Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Virginia Beach - The Series (updated)

The first in a series about our trip to Virginia Beach with our sexy little girlfriend.

We picked up Dirty Doris (her new alias LOL) on Thursday afternoon and headed off to the beach. The girls hung out in the back seat while I was the cabbie. Talk of sex stories dominated the drive. We also let Doris listen to our recent interview on Swingercast. Doris thought that she might have to call into the podcast after our weekend and share some of her experiences with their listeners.

We got to the beach, checked into the hotel, and headed to our suite. Of course, the first thing Danni did was add our favorite satin sheets to the bed! The suite looked right out onto the beach. Danni and Doris were flashing people walking the beach. Doris and Danni put on a sexy beach wear fashion show for me. Fortunately, very few of the outfits were street legal. Yum!!!

The girls could see how hard they were getting me and that I was rubbing my cock all the while, so they eventually come over to me and both started sucking my cock. They wanted to put on a bit of a show, so I went out on our patio and sat down while Doris got on her knees and gave some fantastic head. Danni cheered us on and shocked walkers by pointing us out to them. After a while, we knew it was time to hit the bed.

Everyone was kissing and sucking and fingering and stroking each other. At one point, Danni reverse cowboyed me, and Doris got between our legs and sucked and licked on both of us. Danni then flipped over and began fucking me while Doris grabbed my balls and shaft and started fucking Danni with my package. At the same time, she took two of her fingers and started finger fucking Danni's ass. She said that she could feel my cock through Danni's pussy wall.

Both Danni and I took turns eating Doris's sweet tight pussy. We sucked on her tits and fingered her as she moaned her pleasure. Doris then laid Danni on her back and started really working on her pussy. I moved up and shoved my hard cock into Danni's moaning mouth. Doris pulled out the Hitachi wand, Danni's newest favorite toy, and started working Danni's pussy and ass.

She expertly sucked on Danni's clit, rubbed her tits onto Danni’s cunt and worked the wand until Danni exploded into a huge squirting orgasm. Doris didn't stop until Danni squirted a second time where Danni finally begged her to stop. We actually were able to take video of Danni's squirting, but the lighting was not the best. And, we're not quite sure what to do with it! LOL

Danni and Doris then took turns fucking and sucking me until they milked every ounce of cum from my balls. They both have perfect “cum-milking” pussies, lol.

It was time to crash, and we all snuggled together in our bed. We hadn’t made it to the beach yet, but we had seen some wonderful sites. Stay tuned...

B is so sweet to remember and share all of the sexxxy details. I just wanted to add a few things. The three of us did enjoy a wonderful dinner out along with lots of highly charged conversation, a late night walk on the beach with fun in the waves and a tour through an awesome haunted house (I was in the middle!). It was great fun to see the expressions on people's faces as they tried to determine what the relationship(s) was between the three of us. Since we were away from our homes and didn't know anyone, our actions were not stilted in public as normal. We were truly a triad versus a couple plus one! And the other wonderful thing about a 3-Way Weekend is that everyone, at some point, is in the Middle! LOL
xoxo, Danni

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