. Danni hopped off me at one point, and Slick saw that my cock was just staring around looking for some action. So the wonderful woman that she is, she came over to me and began sucking my cock. Boy, I remember this mouth. After a while, she hopped on my cock and began milking me. I could feel myself ready to cum and thought I might be able to just cum and keep going. Slick felt me blow my load deep into her and enjoyed tickling my overly sensitive cock, again.

We pulled out Danni's favorite toy, her Hitachi wand, and she used it on her wet cunt. Eventually Danni squirted a long stream. Jersey Guy had a good angle on the view and commented on how far off the bed she shot. They claimed she even "made a basket" by hitting the trash can on the other side of the room.

Jersey Girl thought that the wand looked fun, so Danni turned the tables and began working her, then let her work herself for maximum pleasure. Everyone paused to watch and touch Jersey Girl as she moaned and arched her back. After a while, she went into wild convulsions. Mmmm, a wonderfully overt orgasm.

There was a lot of other action, sucking, fucking three-way, and four-way action. Hopefully our playmates can fill in the blanks in the comments section (hint hint).

While most of us were done and just laying on each other naked and spent, we watched as Jersey Girl was gently and expertly sucking Jersey Guys still hard cock. It was very erotic watching them as she took her time, sucking it deeply and giving it deep long strokes. She then hopped on it reverse cowboy style and pumped up and down on him. She was fucking him porn star style, her tight hot body arching, her nipples rock hard. Jersey Guy then laid her on her back and began giving it to her hard.

Her moans kept climbing to higher and higher octaves. That must be the norm, as Jersey Guy kept yelling "higher octave". It was very hot and he eventually had them both coming. We applauded this wonderful show. We tried to get it on video, but the lights were not up enough for our camera. Sorry.

We eventually kissed everyone goodnight and, this time, both Danni and I passed out together. It was a great night spent with some old friends and some new friends. We can't wait to see everyone again as soon as possible.

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