Friday, March 24, 2006

Power of the Pussy...Girls, if you read nothing else on this blog, read this PLEASE!!!

a serious post by Danni (the bi-fem of this couple) during a kids weekend

Guys, if you're reading this, please be sure your girl reads it, too. And feel free to use it as an educational piece for your girl. There is nothing better than eating pussy or having your pussy eaten. So don't let anything stand in your way.

Not withstanding her intellect, the most powerful weapon a woman has in this world is her pussy! And, I love pussy! I love looking at pussy, I love touching pussy, I love licking pussy, I love nuzzling it, fingering it and fucking it. I love the feel of it ... and (usually) I love the smell and the taste of it.

Yes, every girl does have her own unique taste. That taste just doesn't have to be bad, though! No one should have to hold their breath or slather the pussy with flavored lotions or pass that "bad" pussy off to the next willing (and, hopefully, de-sensitized) pussy-eater.

It has come to my attention that maybe some women just don't know how to take care of their all-powerful pussy. Let me put it bluntly...girls, if you finger your pussy and wouldn't lick your own fingers due to the taste or smell, how can you expect to:
#1) maintain your pussy power and
#2) have anyone else taste you, let alone eat you out, like you deserve!

FIRST-Hygiene is so important. I know, I're saying "I'm clean". You would be surprised how many women we meet that really don't get it. Being clean outside is obviously important. (Hanging toilet paper is ... er... NOT a turn-on!) But, even more importantly...douche! I know your doctor may tell you not to douche. Well, doctor doesn't always know best! And, besides, unless you're fucking your doctor, he/she isn't going down on you. Just be sure to use an all water or vinegar-water douche... NO scents or additives. Do it as needed, just not everyday, or you may mess up your natural balance. And, I find douche works wonders after an orgy, too! A dip in the hot tub before play can't hurt either! {wink}

SECOND-Pussies are naturally acidic. That's a common fact. Sperm is a base in the chemical world. Too much cum can cause the pussy problems, and we're not talking unwanted pregnancy here. (ok, stop laughing!) Again, douching can help this. If you've had one or even several guys cum in you, be sure to urinate as immediately as possible, and douching is a good idea as well. Being acidic already is a strike against the pussy when it comes to taste.

THIRD-Keep in mind that the taste of your vagina is affected by what you eat, so if you smoke, drink coffee and alcohol, and eat a lot of meat, fish, or spicy foods, these flavors will come out in your pussy juice. For sweeter nectar down there, you can try switching to sweet drinks, a vegetarian diet and eliminating as many toxic habits as possible. Just like guy's cum is affected by what they eat/drink, so too does the pussy juice! (And, if you must drink coffee, use lots of cream and sugar!)

FOURTH-Of course, it is also possible that you may have an infection of some sort. If you have a yeast infection, you would be itching and having a white "cottage cheese" consistency of vaginal discharge that smelled like, well...yeast. If you had a bacterial infection, you might have a milky, whitish or yellowish discharge that smelled really nasty (usually fishy), sometimes accompanied by vaginal pain or itching. If you're having any of these symptoms, please visit your doctor or health center and get it checked out. It is so easy for the pussy, as powerful as she is, to become infected. Nature just did not build us properly to promote avoidance of yeast and bacterial infections. Case in point...

I recently made a promise to a wonderfully sexy g/f that from now on I would be honest with other women and let them know if there was a problem with their pussy (in a nice, discrete way, of course). God knows the g/f who I made the promise to, her pussy always taste great, so I will bow to the power of the pussy!

xoxo, Danni

P.S. And, I'm not the only one who believes in the Power of the Pussy! Read on...

Artist: Iggy Pop
Song: Pussy Power
A certain burning that makes me insane
She's on my beam oh no she's in my room
She's all around me now and I'm a tool
Pussy powerPussy powerPussy powerPussy power

She wears a raincoat in the sun all day
She says she wants to have some fun, well, hey
She calls me over on the sidewalk
She's got a joint, she's got a cute walk
Pussy powerPussy powerPussy powerPussy powerPussy power-hour by hour
Pussy power oh what a flower

I want to hold her close to me
'Cause pussy power's pulling me
When it's there and I can't have it
I get real real rabid
I've got to figure out a way
I'm so pent-up, like this I can't stay
I've got to look this in the eye
I'm much too crazed, I'm much too shy
But all in all, at least I am I
Oh my oh my oh my oh myPussy powerPussy powerPussy powerPussy power

Pussy Power!
by Betty Dodson
My Pussy is a miracle of Nature.
My Pussy is strong.
My Pussy is Sensual.
My Pussy is a Life Source.
My Pussy is Love, Compassion, Beauty and Wisdom.
My Pussy is one of The Great Mother's Bodies.
My Pussy is of The Earth. My Pussy is of The Spirit.
My Pussy houses a Beautiful Soul.
My Pussy is Magnificent.
Pussy Don't Fail Me Now!

My quiet vagina is sensitive to my moods and needs constant communication in some form or fashion. I give her warm baths and tell her how sweet silky smooth she is. When I choose the perfect lingam to lie inside of my wet cunt I feel her power envelop my lover and grip his cock and lock his heart to mine.
Pussy Don't Fail Me Now!

Keep it up pussy...and let that tingling sensation that takes my breath away flow from the top of my head down my spine and into my nipples straight into my clits lipping into my toes. My great wonderful cunt keep it coming… keep me coming and dump all of my sweet smelling juice all over my lover!
Pussy Power Pussy Power Pussy Power!

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Anonymous said...

SOOOOOOO true... No one should have to endure a bad smelling/tasting pussy! I always taste mine to check, okay maybe I do it for fun... I also keep wipes in every bathroom and am SURE to use them if I have a bowel movement or if I am expecting to engage in intimacy. I have a deal with my partner if there is a situation down there to LET ME KNOW, or grab a wash cloth and nothing has to be said. So far in many years this hasn't happened, but it could and I am happy to know he would be honest.

So girls, really, CLEAN UP!!! Receiving oral sex is one of the best feelings in the world - make it as much fun for the giver as it is for the receiver!!!

And Danni - thanks for the compliment! I can say the same for you!!!!!!!!