Monday, April 24, 2006

Important - Our Yahoo Account has been Hacked >UPDATE<

If you get a message from us via our Yahoo account with nothing in the message but a link to an "album" account on , DO NOT OPEN IT.

We (me, B) foolishly clicked on it when we got it, and our account has been taken over. We've confirmed at least one "friend" in our yahoo messenger account that has gotten this link passed on from the newly highjacked account. Sorry for any problems this causes you.

We can still receive email to just fine (just can't send right now)! All danni654 email has always forwarded to my regular hotmail account. So, no worries; we can still get your messages! We are having trouble, though, just getting in touch with a real person at Yahoo to get some help. Anyway, I found this great site and want to pass it along. If you ever need to get in touch with a real human from just about any company imaginable, check out:
xoxo, Danni


Hip Swingster said...

Yikes. Thanks for the headsup

Danni and B said...

What do Yahoo and a halter have in common?

They offer little support.

I wish I could laugh at this, but Yahoo is ridiculously maddening. We are still fighting with them so we can get our account back. And speaking with a "live" person is out of the question.

We're still trying, so bear with us...

Anonymous said...

You may also try It's similar to GetHuman, but they take the idea to the next level and call you when operator from selected company waits for you on the line.