Saturday, July 16, 2005

2 + 1 = 3

Growing up in my late teens and early twenties, my buddies and I would often discuss what is every guys' fantasy. Of course, I'm talking about a threesome. How awesome would it be to actually get two hot chicks in bed together. We always talked a big game, how good we'd be, how great we'd make the girls feel, but in the back of our minds (or at least my mind), I wondered if it would ever happen.

Sure, I'd had plenty of experience, having lost my virginity at 14, but none of the girls I dated (you might not believe it, but I'm more "dater", than a "one night stand" kind of guy) would have ever considered inviting another girl into our sex life. Maybe I'm weird, but I'm pretty sure I've asked every woman that I've had a relationship with whether she'd consider it, and all gave me one of those rolled eyes, "yea right" kind of looks.

But with my buddies, we had an unspoken competition as to who would get their first threeway.

While starting out my professional career in NYC, I got a call one morning. Groggily answering the phone (I'm not a morning person, especially on the weekends), I recognized my college roommate on the other end of the line. Whispering, he said "guess what fucker, I've got two women in my bed, RIGHT NOW!"


A few days later, we got together and he gave me all of the details. But what I was most surprised about was that he said that the fantasy was better than the real thing. He said the he only had one cock (duh!) and had a hard time juggling both at the same time. Ok. Well I didn't really understand the problem but for twenty years or so figured that while it'd be cool, it might just be better to have the fantasy to hold onto.

Boy, was I wrong.

The first threesome for both Danni and I was about a year ago with an incredibly sexy woman that has been in a 16 year lesbian relationship (no pressure there to perform...RIGHT!). Everything was great, comfortable, and everyone had porno quality sex for hours. We've been with her a number of times, and consider her a good friend. We just wished we lived closer to her.

Anyway, now I get to the point of this prelude.

As you've probably guessed by now, we met up with a single female last night. She was actually brought to our attention by her daughter, someone we've enjoyed playing with many times (she and her husband actually). When she told us that her mother was on AFF, we were taken aback, but also, a Mother and Daughter? After getting the OK to contact her, we started emailing back and forth, first on AFF, then through regular Email.

S (or should we say D, her alias) is an amazingly sexy woman that left her husband of many, many years. Her husband was her first and only throughout her marriage, so when she re-entered (or maybe entered for the first time) the dating world everything in the world of sex was new to her.

She'd dated various men with mixed degrees of success, but was surprised to find that the quality of the men she was meeting was better on AFF than in the bars. And as she and her daughter talked about sex, she had become more and more intrigued about something a little wilder.

S had a little taste of the wild side last weekend, but had been told by her daughter that if she was really ready to explore things, B & Danni might be a couple she'd like. After a little back and forth, the girls talked on the phone and agreed that we'd all meet last night at a local restaurant.

We had been warned that S was very unlikely to come back to our place, but that she'd just like to meet us and perhaps get together down the road. So we went to dinner with absolutely no expectations, other than to meet someone with a very interesting story.

Meeting at a local restaurant, we comfortably talked about everything from old marriages, to recent sexual experiences, to her recently fractured leg (yep, she kept her brace and crutches in the car, concerned about that first impression, lol). A few hours and few beers later, Danni asked S if she'd like to come over. I'm not sure if she was nervous or not, but she said "yes" right away.

We were keenly aware of S's newness to all of this, so we took things nice and slowly. We showed her about the house. Let me tell you, men and women certainly look at houses differently. Women check out the color schemes, closets, cabinetry, that kind of thing. Guys just like the hi-def plasmas TVs and the 7.1 surround sound audio system, lol.

She showed us some very sexy, erotic pictures she had taken of herself by a professional photographer (her daughter, no less). I'm guessing that if a woman is willing to show you naked pictures of her, it's a good sign.

We showed her our collection of adult pictures, which can be pretty graphic as times. And the girls reviewed our favorite coffee table book. We showed her the jacuzzi, our bedroom where the swing normally hangs, and Danni's collection of toys.

I originally put music on the system, as S said that music really helped her loosen up ;-). After talking for a while, she mentioned she also liked porn (yep, another good sign!), so we made the change pretty quickly. Danni suggested we all get into the jacuzzi, and away we went.

After some chatting in the hot tub, Danni approached S and began kissing and fondling her. While I touched a bit, I let Danni and S enjoy their time. Suddenly, I see Danni's hand go between S's legs, and she began fingering her. S closed her eyes and arched her back as she clearly was enjoying the experience.

After a while, we agreed it was time to go upstairs and get on dry land.

Note to her daughter, you might just want to STOP reading at this point! Don't say we didn't warn you.

S had mentioned a few times that she had a fantasy about being tied up, blind folded and touched with different materials. As soon as we got into bed, the fulfillment of the fantasy was suggested, and a willing smile appeared on her face. So, we tied her hands to the bed and put the blindfold on her. Danni and I began touching and kissing and licking all over her body. We used silk, and feathers and other items to touch every inch of her body.

We spread her legs and took turns tasting her wonderful pussy. Danni then moved up her body and lowered her wet cunt onto S's face. This was how S ate pussy for the first time (and clearly enjoyed it as well as being a great newbie, NOTE from M). While Danni was on her face, I spread her legs and entered her. I slowly fucked her as I watched Danni being orally serviced. With such an erotic scene, I know not to start fucking too hard, or things could be over much quicker than anyone would like.

Eventually Danni got up to let S breathe and opened up her "magic drawer". Out came the strap-on, another fantasy S had talked about. Danni started fucking S with the strap on, putting my cock to shame, but certainly making S happy. Danni eventually got up and took off the strap on and S asked for the blindfold to be removed so she could see what was happening, and soon asked to be removed from her restraints. As soon as she was released, she grabbed my cock and began sucking me.

I moved back to fucking S while S was fingering Danni's now dripping cunt. My face was right next to S, and I told her what Danni liked done to her pussy. Watching S finger Danni while I was fucking S was too much to take, and I came hard and deep inside of her. Of course, just because I came doesn't mean everything has to come to a halt. I went back to eating and fingering S while S was eating Danni. Hands and mouths and fingers continue to explore everyone. After exhaustion, we grab some drinks and laid in bed and watched some interesting Playboy TV that we had TiVo'd.

After our running commentary about hot blondes with fake boobs and amateur videos and the tattoos, friendly rubbing began again. S's ass was just staring up at me, so I had to give it a nice massage. Danni came over to me, pulled down my silk sweats and started sucking my cock. Soon S joined in and both women were sucking and licking my rock hard penis. Guys, if you've never had two women suck you at the same time, it really IS as good as you imagine.

Danni moved and got on my face, while holding on to our bed's metal canopy. S could be heard saying "so that's what that is for". Danni flipped about on my face to look at S sucking my cock wholeheartedly while I shoved my tongue deep into Danni. After a while, Danni just wanted to be fucked, so we fulfilled another one of S's fantasies, that being to watch a couple fuck.

I flipped Danni onto her back, pinned her knees back and started ramming my cock into her, just as she asked. Danni, our intrepid squirter, did as expected, and began getting the bed very wet. While I continued fucking Danni, S reached behind and rubbed both Danni's really wet cunt and as well as my balls and pumping shaft.

At the same time I felt the point of no return for my orgasm, Danni had a strong orgasm and pushed my cock right out. I ended up coming all over the bed while she was moaning and crying out from her deep orgasm (and, yes, more squirting). S smiled and she watched us come together and told us that she was learning so many new things.

You'd think we were all done, and after some water and soda was retrieved from the refrigerator, Danni went back to the magic drawer and pulled out her favorite toy, her pearl butterfly. She began fucking herself as S and I bit and sucked on her nipples and took turns kissing her. I eventually flipped Danni over and tongue-fucked her ass while she fucked the butterfly until she squirted the toy out, along with some more of her magic fluid. Her screams were deafening, but really added to the excitement we all experienced.

By this point, no one was good for much more and we all relaxed in bed for a while. S decided after a while that she'd venture out into the darkness and make the trek back home. We kissed her goodbye, telling her how much fun we had, and that we'd hope to see her again.

Danni and I got back into bed, reliving the night's events and holding each other, kissing and holding each other close and feeling the love between us continue to grow. No matter what activities we may experience, we always end up back in each others arms. We soon fell into a peaceful sleep.

Today, we head off to MAC. M has been trying to organize a big orgy for some time now. You never know, but regardless, it'll be the last night we'll play for some time, as Danni has some minor surgery on Monday that'll put us out of commission for 6 weeks. I've told Danni to start loosening up her jaw, lol.

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