Monday, July 31, 2006

Vegas Report: Sweet Suite Breakfast for Four and more...1st Saturday

by Danni

Saturday breakfast was a fun time, just B and me and the girls (MK and Doris) relaxing and kicking back, sharing lots of fun! I'm sure the guy who delivered room service was probably wondering what the hell was going on!

Doris recounted our trip to VA Beach to MK, especially her hook-up with a Navy guy she picked up by herself in a bar one night. B and I were buck-naked and fucking out on our 4th floor balcony when Doris went down to meet this Navy boy who stood down below. She told us that he asked "wasn't that wierd? they were just fucking! and you were just standing there!" Doris told him "it was cool". {WINK} He was calling me to come down, too, but there was no way! Poor boy must be scarred for life, though. We watched some of the other video we took, too...of B and Doris parasailing, Doris and me rolling around naked on the bed, Doris and me working on B, etc.

We recorded audio of our whole Vegas trip, including our Saturday morning chat (so we'd remember what we said and did! LOL). It was so fun to play them back. When the squirting video was playing at breakfast, there was awed silence from everyone. {SMILE}

We chatted about Doris and I making the squirting video and posting it at Swingercast. In fact, John and Allie told us that within 24 hours, that and the girl-on-girl videos had almost 2000 hits. We knew we should have made it pay-per-view! We used some music from Fashionistas, my favorite porno! (The Vegas show at Krave is good, but buy the DVD instead.)

NOTE: It must look we have a very boring home life to some people. Naw! We just enjoy SEX so much...doing it, talking about it, sharing it! And we're tech-oriented, so we share our sexy geek-iness!

Anyway, we talked a little more about the club, Piranha, from the night before. I remembered offering our Blog "Business" Card to one of the gay guys in the VIP area. He said he was VERY interested in hot sex blogs. Then he offered me his card...he said "I'm in Interior Design" ...come on, what gay guy isn't??? Hell, print your own Danni654 card....

We had a professional photographer take a pic of the 4 of us at Piranha. MK says they cruise the club scene and post pics on their websites of people in Vegas clubs. Unfortunately, his website is out-of-order and his email bounced back, too. Who knows where that pic will end up???

Since most of us were sitting around naked or in a state of semi-dress, Doris and I admired MK's tiny jeans and lusted after her little ass!

We also had to tell MK where to get the Hitachi Wand that she enjoyed with us on Friday night (or was it Saturday morning?); I'm sure she went right out and got one...she loved it! Funny how we teach seem to people in the sex industry about "toys"!

After MK went home around noon, Doris, B and I took day-time naps, then later we went to the pool while B played blackjack. Doris wore her gold lame string bikini!

The 3 of us got dressed up and finally went out to a nice dinner. Of course, Doris and I were in our Vegas finest! We had quite a bit of wine and after dinner, Doris needed a nap. B and I played blackjack...drinking some more and got so horny, we decided to play Hooker and John. We had planned to go to Krave later...

Doris was still asleep so we didn't include her in our Hooker&John playtime. Just as well, 'cuz I opened the blinds to a bright, shiny Vegas strip, tied B up, did a little striptease and fucked the shit out of him!

Didn't make it to Krave that night, but stay tuned for more Vegas fun cuming up....

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