Sunday, September 30, 2007

Missed VAF Hampton Roads "Gathering"...oops!

...when a single Female contacts you to get together for a 3-way instead of going out to a "meet and greet"... how could we say no???

our new friend needed some sexxxy, creative pics for her profile, so we agreed to help!

Since moving to the area, we hadn’t had much luck meeting single females. Lots of emails, chats on yahoo, and winks on AFF, but nothing had panned out. We’ve had the pleasure of about a dozen unicorns over the past few years, but we’d been on a bit of a cold streak lately.

We had planned on going to the VAF gathering to see what was going on, when out of the blue, Angel sent us an IM saying, “wanna get together”?

We had been chatting with her a while ago, but assumed that she’d moved on to other pastures. But boy, were we wrong.

The girls talked on the phone, and they agreed that we’d all meet for dinner near the VAF party, and then she could join us at the party. Later in the day, Angel got back to us, asking if we could change plans and just meet for dinner at a restaurant near our house. She wanted to come back to our place right after dinner. Of course, we were happy to oblige. Yes, ma'am!

After dinner, we came back to our place, just as planned. Angel's a sexy blond with a bunch of tats and a few piercings. We had another drink at our place and then all approached each other for a sexy three-way kiss.

I backed off a bit as the girls continued kissing. Danni had already changed into a sexy little robe, and within seconds, it had fallen to the floor.

Angel’s blouse was soon off, with bra to quickly follow. And seconds later, with help from Danni and me, she was completely naked, both girls kissing and exploring each other. I took in this scene, kissing and touching each girl, but trying not to get in the way of the hot F/F action.

After a bit, we moved to the bedroom. We explored pretty much every variation. Both girls were sucking my cock. Each girl took time to eat the other girl’s pussy. I would take advantage of the available pussy while the other one had a tongue in the other. Eventually, we laid Angel down, and I spread her legs and started fucking her while Danni sat on her face.

After a while, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold back any more, and I came hard and long.
Lying next to the girls, now in recuperating mode, I watched as the girls explored Danni’s toys. They shared a double headed dildo, a first for Angel. And, Danni worked her vibrator on Angel’s welcoming pussy. And the AcuVibe had Danni coming numerous times.

It didn’t take long for me to get back into the action. Danni hopped onto my hard again cock, while Angel licked my balls and Danni’s pussy. Angel would hold onto my cock as Danni was riding up and down it. Angel started fingering Danni’s ass while I was fucking her. I could feel her finger next to my cock, only separated by Danni’s internal wall. Yes, this is a form of double penetration that Danni really likes. After a while, Danni squirted all over me while I came at the same time. Angel got a nice view of all the fluid spewing.

We took a break for a bit, grabbed a drink, and spent some time getting to know each other better. Danni was starting to get tired and a little dehydrated, since she had come so many times. She decided to go to bed, but suggested that Angel and I continue, as she could see we both had some energy left. I kissed Danni, my love, goodnight, and took Angel into another bedroom.

We 69’d for a while, and I enjoyed a good amount of time eating and fingering Angel’s pussy. I then got on top of her and began fucking her, sucking on her nipples as my cock pumped away. She decided to flip over and have me fuck her doggie style, and soon after that, she had me coming again. I knew she had at least one more orgasm in her, so I worked her pussy with my fingers. Angel showed me exactly what she likes (ladies, this is a smart thing to do, don’t think that guys can read your mind, lol). I followed her directions well, apparently, and soon she was coming again.

We kissed goodnight, all agreeing that we wanted to see each other again, very soon, and regularly. Luckily, she works near our house, so we hope that she’ll be able to find a “detour” to our place often.

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