Friday, October 26, 2007

Top 10 Reasons To Become Swingers

Ok, I found these online and thought I'd share, with comments based on our experiences:
Top 10 Reasons To Become Swingers

Couples who enjoy swinging and frequent swinger's clubs say that they love their partners but crave "recreational sex".

They claim that having sex with others is purely "for fun" and in no way diminishes the relationship they have with their spouse.

So where in such a relationship are the secrets that only two can share? Doesn't having "interchangeable" sex partners kind of take the personal intimacy and romance right out of the bedroom?

Not according to swingers. They maintain that swinging allows them to explore their sexual boundaries together while strengthening their mutual love and respect for each other.

So, if you and your spouse are considering crossing over from fantasy to reality, here are the top 10 reasons to become swingers (and not everyone one of these "reasons" applies to everyone; and these are in no particular order per Danni).

  1. Because you both want to experience sex with other people but do not want the guilt of "cheating". (monogamy is WAY over-rated; it's JUST sex, damnit, per Danni and this is one of our top reasons for swinging and mine-Danni's- is #5)
  2. To experiment and learn new techniques that new sex partners can offer.
  3. To fulfill your mutual fantasies.
  4. To satisfy your voyeuristic tendencies.
  5. To explore your bisexual curiosities.
  6. Have group sex in a safe and controlled environment whether it be at a private "house party" or at a swingers club.
  7. To enjoy multiple partner sex with like-minded people without fear of judgment.
  8. To make new friends and experience an exciting "alternative lifestyle".
  9. To experience those long lost, intoxicating feelings of "lust" and rejuvenate your boring and routine sex life. (ok, yes, we've heard this reason, but certainly not one of ours! nothing boring or routine about our sex lives per Danni)
  10. To share in a totally uninhibited and enjoyable "release" from the stress of everyday life. (nothing better than sex for stress relief per Danni)

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Now, it's your turn; tell us what's YOUR reason for swinging?????

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