Thursday, March 15, 2007

Danni's First 3-Way as a Single Female

B and I had a rule from early in our swinging that we'd always play together. After a while, we amended our rule and decided it'd be ok to play as singles with other couples who had become friends. B's had the opportunity to play several times in party situations... 3-ways and a 5-way ...when I was down for the count (sick, worn out, whatever...), but I was usually close by or at least in the same house or hotel.

Now, we've also experienced plenty of three-ways with single females. But this time, I was the single female. I was traveling out of town and staying at a hotel close to some of our play-friends! When some of our good friends (DJ and Shelly) invited me to play, how could I refuse? LOL

We met in the bar of the hotel, kisses all around. I'd had a few drinks and enjoyed the hot tub before they arrived. I guess that I'd gotten a little "toasted" to take the edge off. WOW! I was excited but also a little nervous. This was my FIRST 3-way!

Now, I know what all of those single females felt like, and I applaud their guts to meet us for the first time. I knew DJ and Shelly VERY well but still had butterflies.

Yes, even Danni, who can be "scary" to some girls, gets nervous sometimes...

We were a little too busy to take pictures. So I had to search the web for some action shots that depicted our fun. Honestly, pics are way better than words to me!

We were naked almost as soon as we entered my hotel room. Shelly and I hit the bed first. I fell on top of her, kissing and licking her face and breasts....quickly moving my way down to her very pretty pussy.

DJ quickly joined us, saying they were there to take advantage of me! Oooooo! To be the center of attention!! He grabbed my arms, wrapping them around his neck, pulling me back against his body, so Shelly could eat my pussy.

I think we all fucked each other every way imaginable... or at least humanly possible. LOL

As I leaned against DJ's hard body, I could feel his hard and throbbing cock against my back. I stroked him with my hands as Shelly continued to lap at my very wet pussy.

At some point, DJ started fingering me hard, causing me to squirt all over the bed. Hell, they didn't care...they didn't have to sleep there, but I did! When we switched around again, DJ proceeded to fuck Shelly. I slipped my hands underneath his balls and added my hand to the pussy-fucking! Almost like DP-same hole, 'cept my hand served as the 2nd cock.

Shelly fingered me quite a bit, too. She was busily trying to fist me. She didn't get far, though, until she had me squirting all over, too. Phew! Dehydration was starting to set in...

When I stumbled out of bed later, I stepped in a big puddle on the floor, too. I remember one of them mentioning a gusher. Wasn't sure what they meant at the time. LOL

And, if I've forgotten to mention in previous posts about DJ and Shelly, let me share this now. No, I firmly believe that size does NOT matter (it's what you do with it that matters!), but size CAN impress! I compare DJ's huge cock to an Anaconda, the largest snake in the world.

And, that's no exaggeration... although, DJ humbly says he's "average". DUH! I don't think so, babe!

Thanks, guys, for making my first 3-way so HOTTT! I'm still recuperating. Hope I'm recovered for VA Friends' St. Patty's Day Party and Mardi Gras this-cuming weekend.


Mr. & Mrs SW said...

Thanks for inviting us to your blog. That was a great story. We were members of Virginia Friends several years ago and attend the monthly parties. The forerunner to VF was a group called Parties, etc which alternated between Virginia Beach and Richmond. Ralph and Ann were the leaders of this group and is when got our start. After Ralph and Ann gave up the club the name changed and they met in Petersburg, then moved back to the Holiday Inn on Broad Street. The last time we attended, probably about six or seven years ago they group met at the Holiday Inn at Bell's Island. We met some really great couples there and miss the group. So far we have not found a similar group in Florida. Glad to see VAF still growing strong.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious. How'd you find my blog?

Cherrie said...

That was a beautiful post! I often say that threesomes are hard to achieve because each of the people has to be equally hot for the other two, so jealousy doesn't ruin the occasion. But if you can do this, the experience is so much better than sex for two!

Shay said...

It sounds like you had a blast! ^_^

Danni and B said...

Dear Joe,

B has a google alert set up for the keyword "swinger", and your recent blog post showed up. You're now googlable!

xoxo, Danni