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Vegas Lifestyles Convention August 2007, Part One

Swingers are growth business for U.S. firms A news report including the Lifestyles Organization

Ever since last summer , we’ve been looking forward to going back to the Lifestyle’s Convention in Las Vegas. In 2006, we had a great time and we were sure that we’d have the same kind of fun this year.

We took a limo from the airport to arrive in true "pimp style", got to the hotel, checked in and got unpacked. The LT&T staff was great helping us with a few minor reservation problems. The convention was at the Tuscany and everyone has a suite, which is pretty nice. It’s off the main strip and taken over by the Convention, so pretty much everyone around the hotel/casino was wearing a wrist band, signifying that they were a very fun couple.

We had dinner at the Italian restaurant in the Tuscany, which we highly recommend. If you eat there, ask for Michael. Tell him that Danni and B sent you and that we’ll see him at the Paris in May.

We came back to our room to get ready to go out, and started to get dressed. I made the mistake of playing with Danni and foolishly gave her one of her guy orgasms. She was squirting all over the place and screaming loud as she came. It’s very hot when she has her guy orgasms. The problem is, she acts like some guys after it and turned over and was done. No going out, no more fucking, leaving me and my hand to our own devices.

Well, you learn your lessons.

So the next day, Thursday, we finally got our asses up and had lunch at a Mexican Restaurant in the casino. We went to speed dating for couples, which is pretty much like regular speed dating for singles. There were around 75 couples there, and it was a great way to meet people.

Something we do, and many others did, was bring “business cards” with them. Usually these cards will have a picture of the couple on it, an email address, and sometimes a space where they can write their room number. When a couple has a business card, it’s a clear sign of their experience. We collected a dozen or so cards from a wide variety of horny couples.

We stopped by the Marketplace, where all of the sex supply vendors are located. There were a lot less vendors than last year, but we made our way through the booths, checking out all sorts of toys, vibrators, dildos, swings, anal beads, sexy clothes, etc.

We then went out by the pool bar the rest of the afternoon, checking out lots of sexy people. Danni and I have very similar tastes, and we tend to stop speaking at the same time when some hot little thing walks by in her sexy bikini. No, it wasn’t topless, which is an oddity about the local Vegas laws. Perhaps next year's event will be at one of the casinos that has a topless pool. (Keep reading for a list at the bottom of this post!)

We met the Fireman & the Hedonist at this bar. Danni had been chatting with them via LL aka Lifestyle Lounge. She’s a very sexy blond with wonderfully enhanced tits and per Danni, every girl has her "Fireman Fantasy" lol. OK, we guys all know we’re just garnish, that it’s all about the sexy women.

Danni and the Hedonist then went off to a pole dancing class while I gambled. One of the motions that they taught the girls was to pretend that you have a Sharpie marker in your pussy and you’re drawing circles with it. And as a stripper, you always need to point your toes. The girls were also taught how to walk in serious fuck-me pumps doing the “show girl shuffle”.

We met back at the room, napped and grabbed dinner with Fred & Ginger from Colorado (we'd been chatting with them on Yahoo), and the Fireman & the Hedonist from Montana at the same Italian restaurant (yep, again). This was definitely the sexiest table in the restaurant with Danni, the Hedonist and Ginger all looking great. (yes, I'm actually at a loss for words to describe the girl's sexiness)

The party theme this night was James Bond. There were a few tuxes, but more importantly, there were a lot of hot “Bond Girls”. At the party, we met Scary K (the female 1/2) and Big D (the make 1/2), a couple that knew us from Danni's chatting via LL and our Swingercast interviews. Big D came up to Danni and said “you don’t even know who I am”. She said, “you’re right”. Then they mentioned Swingercast (thanks John and Allie) and their LL "handle" to identify themselves. Instant rapport!

Danni and I both took turns dancing with Ginger, easily the best dancer we’ve ever met (hence the name "Ginger"), and damn did she feel great. After about an hour, it was time to go to the suites. So we went up with Ginger & Fred and Scary K & Big D.

The suite hosted by Fusion was pretty small and very crowded. The side bedroom was empty and no one was playing, so the six of us figured that we’d have to change that. Danni got on her knees and started licking Ginger’s ass right in the bedroom doorway. Then Ginger got naked, got on her knees and Fred and I fed her our cocks to suck, which she did expertly. Danni had pushed Scary K (who's really not "scary" just incredibly social and out-going, which Danni loves in a girl!) onto the bed, She dove between her legs and started eating her wet cunt.

As soon as we started doing this, the room filled up with people. It was like turning water on, as the people poured into this tiny bedroom. The temperature must have changed 25 degress in 10 minutes.

At one point, Danni was sucking Fred, fisting Scary K (another fave of Danni's to do) and being fucked by Big D, all at the same time. Big D made Danni squirt all over him, soaking the floor. I was with Ginger; she laid me on the bed and sucked my cock hard until I came onto her face and tits. She took my cock and rubbed the cum all over her face, tits and whole upper body with my cum. (She says it's great for the skin.) Later on, Danni said “no wonder her body tasted so good”.

I then laid Ginger down and started working her pussy, licking and fingering her. Suddenly, she looked up and said “what did you just do?”. At first I thought I did something she didn’t like, but then realized that she had just had her first squirting experience. It wasn’t like Danni’s power squirts, but she was very pleased.

Side note, etiquette at an orgy:

1. Unless you know it's OK in advance, when in an orgy, ASK before you try to stick your cock in some girl. It’s OK to be hard and available, but let the girl give an indication that they know you’re there and want you. Don’t just stick your cock or fingers into a pussy just because it’s exposed. Grabbing a stray tit is one thing, penetration needs a little more courtesy. Danni had to actually tell a guy that he couldn’t fuck her, since she’d never even seen him before (and frankly thought he was gross).

2. At an orgy, try hanging with your partner, at least for a little. While we were playing, there were about 5 or 6 guys that were just standing there, fully dressed, stroking their cocks. That’s fine, but later on I saw one of the guys who had been stroking his cock talking to his girl. She wasn’t happy, asking him where he had been. He replied that he had just been walking around. No mention of his jerking (and grabbing) in the play room. Kind of a scummy move. Remember, the lifestyle is about honesty. And, at a couples event, people expect to see a couple, not single guys.

3. When the bed space is limited, get up when you’re done. In this room, there was only one king-sized bed. Now, there were probably 40 people packed in there. One fairly big guy was fucking this girl hard, and kicking Scary K in the head while Danni was fucking her. Mistakes happen, but he did this over and over, like the only feeling he had left was in his cock. Then to top it off, after he came, he laid on the bed, chatting, like he owned it. Guys and girls, when you’re done, get up and move on. You can have your conversation elsewhere, the bed is for fucking. (Also, please, no fucking with just socks on, you really look silly).

Frustrated by this lack of space and common courtesy, we all went back to Scary K & Big D’s suite, who happened to be our next door neighbors. We weren't "done" by any stretch of the imagination; we just needed some more space!

Ginger wanted to try a strap-on, so Danni brought it over. Ginger fucked Danni with the strap-on, her guy muscles working wonderfully. Danni fucked Fred and Big D, I fucked Ginger and then Scary K. Basically everyone fucked everyone (ok, not the guys) which is the way a party should be. Fred & Ginger eventually left to go to their room.

The rest of us went to the Freedom Acres suite for a little while. Freedom Acres, aka Club FA, has been mentioned on Swingercast. It's the longest running and largest swing club in all of California. We were honored to meet the owners at the convention, and, as luck would have it, Scary K & Big D are VIP members there. (we'll be at Freedom Acres on Friday, October 5th!!!!!)

We went back to the room with Big D & Scary K and got back to more fucking. We were all in the same bed, which was very HOT! I was fucking K, and Big D was fucking Danni. I came and Big D clearly enjoyed watching that and fucked Danni more until he came. K started sucking me more, the optimist that she is, lol. K has a cordless equivalent of the Hitachi Wand, which Danni fell in love with, causing her to cum more than a few times.

She has since ordered two of them.

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