Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No "Eyes Wide Shut", this was "Legs Wide Open"

Danni and I finally got back to Virginia Friends after missing the last two parties (Jan and Feb 07) while taking turns being sick. We were more than ready to get back and see some old FWB (friends with benefits) especially for Saturday's Mardi Gras-themed party.

Friday, we met up with Consuela and Juan at dinner and joining us was a new couple, A&C. A&C are a newbie couple that Danni "met" online. A had just gotten her period that night, so they were going to cancel. But Danni was able to convince them they could still join us for dinner; girls on their periods have to eat, too!

After Danni molested A with some very hot kisses inside Hooters (to the pleasure of a 12 year old boy and his Dad), A&C decided to come to the party to see what VAF was all about with Danni on her “game”.

The party on Friday was fairly quiet with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. We caught up with lots of people, and the girls were teasing throughout the night. A&C decided that they weren’t quite ready for the upstairs activities, so we kissed them goodnight (and hope to see them again soon). We invited Consuela and Juan to our room, but they needed to change rooms before they could come over. Uh-oh. Danni and I waited a bit, but (“horn dogs” that we are) we got naked and started going at it. Danni was right in the middle of a very intense orgasm as we heard a knock at the door. Well, I wasn’t about to interrupt things, so I finished her all up. After a minute or so, we went to the door, but they had left. We were so spent from the sex and work day that we just decided to called it a night.

I know, we’re boring. But wait, there was Saturday, yet.

Saturday's theme was Mardi Gras, which is one of my favorites. I stocked up in a bunch of beads, because the ladies at this party will do more than show you their tits.

We got to the party, and in no time, women were asking how to get my beads. I had some basic beads that I would give out for flashing tits or pussy. But I had a whole array of beads for more “advanced” action. A bunch of women grabbed my cock, which earned them larger beads.

Now, I had two special sets of beads that required VERY special attention. At a minimum, the girl was going to have sex with me. While some girls didn’t quite understand the “requirements”, when we saw Charlotte and Junior, I knew that my beads were likely to be properly earned.

Things got pretty worked up with Char and me in the bar, as she kept putting her hand inside my fly and stroking my cock. After a bit, she got down on her knees, pulled out my cock and started sucking me while onlookers gasped. This was pretty clearly against club rules, but neither of us really cared at the moment. I reciprocated by working her cunt with my fingers until she squirted all over my hand and the floor. That was a surprise, since I had not been told that Char ever squirted. Turns out that only Junior had been able to get her to squirt before, so, I felt pretty proud to be added to the list.

Char clearly wanted me to blow my load in her mouth, but I knew we had an orgy planned, so I wanted to save things for that. I told her that I wanted to fuck her, meaning that we should take the party upstairs. But instead, Char took off her pants, sat me on a chair, cock still out, and started fucking me. Again, the crowd took in the sight and had a pretty good view of the action. Char was certainly on her way to earning my special "pussy" beads.

Thankfully, we finally moved the party to our room. Remember the movie "Eyes Wide Shut"? Our party was way hotter!

Joining us for our orgy were, in order of appearance, Consuela & Juan, Char & Junior, J&N and Lee (the infamous "Single Wife") & Carl, who we finally met. Consuela had moved her massage table into our room, which doubled as a place to get a real massage and a nice piece of sex equipment. I know that Danni said she'd always wanted a massage with a "Happy Ending".

Consuela gave Danni a nice massage, although her fingers quickly moved to her pussy. Consuela worked her cunt until Danni squirted for the first of many, many times, resulting in the soaked table cover being thrown on the floor. Eventually Junior offered Danni his cock to be sucked, and Juan started fucking Consuela from behind.

I was sitting on a chair, and Char came over and shoved her pussy right into my face. I loved eating up that hot wetness. She then lowered herself on me and began riding me again. While we were fucking, someone (I couldn’t see who), shoved their finger into Char’s ass while I was fucking her, creating a mini DP situation.

We kept talking about going over to the bed, but there was already 6 or so people on it, fucking and sucking every which way. Eventually, Char’s ass was so worked up that she asked me if I wanted to fuck her ass. Hmmmmm. So we got to some serious ass fucking in the chair. After all of the action that Char and I had over the course of the evening, I couldn’t hold back any more and came deep inside her sweet tight ass.

While we were cleaning up, I noticed Junior and Juan enjoying the ladies in the room. Danni was squirting left and right, and the bed was getting beyond wet. While Char and I were in the bathroom, all cleaned, we began kissing and I starting fingering her cunt until she squirted again. Both Consuela and Lee took some time giving and receiving some oral action, working me back to attention. Carl had called Lee away for a moment, so I was able to get some time with J. After kissing and eating each other a bit, I laid on the massage table. J got on me and started riding and fucking me as she watched her hubby, N.

After a bit, J hopped off of me, moving over to N to work his waiting cock. I was so happy to see that Lee was free, finally. I came over and ate her wet pussy. Then, I laid her back and we started to fuck. Lee was looking for something to hold on to, so I moved her closer to the headboard. Char was lying there, having just been fucked hard by Carl.

While I was fucking Lee, Char moved in close to watch the action. I put my arms around both girls as we continued fucking. Char watched Lee closely as she spasmed in orgasm. It was so hot to watch her body pulsate, that I came right at the end of her orgasm.

By this point, I’m pretty sure that everyone had come at least once, if not more. We ended up heading out to the hallway and see what food (and crowd stragglers) might be left. We chatted a bit with the crowd that was still in the hall. Eventually, Danni and I went back to the room. Of course, we started fucking some more, both coming one last time before we completely passed out.

Now, obviously, this post is very "B"-centric. So, if any of our FWBs would like to add to it, just leave a comment! See you at VAF's Leather & Lace Party in April, if not before!

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