Sunday, September 02, 2007

Big nite out, Rainbow Cactus (a story sent to us from a friend about her "encounter" at her first gay bar with a single female, alone!)

Big nite out...just the two of us in a gay bar ( She had asked in her innocent way, "does that mean I can hold your hand and kiss you in there?". Her curiosity excites me and I responded in the fashion she was hoping to hear, "of course you can! Hope you will!"

We arrived early and got in alot of conversation before the music kicked up a notch and the show began. She was a bit surprised, having never been in such a place, but pleasingly as it seemed. There was a permanent smile on her face, due to the humor of it all at first. Later, the smile turned out to be the product of her roaming hands discovering the softness of each bit of my exposed body she could find.

We kissed, just a peck at first...but it was obvious that more would soon follow. After watching the room for awhile, another kiss with seeking tongues and long sighs afterwards. I suppose a giggle or two was all part of it due to thoughts racing in both of our heads. I left her for a bit to dance, hoping she would watch and appreciate my curves from a distance.

After the music ended, catching my breath...I turned to her, taking her in my arms and kissed her ever so passionately. Her smile widened and she invited "lets get outta here" and we did. Like two teens, we piled into the car but immediately agreed that this moment needed to be a comfortable and private one so I followed her home.

Once at her house, we quietly tiptoed upstairs and in the guestroom with the door ajar, the feminine dance of two sexy bodies began.

The thought of her husband hearing our pleasure heightened the excitement...peeking would be the creme de la creme! Soft skin and curves in abundance. Breasts begging to be suckled but most importantly, PUSSY throbbing to be licked!!!!!!

After all the pleasure came that special moment of afterglow and conversation that only women can provide and truly appreciate. She was everything I had hope for and I would like to believe that the feeling was mutual.

Her candid conversation, her fabulous smile and the sweet smell of her sex carried me home to rest softly and silently next to my husband who would help me to relive it all as soon as day came again. I feel privileged to have met her and blessed with the man who understands me.

Thanks, Enigma, for sharing your "encounter" with us and our swinger fans. WOW! She wrote a wonderful description of your time together. If only we could all be so lucky to find a single F like you found. xoxo, Danni

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