Sunday, October 21, 2007

Danni answers her email...

Just received this email with regard to my previous laser hair removal treatments...

...and thought I'd answer for everyone's benefit:

"Hi Danni.

I've always enjoyed your blog and your happy sense of humor. If I am ever able to entice my wife into sharing, perhaps our paths will cross. But, that's not why I'm writing.

A while back, I recall you writing that you'd had your (short) hair lasered off. Though being almost bald, my "short hair" was longer than the hair on my head, I figured "what the hell, who wants hairy balls", and, so, while my wife and I were in {location removed to protect the oh-not-so-innocent} last week, we visited a cosmetic spa and got lasered. I'd shaved it all once, and HATED the scratchiness of it growing back. So, I used to just yank em out one by one, which was time consuming and, as you probably know firsthand, not so fun. So, as instructed, the night before being lasered, we shaved the areas to be treated.

The next day, we did the laser thing. For me, it was a bit odd to have a pretty young doc handle my pecker without gloves, but, what the hell. The thing is, the process didn't hurt much. The pulses felt more like that feeling you get when you gently lower your more tender parts into water that's a bit too hot. Now, a week later, the hair seems to be growing back no differently than if I'd simply shaved it. SO, I'm wondering if they simply didn't turn the thing up high enough to actually remove my hair.

My wife's experience is similar (though she'd rather eat dirt than write about it). Now, I do know this is not supposed to be a one shot procedure.....but....just what is normal? When you got done, particularly the first time, was it particularly painful? Did you have any redness afterwards? Did your hair pretty much begin growing out again as if you'd shaved, as opposed to being lasered? I have a fairly high pain tolerance, and told them to simply turn it up as high as they needed to, so it wasn't as if I was reacting in a way which would have caused them to turn down the intensity of the pulses.

I was so looking forward to having nice shiny cock and balls, and now it's all about as smooth and shiny as sandpaper.

I'm hoping that you can relate your experience in a way which will shed some light on whether they simply didn't laser me effectively, in which case I'll let AMEX deal with it, and find someplace else to go. We'd tried not to do it locally, as my wife is a {occupation removed to maintain discretion} , and, well, she'd prefer to keep some things private (as opposed to her husband, who didn't know the parking lot of {location removed for, well, 'er just for shits-and-grins} was under video observation until he got caught using it as a changing room).

Thanks for your time, and for your hot, funny blog.

Regards, S"

Well, S,

I'm glad to give you the low-down. Laser hair removal is not a one-shot process, that's true. It was probably not until the 3rd or 4th treatment that I noticed much reduced hair growth. I had 6 treatments in all. Also, I still have a small amount of hair that does re-grow. It's very close to my labia, and I assume it is from the operator's personal discomfort at being that close to my "lips".

I think you and your wife are making too much of simple hair removal NOT to do it close to home, so you can do the full regime of treatments. It's no big deal, really! I'd be more concerned that the "doc" that did yours was un-gloved. OMIGOD! Talk about unsanitary; yuck!

The only pain I had was similar to a rubber band being snapped against my pussy. A little redness went away fairly quickly, just slightly inflamed hair follicles. Aloe helped a great deal. Just felt a bit "warm" for about 20-30 minutes after each treatment, but I was always good-to-go for fucking every evening!

Sorry, but I don't think AMEX can help you. LOL Go to a cosmetic spa local to you and get BALD!

Glad you enjoy the blog. We enjoy making it, well, enjoyable. Sorry to take so long to post about our recent 4-some and 6-some, including some new (and young) players. B's working on it, I promise.

We'll be at VA Friends for Halloween. Let's get naked!


Mr. & Mrs SW said...

We both have considered the laser treatment. What is the cost? I Mr.SW shave every day and stay smooth. I am bare from just below the navel to my balls. Mrs.SW is bare except for a very narrow landing strip. She prefers not to be completely bald. Would be nice to put the razor away. Enjoy VaF. We can remember some good parties there out at the Bell's Island Holiday inn

Danni of Danni and B said...

Pricing for treatment varies. Comparing between myself (Danni) and friends that have been lasered, the range has been from $125-$300 per session, and it usually takes 5-6 sessions to do the job right.

Check around at medical day spas in your area.

xoxo, Danni