Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Married Guys Playing as Singles

by Danni, the bi-fem 1/2

P.S. We do NOT know this guy, but this is what "single" guys at swinger parties make me think of! LOL

A girl recently asked about a comment I made to her guy. While at a lifestyle party, this girl was dancing with a guy that I had run into a few times before at another swinger party. I really hate to make too many comments about people; the swing community is very small and things always seem to get back to people. I also try my best to NOT say things about someone that I would not say to their face. In this instance, I would have said this the guys face, but have just chosen to hold my tongue (which can be quite acerbic at times and can feel great at other times! LOL) and give him the cold shoulder instead.

Let me try to explain:

(1) I am attracted to a couple based on the female, plain and simple. Girls that can be attractive, in person, pics and in personality get my attention. (hey, even a great personality cums through in "chat" or email) {wink} Having a good sense of humor, being a professional at what you do, and being out-going enough to hold a conversation are all important to me.

(2) I do NOT like guys who act like they are single and "hit" on me. (You guys know who you and your girl split up as soon as you hit a party and you completely ignore each other.) I am very open (at least in the swing community tee-hee) about my penchant for the ladies. If guys are interested, they should send their girls to do the "hitting on" me. I have never even met this particular guy's wife, so don't know what she looks like or what she's "in" to. We're not into just trading partners....I know, I know, different strokes for different folks, but we get "off" on being together with others, not off in separate rooms or so far apart in bed that we can't see or touch each other while playing with other people.

(3) At a VAF party months ago, we were having a group "event" in our room and this guy wandered in alone and started to join in ...when B asked him where his girl was, he said she was passed out. B very politely told him that we did not entertain single guys. He left without incident but he continues to "paw" me everytime he sees me at a party. Just because I dress very naughtily doesn't mean I appreciate every tom, dick and harry man-handling me.

Now don't get me wrong..I love the guys as much as the's just that I've got a fantastic guy every night at home but no girl(s), and I enjoy partaking of the feminine (and multiples) side of sex when the opportunity arises. I do get turned on by a guy's intelligence and professional demeanor more than anything. If you fit the bill, just remember to have your girl do the talking!

I hope this helps explain things a little better.

P.S. I'm surprised how good I feel after surgery...and NO pain meds today either! cya soon!
xoxo, Danni

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