Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Get the Party Started...on a Friday Night!

Our House Party at the Sex Palace on Friday the 13th was a SUCK-CESS! Slick and Lucky Bastard, M&M, Dom & Jade, and our sexy single g/f "Sexy" all joined in for a rollicking good time. It was the first House Party for several of our "friends with benefits", and I do believe it will NOT be their last, especially with us.

Let's Get the Party Started...there's nothing like a HOTTT erotic photo session to get everyone in the mood. Slick was gracious enough to do the honors! As more guests arrived, we had to turn the photo session lights down and open the door very slowly to be certain it wasn't a neighbor.

And, Danni, not to be outdone, had to get into the act with props and special effects...as well as kisses, fingering and teasing! As soon as everyone arrived and after a few drinks, introductions of friends to each other and cocktail party chit-chat, Danni suggested the girls (5 out of 9 of the guests) go check out the jacuzzi for a little girl-time. Danni noted to me later that if there's a heaven, it's just like this!

The scene was very hot as the girls took turns kissing, licking and fingering each other in every combination imaginable. While the guys sat around the jacuzzi watching, we all somehow magically ended up with no clothes on as the girls played. Once the girls actually realized that we were in the room, we were invited to join them. While the jacuzzi isn't meant for 9 people all sitting, we now know that five seated women can service 4 standing guys in the jacuzzi. I especially enjoyed kissing Jade and admiring her perfect breasts while being blown by another hottie.

After a while, it was time to head upstairs.

Of course, we had the swing all set up and ready for action. Jade immediately took an interest in it, and we propped her in and raised her up for all to take turns with her. I took my time eating her pussy and sucking her clit ring before I slowly began fucking her. This gave her a good orientation to "swinging". Apparently she liked it, since she stayed in the swing for 2 hours, a new house record!

There were all sorts of combinations of sucking and fucking going on in the bedroom. Slick wore a strap-on for the first time, fucking Danni until she had her squirting over and over again all over the bed. Everyone that later got on the bed commented on how wet the bed was.

Sexy claimed she hadn't had sex in over six months and was more than ready to make up for lost time. She told me later that the only person she didn't have sex with during the entire evening was Danni. Danni felt bad and promised to make up for that oversight as soon as physically possible. And, you know, she'll make up for it over and over and over again. But, I was able to get my turn with Sexy. It had been so long since I had been with her; it was very hot watching her ride my cock again.

M&M took their turns with all of their new friends. I especially liked when the little hottie M entered the living room with her perfect tits out for all to see and experience up close. I was able to get some very quality 69 time with M, and boy, her pussy tasted so good. Unfortunately, they couldn't stay the entire evening and had to leave around midnight.

At some point, Lucky Bastard and Dom took Jade back into the jacuzzi. While I didn't see what happened, everyone looked very happy when they came back out.

In the meantime, I was able to hang out with Slick, Danni and Sexy in the living room. Great odds! 3 girls + 1 guy = ??? Slick performed her shot glass trick on Sexy, drinking out of her pussy while Sexy laid back and savored the servicing.

While Slick was eating Sexy, Danni pulled out a new vibrating toy (The Scorpion) and began working Slick's wet cunt and ass.

I eventually jumped in and began fucking Slick from behind while she worked Sexy. Eventually, Slick turned the tables on me, and expertly sucked my cock until I blew my load deep into her throat. She took every drop while Sexy was kissing me and Danni relished in watching me cum. Ah, life is good!!!

Note from Danni: it was such a turn-on to see B from this angle being worked by 2 girls. I finally got to see his toes curl!!!!

Before you knew it, the clock read 4am, and everyone was beat. Slick and Lucky Bastard slept in the same bedroom with Dom and Jade, while Sexy joined Danni and me. The next morning, as I walked into the downstairs bedroom, I saw Lucky Bastard on top of Slick, fucking her hard. Slick just can't get enough! lol Jade and Dom also fucked first thing in the morning. Danni and I just aren't morning people, I guess.

What a great party with amazingly sexy people!!!! Stay tuned for the next House Party at the Sex Palace. Just got an email from K of Oh K Three Way who'll be at the next one! Yeah, baby!!!


L said...

Sounds like another delicious time! You guys are fantastic...keep swinging loves!

L said...

by the way, what's a girl gotta do to be invited to paradise? :P

B and M said...

Just email us or chat with us via yahoo. All of our contact information is on the right hand bar. We love meeting new sexy women!!!

dirty girl said...

I just came acros you guys and I love it!!.... my idea of heaven......

So hot! Going to work my way through your other posts.....
I'll be back!

dg xx