Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rest your ass on Labor Day?

After our two day long house party, we figured the rest of the Labor Day weekend was going to be low key. I was on the computer, catching up with emails, perusing our various swinger sites, when a yahoo chat message popped up from Enigma.

Enigma and I chat often on yahoo. If you don’t have yahoo messenger, you are really missing out. We find most of the people that we play with have a profile there. It’s free, easy to use and doesn’t suck the power from your other programs (OK, yahoo, you can send me a check now,lol).

As we chatted (and as she teased me about their 3-way adventure the previous night), she asked if we wanted to come over and hang by the pool, maybe grill out. Believe it or not, both Enigma and I were in a “g-rated” mind set at this point. I said sure, we’d pick up steaks and be over in a little while.

As we got ready, Danni pulled out her cordless wands. All of the sudden it dawned on me, we might also play with them as well as do dinner. Normally, my mind is a little more on top of the opportunities.

We got to their house and walked around to the pool, surprised to find that Enigma wasn’t out there all oiled up and tanning. The Shadow said that Enigma was showering, and when she came down wearing a little sheer black dress, I knew that Danni was right again.

After our awesome steaks, someone suggested having Enigma for dessert. We lay her down on the dining room table and covered her body with jello shots and fruit. A banana was pulled out and put in her pussy, and The Shadow ate the whole thing out of her.

Danni then ate Enigma’s pussy as Enigma took our cocks and went back and forth sucking our cocks.

The Shadow moved down and started fucking Enigma as she moved on her side to get a better angle to suck my cock.

Eventually someone mentioned that it’d be more comfortable to go to their bedroom. We all got up, naked at this point, and headed up stairs. Enigma put Danni on the bed and started eating her pussy. She was nicely bent over, so I started fucking her from behind. Enigma's pussy felt wonderful as her face was fucking Danni’s pussy to the rhythm of my fucking. I also ate and fingered her pussy while she continued exploring Danni’s pussy with her mouth.

Enigma got up, grabbed my hard cock and led me over to their lounge chair. She sat me down and started sucking my cock. Danni and The Shadow were fucking on the bed by this point. Enigma then got up and started riding me cowgirl. It was amazingly hot watching her go up and down on my cock.

We flipped around and I started fucking her on the chair, but we really didn’t have a great angle. So we moved over to the bed, trying to find a little room with The Shadow and Danni. We fucked and sucked and basically enjoyed each other immensely. I noticed that Danni had the wand working on her pussy, so I shoved my cock in her mouth, knowing how much she likes that. Almost instantaneously, Danni had one of her guy orgasms. This was so hot that I pushed Enigma back down on the bed, spread her legs and fucked her until I came hard.

Since tomorrow was a work night after a hot sexy weekend filled with sex, we agreed that we needed to head home.

Enigma and The Shadow are turning into great friends, and we keep having a wonderful time every time we see them. Hopefully, we'll see them again soon.

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