Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lifestyles Convention Part 2

This was how people found our room... "stick-on cock" courtesy of Scary K's poolside winnings from a contest: how many sex positions can you and a strange partner get into in 30 seconds? cum load courtesy of???

After recuperating from the previous night, we ended up having a mellow afternoon in the pool drinking with friends and meeting lots of sexy people. The drinks were flowing and the bikinis were working overtime to keep the silicon in place.

After an early dinner with the Fireman & the Hedonist, we grabbed a nap and got ready for the party. It was a 60s theme party, and there was a Beatles tribute band. The only problem was that they were TOO good. (note: Swingers don't need GOOD music, it can prevent people from "getting busy")

The Beatles isn’t really sexy grind music, but we all had fun with music that everyone loved. We ended up leaving pretty late, back to a room with 6 other couples. We fucked and sucked for a while, but both of us were tired and we ended up being the first couple to quit for the evening, leaving to finish each other off in the privacy of our own suite.

Another orgy etiquette note:
When people are fucking and sucking, please don’t carry on conversations that are a real turn-off, like talking about your kids, your scars, your surgeries, your financial troubles or other non-sexy things. We want to hear things like “fuck me”, “god, you’re good”, or “I’m gonna cum”. If you’re nervous, just sit back and watch what’s going on around you. Don't ruin a good time for others. If you're just simply too drunk to know better, then you really shouldn't be there in the first place.

On Saturday, we agreed to have lunch with Fred & Ginger on the strip, so we went off to Margarittaville. Fred & Ginger are an absolutely great couple, very sexy, and honestly made our trip so great. They live near a city we travel to often, and they travel to swinger destinations we enjoy, so we know we'll be hooking up with them again. After a few drinks and eats, we went back to the hotel and ended up back at their suite.

Normally, we use the afternoon to recuperate, but all four of us were just plain horny and knew how good the sex was between us all. Rather than telling you about it, let us give you what you really want, a pictorial tour of the afternoon.

After leaving, Danni and I grabbed a nap and went to the beach party dinner, the final event of the convention. After dinner, we took Fred & Ginger up to the hospitality suite provided by Club Amnesty. Danni was in the main room, talking to Scary K & Big D (I found out later, she was grinding on Big D's cock, doing a little lap grinding).

Fred and I took Ginger to one of the bedrooms. We were watching some people fuck, both of us rubbing on Ginger. Ginger, the wonderfully talented cock sucker that she is, pulled out both of our cocks and started stroking us, then got on her knees and started sucking both of us. We both enjoyed this for quite a while as her talented mouth and hands worked our very hard cocks.

Danni finally joined us, and she told us that the other bedroom in the suite had an empty bed. Ginger stood up and we all moved across the suite, waving to friends as we took over the overlooked bed. Fred bent Danni over the bed and started fucking her hard. Ginger continued expertly sucking and stroking my cock. Danni and I were able to kiss throughout this very hot action. Just like the previous night, the room filled up quickly. Only one other couple joined us on the bed, but they didn’t join in with us. We assume they just preferred same-room sex with each other, a blend of voyeurism and exhibitionism.

Eventually we wrapped things up, all of us sore and walking funny. We kissed Fred & Ginger goodnight and went back to our suite. As we relived the weekend's events, chatting in bed, we both got horny again and had to go at it again, until Danni had another guy orgasm. You know what happened after that, lol. ZZZZzzzzzzsssss.

Until next convention!


Anonymous said...

Hi U2!

Just wanted to drop you a line to say you really caught the spirit of this convention in your blog! Personally, we thought you 2 were the hottest couple there but, we might be a little biased! We had a GREAT time playing with both of you and are damn straight looking forward to doing it again.....and again....and again......!

Thanks for your "etiquette" pointers! We second everything you said and hope that both pro's and newbies will take heed and try to keep an orgies energy in "sexy mode"!

Hey! You forgot to mention our 4-somes adventures with that beautiful blue glass dildo we bought at a vendor's booth! You 2 put it to work and discovered what we'd already learned....that ring on the end really makes it more fun!

We'll keep in touch - Fred & Ginger

Greg & Sheryl said...

Thanks for the detailed report. You obviously had a great time, and it was fun to read about your adventures. Perhaps we can actually meet you at next year's convention!