Monday, November 05, 2007

We've got MAD SKILLS (Part One)

Traffic to Virginia Friends was rough this night, so we didn't make it to the new hotel until party time. We signed in and headed to our room to unpack. Virginia Friends, our favorite club, has had a little rough patch with hotels, changes in ownership (and less-than-understanding management) had caused the club to move to a few different hotels. After a weekend at this new one, we really hope things work out. Hope this can be our club hotel for a long time. It's miles ahead of the previous hotels.

Friday was a fairly quiet night, between 50 to 75 people. We had a few drinks, caught up with some old friends and were pretty mellow for most of our time in the bar.

At midnight, the party went up to the secured floor, and everyone seemed to lose a lot of their clothes. Definitely a good thing.

We enjoyed talking to lots of people. We normally don't hang in the hallway very long, since parties just seem to start early in our room. But, this night had been pretty mellow, so there was no instant party starting up.

I (B) noticed a sexy tall blonde and recognized her as a single female we'd been emailing on SLS for a while, trying to find a time to get together. I went over to her and introduced myself. Sure enough, it was Bad Kitty.

Danni and I chatted with her and others for a long time. There was lots of BDSM play happening in the hallway, with floggers leaving red marks on asses and backs. Ouch. Danni had to run the bathroom for a minute, and Bad Kitty and I continued our conversation (actually, Danni told me to "seal the deal"). Suddenly, Bad Kitty saw a couple she knew, and before I knew it, she was leaving with them. Damn!

Danni came back and asked what happened. I just proved that it's all about the women, and guys just aren't good "bait". We hung out a little longer, watching with cringing awe as women spanked women, men spanked women, and women were spanking men. And, when I say spanking, I really mean beating the shit out of each other. That's certainly not the way that Danni and I play, but there seemed to be a lot of happy victims.

Suddenly, I noticed that Bad Kitty had returned and was nestled up next to Danni. This was a VERY good thing. After talking for a while, Danni sat Bad Kitty on a cooler, spread her legs and went down on her, eating and fingering her pussy. Bad Kitty was clearly enjoying this. The girls received some great interest from those remaining in the hall. A few people were even interested in trying to join them, but the girls were very focused on each other.

After a while, they got up and grabbed my hand and said it was time for the three of us go back to our room. BABY!!!!!

We got to our room and Danni has to make another bathroom trip. She told me that Bad Kitty really liked to suck cock, and I should shove my cock into her mouth, she'd be right back. Well, with this request, it took be about .17 seconds to get hard. I love my Danni!

Bad Kitty smiled and hopped on the bed, laying backwards, with her head hanging off the edge of the bed. My pants were already off, and she grabbed my cock and forced me into her mouth.

Now normally, this position can put a woman in a pretty vunerable position, and it's pretty easy to get deep into her throat. Most women need some workup towards deep throating, if they can do it at all. Well, not Bad Kitty. She grabbed my ass and forced my cock all the way into her throat. There was absolutely no gagging. As we told her, she's got "Mad Skills" when it comes to cock sucking. That term would be used with Bad Kitty throughout the weekend.

Bad Kitty would keep my cock in her throat for an amazingly long time. At one point, she was lamenting that she had to breath at all. She would love to just keep my cock right there, but funny how the body occasionally requires some oxygen.

Danni came out and went right at that available pussy. Bad Kitty sucked me for maybe 20 minutes while Danni was eating, fingering and attempting to fist Bad Kitty's tight little pussy. Danni and I would kiss each other, since it was so easy to reach each other.

We flipped Bad Kitty around so I could work on her slurpy, wet pussy, and Danni lowered her cunt onto Bad Kitty's face. Bad Kitty is fairly new to the girl/girl thing, so Danni was careful not to shove her cunt directly onto her face, in case Bad Kitty wasn't ready for serious pussy eating. Well, Bad Kitty clearly likes pussy, and she grabbed Danni's ass and forced her pussy hard onto down onto her face, and tongue.

In the meantime, I spread Bad Kitty's legs and ate that tasty pussy. I explored her wet cunt, licking her g-spot and clit, feeling her "cunt-vulse" from both Danni and I working her.

I finally got up and lifted Bad Kitty's knees up and shoved my cock into her tight, wet cunt. Danni was telling me to fuck her hard, but Bad Kitty had told me earlier that she enjoying the sensual part of play, and not just raw fucking, so I didn't got into "slam fuck" mode. But, I took immense pleasure in feeling my cock going in and out of her. She seemed to enjoy this, too.

After a long while of fucking, I couldn't hold back any more and came hard. I did my best to remain hard for a while and did so for maybe 5 more minutes. But eventually, we all settled down on the bed, snuggled together and talked for a while, getting to know Bad Kitty better.


Danni got up to go to the bathroom, and Bad Kitty and I started kissing again. She rolled over on top of me and felt my hard cock pressed against her. She lit up with a big smile. So Bad Kitty hopped on top of me and lowered herself onto my waiting cock. We continued fucking; I enjoyed watching her fucking me from above, as Danni came out of the bathroom.

Danni started licking my balls and Bad Kitty's ass, both of us loving the feel of her mouth. Danni told Bad Kitty to ride me hard, and she did, and after a more great fucking, Bad Kitty had me coming again.

By this time, we'd been playing for over 2 hours and all of our legs were quivering. We kissed goodnight and said we were looking forward to seeing her tomorrow.

P.S. Danni and I have "Mad Skills", too! ;-)

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