Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Vegas Adventures, Part 4-Tuesday

Tuesday was destined to be an enforced quiet evening since we planned to do the Grand Canyon trip on Wednesday and had to get up way too early to catch the bus. I planned to not even shave on Wednesday so I could sleep as long as possible.

We did the "We Will Rock You" show at the Paris Theater, an awesome stage production based on the music of Queen. There is not much better than rocking out to songs like Radio Ga-Ga, We Are the Champions and Bohemian Rhapsody. Great show! I'd love to see the remaining band members of Queen do a search for their new lead singer just like INXS did (you did see Rock Star INXS, didn't you?). Although, I'm afraid no one could even come close to replacing Freddie Mercury.

And, I also did the spa at the MGM during the day and was pleasantly surprised to find the female technician was a bit more friendly than normal. I had an all-over body scrub and then a wrap that was divine. My new "friend" had great hands, especially as she reached inside to massage my inner thighs, trailing her fingers alongside my pussy. Even better...after I rinsed off the scrub and stepped out of the shower, patting my skin dry, I then dropped my towel. She encouraged my nakedness, dipping her warm, strong hands in oil and rubbed my skin all over, paying special attention to my ass. What a tease! Although, she did get quite a good tip from me. Kisses to Amy at the MGM Spa! xoxo

Speaking of INXS, we got tix to their DC-Warner Theatre February 18th show featuring new lead singer JD Fortune (pictured below) with the Lovehammers, featuring the show's runner-up, Marty Casey (in the back of the pic, clapping). Good rock always gets me horny so we"ll have to plan an "After Party in DC at our hotel...anybody interested?

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