Monday, November 26, 2007

Bad, Bad Kitty

We had lots fun with Bad Kitty a few weeks ago at Virginia Friends. Lucky us, she lives nearby, so we invited her to our place for some more FMF/FFM action.

Bad Kitty is tall, very sexy and a hot blond. When I met her at the door, she seemed especially tall. I was in my socks while she was wearing very high heels. But soon, those were off, along with the rest of our clothes.

As soon as we got to the bedroom (and enjoyed more 3-way kissing), Danni suggested that she get in her now-famous position, on her back, head hanging over the edge. That was my cue to shove my cock deep into her throat. As we’ve said before, she’s got skills beyond compare, and apparently doesn’t need oxygen very often.

While I was exploring her esophagus with my cock, Danni was working her pussy with her mouth, her fingers and then with her toys. Watching Danni work her magic with that pussy just got me harder and harder. Danni had Bad Kitty so wet, she was almost able to slip her entire fist into that slippery pussy. Bad Kitty wriggled and spasmed with pleasure, all the while sucking me deep into her throat.

I finally moved around to let Bad Kitty breathe, and Danni laid on top of Bad Kitty, kissing that wonderfully talented mouth. In turn, I got behind Danni and Bad Kitty and started fucking Danni doggie style.

We continued to mix it up for a few hours. I was so focused on the task at hand, and what a wonderful task it was, that I lost track of everything. Thankfully, Danni pulled out the camera.

I do remember Danni pulled out her double-headed dildo and started fucking Bad Kitty with it. Shame I was too focused on watching to use the camera.

At one point, Danni lay next to me while Bad Kitty was riding my cock. She watched with awe as Bad Kitty pumped up and down on my cock. She finally understands why I like the Cowgirl position so much. It’s such a great visual, watching a girl fuck and moan and then come while milking my cock with her pussy. Danni just had to grab some pictures of this, too. (Can you tell she had fun with her new photo-editing software?)

I flipped Bad Kitty over and pulled her knees back and started fucking her missionary while Danni sat on her face. Danni and I then kissed with every thrust into Bad Kitty's pussy. After a while, these hotties had me so worked up that all I could do was cum hard for them.

After we had all orgasmed a few times, we lay on the bed and talked for a good while. We hadn’t really gotten to know each other at VAF, and this gave us a chance to actually know something ~other than some wonderful carnal knowledge~ about each other.

After talking for a while, lying between these two hot naked women, my cock decided to take over for my mouth. I was ready to go again, and so were the girls. We went back at it, in various positions. Danni had squirted numerous times, Bad Kitty had gushed and the bed was soaked from all three of us.

Finally, we were all spent and as Danni lay curled up snoozing (as she tends to do after loads of sex, she's such a "guy") I kissed Bad Kitty goodnight at the door. We're looking forward to our next time together.

The end.

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