Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Newbie Training

On Saturday night, we met J and N, a couple that is pretty new to the scene. They'd only been with one other couple, and the girls never ended up playing together. From our perspective, it was pretty clear that we'd invite them over, they were very personable and the woman was really cute (her pictures on AFF don't do her justice).

When we got back to our place, we jumped in the jacuzzi for some very sexy f/f play. The porn on the TV was simply background music, since the live action was much hotter. Since J had never eaten pussy before, Danni hopped up on the corner of the jacuzzi, hung her legs outside the tub, and shoved her pussy into J's face. You'd never know that J never ate pussy before, she licked it like a pro.

We soon went upstairs and all hopped into bed. You'd never know that they were new, as we explored all variations of kinky 4-way sex. A few hours later, we were all spent, and kissing them good night. Hopefully we'll see them again real soon.

Sunday we spent recuperating and picnicking at Danni's mom's house. We're back into serious work mode this week and might or might not play until the weekend, but alas, sometimes you've got to make some money to pay for all the sex parties, lol.

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marriedman said...

well, last time i did anything close to swinging I found myself knocked out in the fetal position grabbing my shredded pubes....