Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Solo Storm

One of our favorite couples are Storm and Wolverine. If you search their names in our blog (see the SEARCH feature in the right-hand sidebar), you'll see we've had lots of hot times together.

Recently, we received a message from Wolverine on AFF, telling us that he was going to be out of town, and asked if we could "take care" of Storm, while he was gone. Well, we LOVE messages like this, and welcome any requests to "look after" your wife while you're out of town, lol.

Storm stopped by our place, and we went out for some dinner at a very intimate (swinger-looking) place we'd been hoping to try. After dinner and drinks, we walked back to to our Sex Palace South, everyone very comfortable in the knowledge of how much we enjoyed being naked together.

While Danni was in the bathroom, Storm and I started kissing, groping and removing each others clothes. When Danni came out, she noticed how hard Storm had me and suggested that my pants needed to be removed (as they were, at this point, merely puddled down around my ankles). Well, that took no time at all.

Storm was sucking my cock and Danni stood on the couch and sat her pussy on my face. This felt great (understatement of the year), and I fully (quite literally) enjoyed the attention. The couch (a sectional) was spreading apart, and I suggested that we head to the bedroom before I fell completely through the two couch sections and landed bare-assed on the cold hardwood floor.

On the bed, the three of us enjoyed each other immensely. Each girl took a turn riding my cock. While Storm was fucking me, I invited Danni to lay closely next to me to see the hot visual I had. Danni watched as Storm had a wonderful orgasm while riding up and down. It was so hot for both of us to watch her coming. And, yes, her orgasmic convulsions did remind us of Storm of the X-Men! HOTTT!

Danni then took her turn on my cock. Storm was licking both of us which turned Danni on so much that she squirted all over me. Things were very wet now, and Danni continued to fuck me hard.

Not one to hog the pussy, we laid Danni on the bed, and Storm dove in between her legs. While Storm was enjoying eating Danni's pussy, I moved around and shoved my cock back into her tight pussy.

While I jammed my cock into Storm from behind, Storm's face was fucking Danni at the same rhythm. This is definitely the way a three-way is meant to be. Storm was working the Hitachi wand on Danni, and Danni came over and over again.

The girls laid by back down on the bed, and Storm went back to milking my cock with her tight pussy. It didn't take long before she had me coming long and hard. I did my best to stay hard for a while, and the girls did a great job keeping me that way.

After fucking Storm a little more, I then moved on to Danni and fucked her hard until I came for a second time.

Danni and I used her toys on Storm, enjoying watching her orgasm from these new (to her) toys. After a while, we were all spent, and laid together, talking and enjoying our comfortable nakedness together.

We hated to, but eventually had to kiss her goodnight. Special thanks to Wolverine, for having faith enough in us to take care of his most important treasure.

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Anonymous said...

great story! do they actually look like storm and wolverine?