Thursday, September 06, 2007

Friday at the Sex Palace South.... or Oriental Take-out anyone?

Even though we had a number of last minute cancellations (you missed a great time!), we still had 7 HOTTT couples join us at our house party. Tonight’s cast of characters includes:

Danni & B – your hosts
Enigma & The Shadow
OuiOui & Barney
Consuela (aka ElektraLux-BJ SuperHero) & Carlos
Niya Yu & CC
Storm & Wolverine
AmyJ & Jester

After a dinner where many of our guests met for the first time, we came back to our Sex Palace South. Niya won the award as the first to get naked, and CC and I quickly joined her. She pulled our cocks out as we sat on the couch, and she took turns stroking and sucking our cocks. Enigma soon came over and started sucking CC, and Niya focused solely on pleasing me.

It took a little while, perhaps 15 minutes, but we eventually had everyone naked. There was some nice group action going on when Danni suggested that our master bedroom was going to host a girls-only mini-party.

Enigma, OuiOui and ElektraLux joined Danni in the bedroom, locking the door behind them. Rumor has it that OuiOui was the center of attention, although I heard Danni’s screaming orgasm.


In the meantime, AmyJ, Niya and Storm stayed out and enjoyed our sausage fest. I was working AmyJ’s pussy, eating her and fingering her to numerous loud orgasms while CC was feeding her his cock. Jester and Wolverine were enjoying the pleasures of Niya. The Shadow and Storm were on one of the many air mattresses on the floor, fucking wildly.

After about 45 minutes (Danni says it was only 5 minutes lol), 4 exhausted, but pleased, girls reappeared from our bedroom. I didn’t get many details, but the girls all seemed to think it was a great time.

AmyJ got up from my workout on her pussy to get some water. She said that her mouth was very dry, as you’d expect considering how much fluid poured out of her with each orgasm.

As I lay back on the couch, I caught Storm’s eye, gave a little wave, and she came right over and started sucking me. It didn’t take long for Storm to hop up and lower herself onto my very hard cock. We fucked for a nice long time in various locations around the house. Watching Storm cum while riding me is one of the hottest sites there is, and I was lucky enough to watch her cum over and over.

I felt that I was kind of hogging Storm, since we spent a lot of time together, so we agreed to see what else was going on. I found OuiOui pleasuring Barney, and figured I might join in, knowing how she likes many cocks at the same time. After sucking my cock for a bit, she sat me on the couch and hoped on my cock and fucked me hard. While we were fucking, Niya came and sat down next to us, she was caressing both of us. After we took a break, Niya grabbed hold of my cock and started stroking me, keeping me nice and hard.

I then found my “target” for the night, Enigma, and I went straight between her legs and started working that great pussy. Between my tongue and fingers, I became very familiar with her. lol

Now, we’re about 4 hours into the party, and I stepped outside to say hi to some people taking a break, and Danni asks me why I hadn’t cum yet. I explained that I wanted to be able to play a lot and not to have to take breaks. Danni thought I was being rude, not cuming for each girl.

So, on that note, I grabbed Enigma again, and we went into the bedroom for more fucking. She told me she wanted me to cum for her, and upon request, I did just that. At this point, after 4 hours of fucking, sucking, eating and fingering, I was spent.

Niya & CC were kind enough to bring back some of the best Oriental Take-out around (in addition to some food!). Thanks!

Of course there was a lot more happening than just my adventures. Since I was very involved through the whole night, it was hard to know who did who and how. Here’s a request to our guests to leave a comment adding to the post, giving our readers a full picture of the party.

How many of you are as sore as me? And, then there was night #2!!!!

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