Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Have We Reached Urban Legend Status!?!?

Yes, we must have reached Urban Legend status!?!? At first I was a little pissed...I hate rumors! But then I was thinking ...well, how cool is it that others in the lifestyle must be so in awe of your prowess as swingers that they spread rumors to past "playmates" that you've fucked 400 or more couples in a year's time.

Wow! That number is staggering...

In order to accomplish such a feat, B& I would:
a) have no time to work, unless we earned our living being paid for sex (yeah, I wish!) or
b) we'd have to have weekly orgies with 7 to 8 couples (yeah, I really wish!) or
c) we'd both have to be on multi-Viagra!

But, thanks to whoever out there in the "swing" community is growing our "legend"! Kiss, kiss!! Maybe you'll get lucky and hook-up with us! LOL


Anonymous said...

Sluts! lol

Anonymous said...

400, wow, well at least you have something to shoot for next year.