Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dolce (F) and Gabana (M) do sushi

We woke up this morning, only to find a yahoo IM from Dolce (F) and Gabana (M) asking if we might be available to meet tonight. At the same time, Enigma sent me an IM (we chat often), and I asked her if they were interested in a little six-way tonight. They jumped right on it, literally.

The 6 of us met for Chinese, and we spent some time getting to know Dolce and Gabana. As dinner wrapped up, Danni suggested that we head back to our place, which we all did.

Now, we don't usually pay attention to fortune cookies, but ours foretold of the evening ahead (no lie, this is what we got at the restaurant! LMAO):
"A couple of extra friends could be floating in your direction."
"Go above and beyond your duty. You will benefit from it."
"The joyful energy of the day will have a positive effect on you."
"Turn on the charm. You'll be glad you did."
"You'll meet your big cheese today."
"You are attractive to the opposite sex."

When we got back to our place, Danni grabbed Dolce and Enigma, and the 3 girls went into the bedroom, as the guys hung out and had a drink. We always disagree as to how long the girls spend in the room without the guys. I figure that it's a few hours, Danni thinks it a few minutes. It's probably somewhere in between.

After a while, we peeked in and saw the girls all naked and intertwined. They told us to come on in and to bring our cocks with us. We gladly obliged.

Everyone had a chance to have sex with everyone. I started with Dolce, first with oral and 69'ing, later with some long fucking. Danni was fucking The Shadow and Enigma was with Gabana. Eventually things changed up, and I had time with both Enigma and my love, Danni.

Everyone had come at least once. The Shadow and Danni were done and having drinks. I was hanging out with them when I noticed that 3 people were missing. I walked back into the bedroom and found Enigma playing with Dolce and Gabana - again. So I hopped on the bed to watch. I soon got involved in the action, and we had a nice little 4-way going on.

Enigma and I got up after we finished. After a bit, I saw that 2 people were still missing, so I again went back into the bedroom, to find Dolce and Gabana still going at it. Boy, don't these guys have a breaking point?

Dolce started working me gain, sucking on my cock. They asked if I would indulge them in one of her fantasies, a bit of double penetration. I said that I'd love to help them out and got in position to shove my cock in her waiting ass. Unfortunately, I'd already come a few times, so the best I could get was a kind of rubbery hard on, not the cock of steel that you really should have when you are doing DP. I appologized, and told them that I owed them a DP, and they they needed to grab me early in the evening next time.

So to Dolce and Gabana, you have an IOU-DP waiting for you (just fill in the blank below!).

We eventually kissed everyone goodnight and everyone left with a big smile on their face.

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