Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sex Quiz
Thanks to SK and BD for sharing their Sex Quiz!

Yes, it's long but a fun way to learn about each other and others! Women on top, men on bottom. (Ah, B's favorite position!)

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This is the FEMALE VERSION (
Danni's answers are included here). The guy version is below.

1. How old were you when you lost your virginity? And how?
15, sophomore in high school, in the back of a van with another couple watching
2. How old were you when you gave your first blow job? How did it happen?
17, had just started college; college boyfriend was Catholic and didn't want to have "intercourse" as he was saving himself for marriage (LOL) so we had to do something...'til I changed his mind about fucking!
3. How old were you when you first got fingered?
15, a one-night stand, but damn it felt good!
4. How old were you when you first masturbated?
18, when college boyfriend was gone for the summer and I had nobody else
5. What is your favorite thing to use when you masturbate?
My pearl butterfly (just ask me and I can hook you up with one!)
6. What is the most unusual thing you have used to masturbate?
A plastic travel toothbrush holder, I was desparate (and it was my first foray into masturbating)
7. What was your most stimulating masturbation session?
When I using the pearl butterfly while on my knees and B tongue-fucked my ass for the first time; that's a regular feature of our sex play NOW and always brings we to what I call the big "O", bigger than a "regular" orgasm or even squirting
8. Where is the most public place you have had sex?
Hotel swinger party in the middle of the dance room...oh, and the time I sat on a guy's dick in the corner of a bar in DC (we'd just met LOL!) back in the mid 80's
9. Where is the most unusual place you have had sex?
Can't really think of anywhere unusual...unless you count the kitchen table (ouch)
10. Where is your favorite place to have sex?
At a hotel swinger party in the middle of the dance room LOL
11. Where is a place you would like to have sex?
Bare-assed in public, maybe in front of the White House
12. What is the kinkiest thing you have done?
Wow, read our blog; I guess we do "kinky" on a regular basis...but, probably picking up the 2 strippers in Vegas and bringing 'em back to our hotel room at the MGM for a FFMF / FMFF / FFFM , etc.
13. What is the kinkiest thing you would like to do?
My "fantasy": 3 on 1 X 3 = 3 couples take turns with all 3 girls doing 1 guy at a time...lottery style!
14. Describe your best 3-some and how many have you been involved in?
Omigod, I was supposed to keep count? Best 3-some was our 1st one with our single g/f who contacted us via AFF; very erotic and great sex! we've enjoyed 3-somes with her since too! I don't know but I think EVERY 3-some is the best! Oh, and I only do MFF/FMF 3-somes...NO MFM's!
15. Have you ever switched partners? If so what was the situation like?
Yep, regularly....most times the sex with the other bi-female is awesome, but more times than not the guy is a disappointment...can't stay hard or cums as soon as he starts fucking me and/or sucks at oral; luckily, the sex with B is ALWAYS great before, during and after!
16. Have you ever had anal sex? When was your first time?
Just before I left my husband several years ago; it was with a long-time "platonic" friend, also married, who was looking for a little excitement and some hot sex; it was great. My ex never would! B and I do anal on a regular basis.
17. Have you ever given more then one guy a blow job at the same time? If so can you briefly describe the situation?
Sure, lots of times...I've actually blown 3 guys at one time, alternating hands and mouth, in a glory hole room at TPA; I couldn't get any other girls to come help me!
18. What is your favorite time of day to have sex?
10, 12, 2, 4....hell, anytime!
19. When was your first bi experience and who was the lucky person and how did it come about?
On the 1st date I had with B, he mentioned that his brother and his wife were swingers and that she was my interest peaked...I had always thought about it but never acted...within 2 weeks, I had our profile setup on swinger sites and scheduled our first couple "date" 1st girl was less than exciting but now I know which women I want to pick up
20. Have you ever had sex while someone else was watching you? If so, who watched you?
Lots of times, at hotel parties, swing clubs, at home, entertaining a couple; whoever wants to watch usually does and I like to watch, too.
21. If you stumbled upon someone having sex would you stay and watch or leave?
Watch, of course, AND if they were hot, try to join in!
22. What do you prefer when giving a blow job and your guy comes: to swallow, to let him cum on your body, to let him cum on your face, or to let him cum elsewhere and where is that place?
To be honest, I rarely swallowed, always spitting (discretely) or let guys cum on me or in me because I couldn't stand the taste; but B has the best tasting cum ever, so now I always SWALLOW...check out the blog entry on how to make your cum taste better...oh, and it holds true for pussy-flavor, too
23. What is the biggest cock you have played with and whose was it?
I'd have to say the "unknown man" LOL in the Dark Room at a private party in DC at the House of Secrets (now closed down BOO-HOO!). I'm rather small so big doesn't do that much for me, it actually can hurt...I prefer guys (like B) who know what to do with it! LOL
24. Have you ever cheated on your partner and if so who was it with and how good was it?
I've never been in a relationship that I didn't "cheat"; I don't believe in monogamy. But it was just for sex, never an emotional thing...and with B and our swing lifestyle, now we get to enjoy sex with others, together!
25. What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

me? naughty? NEVER!

B answered these questions. Please feel free to copy it and put it in your own blog!

1. How old are you now?
2. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
3. Who did you lose your Virginity to? How old was the girl?
My girlfriend and she was 17.
4. Was your first time what you expected or was it disappointing?
Hey it was SEX!
5. Have you ever asked a girl to comment on the size of your cock, in comparison to her other experiences? and if so do you think she would be honest or lie to you?
6. What is your favorite Position during sex? And why so?
Girl on top so I can watch her fucking me.
7. Is it important for guys to make the girl cum?
8. When you experience an Orgasm, do you cum a lot?
Yes, the first time!
9. Do you prefer to cum in a girl or on a girl? And where do you like to cum?
Wherever she'd like me to cum. I'm very accommodating.
10. As a Guy do you prefer a girl to be submissive or take control?
11. When a guy asks a girl to talk dirty… what do you want the girl to talk about?
Anything that turns her on!
12. Do guys like a girl to tell them when they are going to cum or do guys just look for our expressions?
I love when they say they're cumming, but then I can usually tell, too! Especially when M is SPLASHING me!
13. Do guys prefer girls with experience? Or does innocence turn you on?
Most guys prefer innocence. I prefer a SLUT so she knows how GOOD I am.
14. Have you ever desired a friend’s girlfriend? And have you or would you act on it?
15. What is your favorite position to get a blowjob?
Lying down with TWO girls sucking my cock
16. What do you like best when a girl is sucking your cock?
Another girl licking my balls.
17. Do you prefer a girl who swallows and how important is it that a girl swallows?
Yes, I prefer a girl who swallows but it's not terribly important. More important is the quality of the BJ.
18. If a girl doesn’t swallow for you, where do you like to cum?
As long as I am cumming, it doesn't matter where.
19. What is the most interesting place you have received oral sex? And who gave it to you?
Riding the subway in NYC. My ex, pre-marriage.
20. How old were you when you first started to masturbate?
Don't remember, been too long ago!
21. How did you learn to jack-off?
How do you learn to breathe?
22. How old were you when you got your first blow job? How old was the girl and how did it come about?
14, the g/f and she was 17...same time I started having sex.
23. How old were you when you first fingered a girl? How old was she?
14, the g/f and she was 17...same time I started having sex.
24. What is the best part about fingering a girl?
Watching her get off!
25. Have you ever watched a girl masturbate and if so what was the experience like?
Lots of usually ends up with me fucking her. And I watch M masturbate after I fuck her, too...daily.
26. Do you prefer a 3-some with two girls or do you like to double-team a girl?
27. Do you like to fuck a girl in the ass? If so when was the first time and how old was she and you?
YES! First time was in law school with the girl I was dating...only once and she didn't want to do it again.
Danni and I regularly have anal sex.
28. Have you ever had sex while someone else was watching you? If so, who watched you?
Yes, a blog for a small sampling.
29. Would you like to be watched while having sex?
Been there, done that...people watch me all the time.
30. If your partner asked you for a 3-some with another guy, would you do it? And if she wanted you both at the same time, would you prefer to be the guy fucking a girl’s ass or pussy and why?
Yes, I supposed I prefer pussy since
Danni would be facing me, but I would do Danni's ass with another guy involved...she would prefer it that way.
31. Have you ever been in an orgy? Where, when and how many were there?
Lots of times...just not in the last two weeks.
32. Have you ever tied a girl up or been tied up? Would you like to try it?
Yes, and yes and hoping that will happen in the next 30 minutes, too.
33. Does it turn you on to see a girl being fucked by a guy?
Sure, doesn't it turn on everybody.
34. Have you ever cheated on your partner and if so who was it with and how good was it?
Not my current partner; what's the point when you're swingers.
35. Do you like a girl whose pussy is bare, neatly trimmed, or just natural?
I prefer pussy that's in my face, first and foremost, but neatly trimmed would be my preference of the three.
36. What words turn you on the most during sex?
37. As a guy, is it a turn on to fuck another guys' girl? Why?
As long as everyone is consenting.
38. Have you ever watched two girls having sex? Would you like too?
Lots of times;
Danni has sex with lots of girls.
39. What is the wildest sex story another guy has told you and did you believe him?
No one has ever told me a story wilder than what I live.
40. If you stumbled upon someone having sex and they could not see you, would you stay and watch or leave?
Of course I would watch. I'd get in close and hopefully join in.
41. Where is the most public place you have had sex?
The base of the Statue of Liberty.
42. What is the kinkiest thing you have done?
Bringing a single female home for a 3-some and tying her up for sex the first night we met her...that ranks way up there.
43. What is the most times you have cum in a day?
7 or 8, do mean 24 hours and not just one session, right?
44. Do you shoot, spurt or ooze when you cum?
Danni says #1) shoot...#2-5) spurt...after that, he oozes...
45. What would be your best fantasy come true?

Spending the rest of my life with Danni. As long as that happens, all the other fantasies will come true.


Danni and B said...

Thanks Fiama for your Sex Quiz email...just makes me want to get in your pants even more. hope we can hookup next weekend. xoxo, M

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Shit. I have a lot of catching up to do. :-)

Awesome list.