Monday, June 26, 2006

A single guy near "Jersey"

It seemed like ages since we'd been to Virginia Friends (VAF), but it had really only been two months, missing just the May party. After dealing with some serious rain, Danni and I went to Hooters. It's become one of our regular pre-party stops, though it was a rare time that we went alone. In fact, we had no definitive plans with anyone this weekend.

Back at the hotel, we got down to the party around 9:30. It was rude t-shirt night and there were lots of funny shirts. It gave everyone a great excuse to stare at tits all night, not that you really need an excuse at VAF. It was a very quiet night, by VAF standards, maybe 30 couples. We chatted and flirted with lots of couples. For the first time, we had a couple ask if we were "Danni and B" and the ones interviewed recently on Swingercast. Apparently John and Allie have a nationwide fan base! (Turns out we're going to meet Swingercast's John and Allie in a few weeks, but we'll save that for another post.)

Danni was getting a bit horny, so we thought we might head back to our room alone for a little "first shift" action. We quickly got naked, and I got between Danni's legs and started working on her tasty pussy. I spread her legs wide and licked her clit, lips and g-spot (yep, g-spot). You can always tell when Danni needs a cock ('cause she's screams out, GIVE ME THAT COCK, lol). So I did.

Now remember, this was just supposed to be some first shift action, meaning that we had every intention of heading out to the party in the hallway after midnight. So we didn't want to get "too" crazy.

Oops. Well, I ended up making Danni squirt about 6 times, mostly from just fucking her, but I did end up using some of her favorite toys on her as well. She ended up with her infamous screaming "guy orgasm", and we died on the bed together.

I went to the bathroom, and when I came back out, Danni was completely passed out. No nudging was going to wake her. I laid next to her for a while, but didn't fall asleep, so I figured that I'd take a quick trip down the hall and see what was going on.

It seemed as though everyone from the bar was in the hall, so it was a pretty decent crowd. I went into the dance room and saw a sexy blonde dancing on the stripper pole. As I approached, I could see that it was the one and only Slick. LB was standing next to the pole admiring his lovely wife. I leaned against the wall and admired her as she started giving LB a lap dance. She was bent over, her tanned ass exposed, so I just had to go over and give it a squeeze. She turned around, realized who it was and gave me a big hug. LB and Slick introduced me to a girl in a sexy little bikini. It was so loud that no one could hear each other, so we agreed to head out to the hallway.

Well, we got to the hallway where I was able to actually meet Jersey Girl and Jersey Guy. I explained that Danni had had her guy orgasm, had rolled over and fallen asleep, done for the night. It was still loud, so they suggested we go into Jersey couple's room. Now, I'm not typically one to play as a "single guy", especially since we have no interest in them. So I figured that we were just going to have some drinks, and I'd get to meet this couple that Slick and LB had previously told us about.

Well, Slick and Jersey Girl quickly got naked and Jersey Girl started eating Slick, her high heeled feet straight up in the air with her hot blue panties bridging between her feet.

Jersey Guy started sucking on Slicks nipple and LB said to me "if you have anything left, go for it". I love that kind of invitation!

I hopped on the bed and began licking Slicks other nipple. So now, Slick has two guys on her tits and a girl between her legs. I think she was enjoying the attention, lol.

Slick and I began kissing, and I suddenly realized that I did have "something left". Both Jersey Guy and I took off our pants, got on our knees and Slick began taking turns sucking each of our cocks. As I later found out, this was only her second time blowing two guys at once. I'm proud to be that short list (among some of her other lists and firsts, lol).

While we were being sucked and Slick was being eaten by Jersey Girl, LB got behind Jersey Girl and starting fucking her. Boy, was Danni going to be bummed about missing this.

After a while, LB flipped Jersey girl over onto her back and began fucking her. Jersey Guy then moved down and began fucking Slick while I started fucking her mouth. And as I've mentioned before, Slick has a great mouth.

After some muffled moans from Slick, she was flipped over and Jersey Guy was fucking her from behind, and I laid back and had the Slickster fucking my cock with her expert mouth. Jersey Girl was laying right next to me getting fucked, but I figured that since I couldn't offer up Danni that night, it might not be proper etiquette to enjoy some of Jersey Girl. Ok, call me an idiot. But, a gentleman too. Ok, maybe just an idiot, lol.

Well, Slick knows me well enough and could tell that I was about to cum, so she took my entire cock and held her head all the way down it as I blew my load into her throat. Mmmm.

Slick enjoys the reaction she gets playing with a just-cummed(?) penis. Well I don't know about you, but my cock gets damn sensitive after cumming, and she thinks it's funny to continue to stroke and lick your cock and watch you as you squirm and squeal like a little girl.

I finally had to get up just to protect myself. Jersey Guy was still fucking Slick from behind when Jersey Girl slid under Slick into a 69 position, while at the same time tea-bagging Jersey Guy (that's licking his balls while he's fucking).

In spite of the hot scene, it was time for this single guy to let the couples play, so I announced my departure. I gave Slick's tits a nice little squeeze goodbye, shook Jersey Guys hand and kissed Jersey Girls hand (it was the only thing accessible, and I wasn't going near her face at the moment, lol). Talking to LB, we agreed we'd catch up on Saturday and that we'd be sure to introduce Danni to the Jersey couple.

Waking up in the morning, I mentioned to Danni how she passed out so quick last night. She said, "so, did you become a single guy"? Well, as a matter of fact.........


Danni and B said...

I was so proud of B when I woke up on Saturday morning! He'd been a single guy! He's always been way too polite to do any such thing before. I'm glad he found our friends and was invited to join in.

It's not that he's shy; he just doesn't want to be a 5th wheel. This time, the 5th wheel was more than welcome. I loved hearing all about it..just got me horny AGAIN!

xoxo, Danni

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a great time we had. Not a dry moment...And yes, B was a proper gentleman, shame on him(lol). Friday was just a tasteful teasing to what the cumming of Saturday would be. Oh yeah, thanks Danni for introducing us to your buzzing friend. We look forward to "Naming That Tune" the next time. Can't wait for the next one....Jersey Girl & Jersey Guy xoxo

Slick and Lucky Bastard said...

WOW, what a very nice weekend we had. Thanks to all you guys, M & B and the Jersery's for such a well spent weekend. We had a great time hanging out with yall and an even better time PLAYING with you. Friday was just a sperm-of-the-moment kinda thing that turned out great, thanks for joining us B, and Saturday was even better. Look forward to seeing all you guys again soon...