Friday, July 29, 2005

It's Been a Tough Week...

The good news is...this week is OVER! YEAH!!! Danni had a big proposal due and worked hard on it all week, finishing just before the 5pm deadline! Phew! Thank goodness B was available to take the edge off Danni's angst with some great sex! Danni's still a bit bruised from her surgery, so B had to "suffer" by being blindfolded to enjoy some pussy.

Danni gave B a treat last night, though, and finally removed the blindfold. Danni loves to watch B eat her pussy. And watching B gazing at Danni's pussy makes her clit quiver with excitement and anticipation. The bruises are just about gone and bandages soon, too! Danni never lost her sex drive during her recovery and her flexibility is almost back to normal, too. Hmmm....looking at the calendar, we may have next weekend free and Danni may be ready to "play"....wish our damn friends would stop telling us about the strip clubs they go to...such teases! D&M and the girls of Vixens better watch out! Check out the profile: experimental57 on AFF to see D&M's pics!

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