Wednesday, July 20, 2005

How to get YOUR GIRL (or ANY girl, for that matter) to go DOWN on YOU

by Danni, the bi-fem 1/2 of this couple!

If there's one complaint that I hear from most guys about their girls, it's that the ladies don't get down on their knees as often as the boys would like. Of course, while most guys would be content with their women (notice the plural form here!) just giving it a lick now and then, I think that not only should you expect a good lick, but your girl(s) should be giving you sensations unlike any other you have experienced in your lifetime.

YOU must make sucking your cock seem like less of a "job" and more of a "pleasure." Would you like to know how? Now except for the girls who just don't like sex and/or have low libidos (i.e they're fucking DEAD), here's what you need to do so that your girl is aching to give the Hoover vacuum a run for its money.

1- Make it inviting: If you're all clean, fresh and smelling and tasting good, and you've trimmed your hair to a respectable length (I hate hair up my nose..male or female!), you are literally making your genital area a pleasant place for her to go. It's important to present your cock and balls in the best light possible.

2- Present a challenge: Most women respond well to a challenge. And, by challenge I don't mean suspending yourself from the chandelier and getting her to jump for it. LOL I mean saying things that will make her want to give you the best oral sex experience of your life. Say things like, "I don't think I've ever reached orgasm from oral sex," or "My favorite sex is oral sex, but unfortunately most women suck at it… and not in a good way." She will likely feel compelled to prove that she is an oral sex master. Let her know you like it and reciprocate. (by giving HER good head, too!) Also challenge your girl and another girl to suck/lick you at the same B says it's mind-blowing, not to mention cum-load-blowing!

3- Be vocal about your pleasure: When she does go down on you, let her know that you are enjoying it and that she is giving you the ultimate in pleasure. When she does something that feels fantastic, say so. Moan, whisper things like, "oh yeah, right there", and let her know that when she goes down, you're loving every minute of it. We girls like positive reinforcement.

4- Give what you get: If you want her to go down on you, guess what? You will have to show her how great you are at GIVING it to her as well. If you perform oral sex on her and make her legs tremble with delight after she's gone down on you, she will associate those feelings of utopia with giving you great oral sex. You can even opt to get into the 69 position if you think that you can give a great performance while you receive. (I know my B can!!!! We luv 69! Yeah, baby!)

5- Make a game of it: If you can turn oral sex into a game every now and then, it can definitely serve to add some excitement to the mix. In the spirit of challenge, the bet would be who can make the other orgasm first via oral sex. You could do it simultaneously via the 69 position(which is even better adding a 3rd), or you could always use a timer. Whatever you do, keep it fun...and hot!

6- Don't make her do it (unless she's "in" to BDSM, LOL): Pushing her head down or inching your way up to bring your cock to her face will make her feel as though she's obliged to perform on you, and that makes it more of a chore than a pleasure. If she never gets the hint that you want it, then bring up the topic at an appropriate time when nothing sexual is going on between you. Make it clear that you feel desired, and sexy, when she goes down on you and that you enjoy that type of sex.

Make her want it! If you like oral sex and want it more often, the aforementioned tips may serve to make your sex life suck a little more… in a GOOD way. But then, there are women who don't like performing oral sex and no matter what you do, you can't change that. (Thankfully, they don't come to lifestyle parties!) What I suggest is that early in the relationship, you make it clear what you expect out of a relationship, and that includes sexual expectations. Every relationship should be based on mutual trust, love, respect, and desire for sex. If she flat-out refuses to go down on you, then perhaps you need to rethink whether or not you want to spend your time with such a woman. Of course, you should reveal that you are a giver in-kind, but that you like to receive as well. That way, she knows what she's getting into, or she won't get into it at all.

And, then there's enjoying eating pussy with your girl right there with you going head-to-head (pun intended) or "tea-bagging" , but I'll leave those delights to another blog post....


Mof Dand M said...

like the cartoon

D of d and m said...

If your having issues with going down on each other (man or woman) over the "smell" problem.Here is another way to over come that and make it fun.

grab yourselves some bath oil beads. Take a bath in your favorite flavor (such as strawberry or peach...I'd stay away from rose, not very good tasting)and ask your partner to do the same. It will give things a delightful smell as well a great smooth surfaced playground.Things seem to slide right in place.

Have fun with this one...I know its one of my favorites. Its even fun for those who don't have issues.