Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sex on the Beach

We were back in Virginia Beach for work-related reasons, but we had Saturday night free. So Danni put out the call for playmates on this very blog and our numerous favorite swinger sites (see sidebar!). We had all sorts of people show interest and make dates, but something came up at the last minute in one way, shape or form by everyone but one couple. We lucked out with Gray and Red as the sexy couple that we actually met up with.

After meeting at Abbey Road, we all agreed that the bar at the hotel was a much better venue to get to know everyone better. Those cabana beds certainly looked inviting, especially overlooking the VA Beach skyline, but alas we were in "vanilla" public after all. We had a few drinks and told some stories. Soon it was pretty clear that we all were ready to play, so off we went to our room.

Danni showed off her video talents by sharing our latest squirting video. Yes, we're taking action to get the video hosted and hope to be able to share it with our loyal readers in the next week or so. Be patient with us!

Red is a sexy little redhead (hence the name, aren't I clever) with a smoking hot and very tight body and did I mention perfect tits? Gray is a classy, put together guy with a head matching his name.

As soon as we pulled Danni away from the video, the girls fell onto the bed and began kissing and grabbing each other. Danni's skirt rode up to her waist revealing her pantiless pussy. Soon Red was removing her clothes, and both girls began exploring each other. Danni was eating Red's pussy as Gray and I watched with ever-growing erections. I offered them the double-headed dildo, and their pussies quickly ate it up as they began grinding their pussies together, fucking that double-headed, and each other, with furious passion.

Soon, the men were invited to the bed, and we took no time in fulfilling the request.

While Red was being eaten by Danni, I offered my cock to her. Red expertly began sucking and licking my cock. She's got a great mouth.

As reader's know by now, Danni can be a pussy hog, and again didn't give up Red until I almost begged for it. Danni gratiously made room, and I got my first taste of this wonderful pussy. She tasted great, and I was in heaven as I spread her legs, licked her clit and fucked her pussy with my tongue. I so enjoyed watching and feeling her arch in delight and listening to her wonderful moans. As Danni made room for me, she stroked Gray's fully erect cock and proceeded to sit on Red's face. Danni's rocking motion against Red's tongue was mind-blowing to watch.

Next to us, Danni finally laid back and Gray began licking her pussy and then fucking her. She was moaning something fierce. Gray certainly knew what Danni liked as Red and I suddenly heard some splashing. Yep, Danni had squirted Gray right out of her pussy, splashing him and almost having him fall off of the bed.

At the same time, I had began fucking Red's tight little pussy. With those perfect tits staring at me and that tight wet pussy grabbing onto my cock, she expertly milked my cock dry in no time.

Red mentioned that she really couldn't see Danni squirt, which I took as my cue. By this time Danni had exclaimed that she wasn't done and had started working her Hitachi wand hard on her clit. I grabbed the double-headed dildo and started working my magic on her cunt. Quickly Danni squirted again, this time in full view for Gray and Red to get a full appreciation of the action. It was priceless to watch Red look to Gray, her eyes saying "Holy Shit, did you see that!". LOL

We were all spent (for the time being) and chatted for a bit before Gray and Red decided that they had to hit the road. There's just something about sex on the beach!

We tried to convince Red and Gray to meet us next weekend at Virginia Friends. They haven't been in many years, so we're hoping they'll give it another shot. They might just get lucky. ;-)


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