Sunday, April 02, 2006

Can You Help a Girl Out?

We get asked by so many people from all over the world about so many things re: the Lifestyle. So... I'm looking for a few good links to add to our blog template to help out!

Sex toys, other blogs, podcasts, resorts, clubs, fetish info, online groups, etc.
Add a comment here or email me directly at .
Just so you know; we'll be VERY selective as we have only added links here for groups and clubs we personally know.

xoxo, Danni


Anonymous said...

compliments of

Adult Sex Toy Parties, serving Northern VA, MD, DC, PA & central NY!

Danni and B said...

Amore in Richmond VA

Danni and B said...

Some of my favorite online sex toy and sex clothes stores (not in any order): (Abby is HOTTT!) (best strap-ons! come on, this is where lesbians shop!)

The ultimate in sex swings:

And for the electric hoist for your ceiling-mounted swing (just like ours!)

(we have pics of our swing at various parties on our blog!)

xoxo, Danni

Danni and B said...

My abso-fucking-lutely favorite store! Awesome clothes, costumes, etc. upstairs and great toys, etc. downstairs in a non-creepy environment.

The Locked Door on Dual Hwy. in Hagerstown MD!

xoxo, Danni