Monday, October 15, 2007

Club FA, aka Freedom Acres, in Sunny CA

Yep, we finally visited Freedom Acres. Thanks to some great friends (we met in Vegas at the Lifestyles Convention), we were VIPs.

The place was mobbed and the club is great, especially the play area, which is large with lots of variety and space. We had an early morning flight the next day, so wanted to get to playing pretty early in the evening. We got there around 9 and had some hot sexy fun with some couples on the dance floor.

It was "Naughty School Girl" night, and Danni enjoyed as many school girls as she could get her hands...and her lips...on. Lots of fondling and fingering , kissing and licking...seems every girl Danni tried to pickup was a nervous newbie. aw, the luck!

By 11, we were ready to get naked, but the vast majority of the people were still in party mode. And, we wanted to play.

So we just went back to one of the lofts, got naked and started fucking. We had a few couples watch us, but they seemed nervous about joining in. There was one couple that laid down next to us and started fucking.

They asked to swap, but their girl wasn't bi at all, and Danni wasn't feeling it with the guy. We prefer group play over simply switching partners, so we declined.

After we both put on a little show for the small group in the loft, we got dressed and called it an early evening. We'd highly recommend FA. We just need to have a little more rest, and more time, so we can wait to play until a little later on in the evening.

We're back in the area in the spring, so we'll probably be back to FA. It'd be great to meet a nice group, maybe have some dinner, drinks and then get wild at the club. We'll post a reminder that we're going a little closer to the dates.

A big orgy in the loft would we great!

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