Friday, November 09, 2007

We've got MAD SKILLS (Part Two)

We slept until about 11 after a very fun night being worn out by Bad Kitty (see MAD SKILLS, Part One). We grabbed lunch and went to a movie (Saw IV, which neither of us would recommend, even though we liked the first three of the series).

We got back to the hotel, and I took a nap for few hours. We had pizza delivered to our room and got cleaned up and into our "costumes" for the infamous VAF Halloween party.

I was pretty lazy, just throwing on silky lounge pants and a smoking jacket/robe and saying I was doing the Hugh Hefner thing. Now Danni, on the other hand, enjoys dressing up every month, and this month became a Dominatrix French Maid, aka a really BAD French Maid.

We got to the party around 10 and saw lots of our friends, including Charlotte and Junior (as surgeon and naughty nurse), OuiOui and Barney (as harem girl and pharoah), B&J, K (streaker) &C (punk rock chick), Bad Kitty and many others. We chatted and flirted thoughout the night. During the party, there was a costume contest for couples and single women. A big congratulations to B&J for winning the couples contest. They had amazing costumes and were the clear winners of the night. J ( the male 1/2) was dressed as an Oscar, gold lame suit and sword to match!

After the contest, the dance floor got very sexy. Danni and I were dancing and grinding with lots of sexy couples. Couples that we had never even seen before came up to us and got nice and friendly, some saying they were blog fans! My cock was being held by numerous dance partners all night long and Danni's tits and pussy was explored by more women than we can count.

At midnight we all headed upstairs. On the way up, A&C showed up, and they joined us upstairs. We didn't get too far down the hallway as a bunch of sex couples gathered near our doorway.

It didn't take long for people to come into our room. Bad Kitty and I were the first to get into the room, and we joked that we recognized the bed. Bad Kitty was quick to get back into her favorite (and now mine, too) position, and I was quickly shoving my hard cock deep into that waiting throat, and holding it there until she couldn't hold her breath any more.

Everyone else was filing into the room. Danni had taken A (the female 1/2 of A&C) onto the bed next to us and quickly had her naked and was working her pussy.

A hot little scene appeared near the love seat, as Charlotte and Junior were playing with a new couple we'd just met (LaTeishia and Harry, we think! lol). At one point, Charlotte was laying on the floor, LaTeishia was on top of her, and Junior was fucking LaTeishia doggie style. B&J had joined the group, and J (the golden Oscar) took his turn fucking LaTeishia without even removing his suit. Seems that "Oscar" has a zipper for his cock!

While Bad Kitty and I were 69'ing, Danni got up and put on her Barbie-pink strap-on. She fucked A hard with her strap-on for a long time. A likes it rough and begged Danni for more, more, more. 24 hours later, Danni's "guy muscles" were still sore, lol.

Bad Kitty and I were fucking by this point, enjoying our now familiar bodies. After Danni was done with A and the strap-on, she grabbed her double-headed dildo and approached Bad Kitty. She had previously mentioned to us that she'd owned a double-headed dildo, but really didn't know how to use it.

Well, Danni showed her.

With the double-headed in each of their pussies, they fucked each other really hard. At one point, Bad Kitty was fucking Danni so hard with her new found cock, that Danni just laid back and enjoyed being fucked by this incredibly sexy blonde.

While I was laying next to this scene, Charlotte finally came up for air and noticed that I was "available". Lucky guy that I am, she came over and hopped right onto my cock and started fucking the hell out of me. After some nice long fucking, she milked the cum right out of my cock with an intense orgasm. I tried to keep going, but nature finally took over, and I needed to take a break.

By this point, Danni's half of the bed was soaked. Danni had squirted all over from she and Bad Kitty using the double-headed dildo. Now when Danni's done, she's DONE. She was laying in a fetal position, almost sleep. Junior had come over and joined Charlotte and me. He flipped her over doggie style and started fucking her while Char was sucking me hard again.

This fucking and sucking was going on for a long time, so long that Danni passed out along the way at some point. Junior needed to take a break and headed down the hall for some food, so Charlotte hopped onto my cock and went back to fucking me.

Knowing that I didn't have another orgasm readily available, I flipped Charlotte over, laid her on her back and started fingering her pussy. I had her squirting 4 or 5 times, and the bed was soooo wet that we could have called it a pond. lol

Junior returned and the three of us decided it was time to grab a bite. We'd been playing for about 3 hours, and we all could use some energy boost. After groggily looking at the food, I decided that exhaustion was overtaking hunger, and I said goodnight to everyone.

Danni was long passed out as I joined her in bed. She never moved. But she was surely having wonderful dreams. By comparison, Danni's side of the bed was drier than mine for a change. Until next party....we're trying out MAC for Leather & Lace.

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