Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Room with a View

When you write about an orgy, it should not be done by one person but everybody involved. After all masturbation is about one person, and an orgy is about everyone in the room. We hope that those who joined us last nite will give their they did last night.

LOL As our faithful readers know (and we understand the list is growing...and we love it), last night was a MAC party. We're still relative newbies at MAC, but seem to know a lot of the people that attend. It was great to meet L&D finally, and it was great to have D&M cum to their first swinger party on our referral.

For those of you who haven't been to MAC before, the party's held just south of Richmond. The group takes over the hotel bar from 8pm to 1am. People drink, dance and get sexed up together while still abiding by VA's archaic ABC laws (trying to anyway). The "anything goes" part of the party starts at 1am. This month rather than blocking a secure hall of rooms (which is the norm), issues with the hotel caused MAC to reserve the back part of the bar for the after-party instead.

We, of course, decided to skip that and create an orgy of our own design in our room. The thought of table and chair sex just wasn't gonna cut it!

So let me introduce you to our sexy cast of "characters": M(M) &T(F) we've known for a while and had the pleasure of their company at club parties and at their house. T is a sexy little blonde who seems to be reversing in age. (Note from my Danni, she always introduces T as "hi, this is T, you've got to feel her great tits").

F(M) & N(F) are good friends we love to play with and they're so much fun. We've enjoyed watching the progressive break-down of their inhibitions the more we get together. (Hint, hint to N).

G(M) & F(F) are a SLS couple we've chatted with and met for the first time last night. They drove all the way in from DC just for the party on our referral, too. Inhibitions are certainly not in F(F)'s vocabulary!

We chatted and flirted for a few hours downstairs in the bar. Then Danni and I decided it was time to head upstairs. We gave all the hand-selected couples our "business" card with our room number (I apologize for the momentary dyslexia, sending you to the non-existent 4th Floor!)

Of course Danni and I wait for no one when it comes to sex. I licked her tight little cunt and she took my hard, throbbing cock deep into her mouth. It wasn't 5 minutes before F & N knocked on our door. Everyone was very comfortable about getting naked right away. N had considered staying in the bar for body-painting but F and I offered to paint her white in the room! (Do I hear Bukkake Party?)

I heard a light tap on the door and M & T and G & F arrived and it was clear the REAL party was about to start. I helped T off with her top and pants while T was helping her M get his pants off at the same time. My Danni and N had already staked out a corner of the bed (2 doubles pushed together) and were setting the tone for everyone else. My M lay fully naked on top of N and kissed, groped and sucked every inch of N's naked body, enjoying Lemon Drop body shots on her all the while. My Danni also fucked N with the shooter (a very cold, hard tube) and even drank a shooter from N's pussy while fucking her. N said later she was sorry she couldn't see what was feeling so good.

Watching that scene got everyone very horny and we all jumped onto the bed. When you're in an orgy, sometimes it can be difficult to see who is doing what to whom. I'll do my best to give the highlights. As I lay on the bed, F(F) began sucking my cock while T kissed me and rubbed her Danni's cock at the same time. F(M) pulled out the double-headed for my Danni and his N. They first began using it laying on their backs with legs crossed in a scissors fashion with pussies swallowing up the whole thing so their cunts could rub against each other. Soon a voice from the crowd told the girls to flip over onto their knees with asses touching. (Oh, that was my Danni directing again!)

They started slamming their asses and cunts together and the double-headed (not to mention everyone watching) enjoyed every moment of it. My Danni warned N that if she kept slamming her that way she may be in trouble. Well, my Danni (the intrepid squirter), with a cry, squeezed the double-headed out of her cunt and splashed her cum all over N's ass and pussy. F(M) immediately leaned down and licked up the juices. (been there, done that and YUMMY!) T pulled a cock out of her mouth and said "hey, I didn't get to see that", although we all heard the waterfall. F(F), while being done doggy-style, looked on in admiration and exclaimed that she wanted to try that!

Things soon got switched up, towels were laid down and I saw that my Danni's lower 1/2 had finally become available so I decided to shove my cock into her VERY wet cunt. She claims to know it was me, although she clearly couldn't see me! LOL

I noticed that while T was going down on.. umm...someone....her gorgeous ass was up in the air all alone. That just seemed wrong. ;-) I excused myself from my Danni's cunt (which IS my favorite place to be in the whole world) and got behind T to fuck her while she continued to give a great blow job (been there, done that, too... YEAH)

Standing from this vantage point, I had a great view of the room and all of the various activities. F(M) was slam-fucking his N with her knees pinned behind her ears. G was fucking my Danni as she moaned with delight and F(F) was sliding up and down M(M)'s hard cock. Moans and groans, oohs and aahs, permeated the well as the sweet smell of sex.

At some point, T flipped over onto her back and I continued to fuck her. Both G and F(M) started sucking her beautiful breasts. T seemed pleased with the situation (Note from my Danni: I entertained thoughts of sitting on T's face but didn't want to smother her LOL). My Danni came from behind, literally got on my back and using my cock to fuck T, and we "both" came deep inside of her.

Soon everyone was spent and we all laid on the beds, laughing and chatting...I just happened to be on my stomach with my cock hanging between the mattresses. Boy, that floor was hard...hope I don't have any rug burns on my cock. LOL

Of course, when you have an 8-person orgy, there are 8 different views of the room. Hopefully, some of the other participants will jump in (as they tend to do!) and comment here about their view and experiences. Ahhh, there's nothing like a room with a view!

We can't wait to see everyone again September 23-24 at VAF's College Keg Party. Especially, L&D who couldn't play due to a visit from her monthly "friend". (Note from Danni...L's a great kisser and her profile pics do NOT do her justice!)

Tomorrow, Danni has her surgery which will keep us from playing with others for about 6 weeks. I warned her to loosen up her jaw

and she warned me to loosen up my wrist!


D and M said...

damn it, why did I have to play in the room so long. Sorry I missed it. Hubby and I planned to just get a taste of the fun to be had downstairs.
Though we missed the fun on the second floor we had a bit of fun of our own. I got an chance to play dirty little slut giving lap dances to the men and woman both in the room. While dancing, others came over and felt my ass and tits. J broke out the edible body paints and started with them on my tits both him and hubby licked it all off. I decided it was my turn to help spead the fun by smeering all sorts of flavors over the ladies in the room. Of course I got the first taste off of each. I do believe hubby got a little excited over his "shy" wife opening and exploring this new lifestyle they have found, he then picked me up and laid me on the table and began to go down on me right there in the middle of all those people. Wow! what a rush! I beleive my excitement draw even more people around. I had men sucking on each breast others rubbing my legs and and more talking dirty to me in my ear. Next thing I know hubby had removed himself allowing K to show me what she can do. Her soft touch was just about to much for me.
I hope those attending the orgy can forgive use for losing track of time. We promise next time we WILL make it up to you!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to throw in my 2 cents...even though I didn't make it to the upstairs party (being the L(F) who got a visit from her "friend"). I had a blast meeting you guys, M&B! Can't hardly sit still thinking of when we can be together when I'm more ah....comfortable... It was also great to see T&M again...and yes, she's even prettier than I remembered! It was the first MAC social for us...and we'll be back! By the way, M(F)... I'd be delighted if you feel comfy greeting my man with a kiss next time, would turn me on...! Fiama