Monday, March 20, 2006

Lani and the amazing ass

Readers of our blog may wonder if we are really a couple that you can hook up with. Well, we recently heard from a little hottie in Virginia Beach that has been enjoying our blog. After a little chatting on yahoo, we agreed to have dinner and possibly have her join us at Virginia Friends.

We agreed to meet Lani at the hotel around 7, and we headed off to Hooters for dinner and a chance to get to know each other. After some beer and wings and enjoying the St. Patrick's Day fanfare, we headed back to the hotel, and introduced Lani to the world of Virginia Friends.

The crowd Friday night was relatively small, maybe 30 couples or so. We introduced Lani to a bunch of the VAF regulars and everyone hit the dance floor for some serious grinding and gyration.

Now, Lani is an "erotic dancer" and proved herself with her ability to shake her ass. It was almost as if it was a completely separate part of her body. My mind (as well as my cock) had all sorts of images going through it as she rubbed her ass up and down my hard cock while dancing, lol.

At midnight, we went upstairs to the party floor. It was pretty quiet, but Lani put on a sex show on the stripper pole. After all of this teasing, we knew that it was time to head to our room.

Of course, the girls were naked in no time and on the bed. Danni was eating Lani's pussy, so I figured I'd move to the other end. Lani grabbed my cock right away and began sucking it deep into her mouth.

Once Danni stopped hogging all of the pussy action, I quickly moved down between Lani's legs and enjoyed her. I took my time licking her wet cunt and tongue fucked her until she eventually came, spasming to the point that her pussy was too sensitive to touch.

She eventually calmed down, and with her legs spread wide as they were and Danni laying next to Lani sucking on those big tits, I just had to fuck that tight little thing. She had me so hard as we fucked and fucked. Danni laid next to us, enjoying the scene until we both eventually came. Lani had me so horny that I didn't lose my hard on, and kept fucking her for a while longer.

We eventually stopped from exhaustion and we all laid naked on the bed, relishing the hot night. Lani left around 5am as we kissed her goodbye.

Unfortunately, the morning was to come early for me..........


Anonymous said...

Love the story. Wish we could meet someone like that.

Danni and B said...

So are you only interested in a single we refer to them... ESFs (elusive single female)?

Anonymous said...

Couples are great, but as you say ESFs are great.