Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Vegas Adventures, Part 5-Wednesday

Wednesday we did a bus trip to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon-West Rim. Yes, I know...very "vanilla" compared to our usual posts.

The Grand Canyon was awesome! B flew in a helicopter into the Canyon, sitting in the front seat with his hot female pilot. The copter dropped B at the bottom of the Canyon on the Colorado River where he drove a boat around. We got some great pics, some that could have doubled for postcards! Yes, I'm a chicken when it comes to that stuff, so I stayed on the ground.

I received an email and a voicemail on my PDA during the bus trip from two of the also "Detoured Desires" couples. Both couples had hoofed it to Vegas as well, one from Colorado and one from Canada. We met K&J (before their show "Ka" at MGM) and E&M (they were just coming from the same show) for drinks. Luckily I had presence of mind to shave before we went never know when you just might "hook up"!

We ushered E&M over to the West Wing, our new favorite "haunt". After a drink or two, I suggested we go to Sapphires (see post from Saturday), but E suggested she'd rather just play with ME! Being that this girl needs very little encouragement to get naked, off we went to E&M's room.

We had a blast with E&M. Funny thing, they told us they don't play very often except when on vacation. E admitted that she was just learning about the whole "girl-girl" thing. Well, B & I both were astonished. For a relatively "quiet" couple, both were animals in bed, very balanced in 4-way play (except guy-guy which is forbidden in my presence and not very fun for 2 straight guys LOL) and playful and very fulfilling. Both E and M made me squirt, not to mention scream!

E & M...hope they don't mind me using their pic (yes, this is how we saw them!). They're just too hot not to include! Sorry we didn't get any naked action shots, maybe next time! And, sorry for getting your bed so wet...hope you actually got some sleep before catching your plane home....but, then, it WAS a memorable night all the way around! xoxo , Danni&B

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Delco Guy said...

Have to say you have some great times.