Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sex is Golden

We met Golden (F) and Gerard (M) at a local bar, had some drinks (including a Blue Motorcycle, highly recommended). After some nice conversation, we quickly agreed to come back to our place. Golden and Danni quickly began kissing and groping each other in the kitchen. Golden dropped on her knees to eat Danni's pussy. After a bit, Danni hoped onto the counter so that Golden had an easier time eating her.


After a while of this hot scene, we knew it was time to get to the bedroom.

The girls continued playing with each other for a while. Eventually they invited both of the guys and lots of fucking and sucking ensued. Everyone took turns with everyone. Of course, Danni squirted with Gerard, all over him.

It was a work night so everyone knew that the night was going to be an early one. We kissed goodnight, hoping that we'd see them again really soon. Hopefully they'll make one of our next parties.

Sorry to take so long to post about this very HOTTT time...and we do hope to invite G&G again soon!

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