Friday, September 07, 2007

Saturday at the Sex Palace South...or, damn, here's what you missed!

After a long and fulfilling Friday night house party, the last thing I wanted to do was get up early and go out to breakfast. So, I didn’t. OuiOui, Barney, ElektraLux and Carlos (who had all stayed over) treated Danni to an energy breakfast at a nearby cafe. I was more than happy to sleep in, and Danni was such a wonderful honey that she made my lazy-ass some breakfast when they got back.

Barney was lucky enough to get an awesome massage by ElektraLux. He was like putty in her hands, so much so that he didn't even need a sexual "happy ending"!

Talking to Enigma on the phone, we all agreed to go over to their house and hang out in their pool in the afternoon. If the neighbors were watching, they saw Danni’s tits out most of the afternoon, and they would have seen me sucking OuiOui and Danni’s toes at the same time while they lay on their rafts. This considerate move came back later to my benefit.

Heading back to the Palace, we ordered pizza and lazed around during the early evening, most of us catching cat naps while laying on a couch or bed. We kept offering OuiOui a round of golf (she said she wanted to be the multiple "holes" on the course). But, she decided to save it for the party.

We knew that this was going to be a pretty small party (due to last-minute cancellations). Before anyone showed up, Danni pulled down my silky sweats and started sucking my cock. She then brought me over to the couch and giving me a naked lap dance. Of course she did a pole dance up and down on my pole. This action got everyone else hot and bothered, and the clothes started flying.

Danni and ElektraLux even shared the double-headed at one point for some of their favorite, girl-girl action.

Enigma & The Shadow showed up soon after. Walking into the nakedness, they needed a few minutes to get adjusted from a family reunion (their early evening) to an orgy. Aphrodite & Zeus arrived later, right at the time we were about to close the doors to the public. It didn't take long to get them "in the mood". Danni (aka Venus, in this instance) has a way with Aphrodite!

While there were only 5 couples at this party, it was very hot. As we’re often requested, we’ll let these pictures give you a sense of the evening’s activities:

So, here’s to everyone that made this weekend so fun. You’re all so great and can’t wait until we see you again. You know how to make a House Party ggggg-rrrrr-8!

You gotta love Danni and her "photo shop" techniques! lol
Until the next one....

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