Sunday, November 13, 2005

What to do when your Regular Life and your Lifestyle Bump Heads? And Dissuading Cheaters!

What to do when your Regular Life and your Lifestyle Bump Heads? I'm interested to hear what others have done in this, or similar cases...

I recently received a phone call from a guy who knows us very well in our "regular", professional life. He said he saw our profile on AFF and was traveling out of the area and wanted to know if we knew of someone he could "party" with. (I am well known for NOT having a poker face and am a terrible liar. I didn't think to just say that I didn't know what he was talking about. We don't use face pictures on AFF, so he basically had to put 2 and 2 together reading our profile and seeing what he could from our pics.)

Anyway, I asked if his wife was going along and he said "no"..."you know how things go sometimes." Which I took to mean he was looking for someone to cheat with. B thinks he was trying to hookup with me. And, I was just too stunned by the call itself to ask what he was really looking for. Hell, for all I know he may be bi-curious himself.

B & I are very adamant about NOT playing with OR promoting cheating on a spouse. That's what's so great about our lifestyle. We both get all we want out of life without cheating and lying to each other. Our lifestyle actually brings us closer together each and every day. We love each other very much and I think it shows. When we meet couples who are bored with each other and not deeply "in" to each other, we're always disappointed with the "play". Their lack of respect for each other really shows!

So tell me what YOU do (or have done) when your Regular Life and your Lifestyle Bump Heads?

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Geeyosh Josh said...

Well it's fairly well known that theft of pics on the web is rampant. You could easily feign surprise and ask where this suspect profile is and say you're going to try and get the pictures pulled. You just have to be careful about what kind of clues you leave about yourself in a swing profile.

I haven't had any "bumps" myself, fortunately in this case (usually unfortunately) Champaign, IL isn't a swinger hotbed - lol But I do have a friend from Madison, WI who had a tryst with a co-worker (and her husband allowed her to play alone) and when the relationship cooled and the guy got pissed he did find the email directory for her company and started distributing her compromising pictures to her superiors; fortunately she worked for some very understanding people. But it's a lesson to be learned, be careful about what you put out there...