Sunday, July 24, 2005

Daily Supplement of Sperm

Well Danni is still recovering from last week's surgery. She started out feeling so well that she went back to work on Thursday. But by the end of the day on Friday, she was feeling pretty poor and has been sleeping a lot of this weekend away.

When she is up, she's been finding all sorts of new tools to include in our blog. You'll note on the side bar, we now have a website counter, a guestbook, a search feature, polls, links and you can even see if we are on yahoo chat and simply click the button to begin chatting with us. Just note that we often have chat up on the computer but might not necessarily be at the computer.

Even though she's not been feeling well, she's been taking her daily supplement of sperm. She even tied me up and ball gagged me a few nights ago. Now that's what I call a great woman.

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